ENMAX No. 1 Substation Replacement Project

ENMAX No. 1 Substatio​n Replacement Project

The AUC is reviewing an application to replace a substation in downtown Calgary



The AUC is currently reviewing an application from ENMAX Power Corporation for approval to construct and operate a new No. 1 Substation​ in downtown Calgary. As part of their application, ENMAX Power Corporation is also seeking approval to alter transmission lines 138-1.80L, 138-1.81L, 138-1.82L, 138-1.83L, 138.84L and 138-1.85L, and to decommission the existing EN 1S Substation. The existing transmission lines connected to the existing substation would be altered to connect to the new substation. The proposed new No. 1 Substation would be located on the north side of Ninth Avenue Southwest between Seventh and Eighth Street Southwest.

The AUC held a virtual oral session for argument and reply on October 23, 2020. The AUC cancelled the virtual hearing originally scheduled to commence on September 23, 2020, as well as the revised virtual hearing​ scheduled to begin on October 14​. On October 15, the AUC issued a confi​rmation of no virtual hearing process. ​

A notice of application for this proceeding was initially issued on January 14, 2020.​​


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Application status: under review

 Virtual oral session for argument and reply: October 23, 2020

Location: Online we​binar​​

Decision expected: Fall 2020​​


AUC contact: Kloria Wen
 403-592-4367 or kloria.wen@auc.ab.ca​


 ENMAX Power Corporation contact: Jay Dyson ​403-514-2922 or jdyson@enmax.com​​

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