ENMAX Highway 8 and 101 Street Transmission line 7.82 Relocation Project

ENMAX Highway 8 and 101 Street Transmission line 7.82 Relocation Project

Application not yet received


The Alberta Utilities Commission has not received an application from ENMAX Power Corporation, regarding the proposed Transmission Line 7.82L Relocation Project in the Discovery Ridge and Springbank Hill areas of Calgary. We appreciate that persons in the area have concerns; however, at this time we do not have a proceeding (public process) underway to consider this potential project. 

The Commission is aware that ENMAX is currently engaged in public consultation, also called a participant involvement program for the project. At this point in the project development process, the AUC encourages you to contact ENMAX with your concerns so that they can be raised, addressed, and if possible, resolved, as part of the application preparation process. The proposed location of facilities is subject to change until an application is filed with the AUC.

If an application is received, the AUC will issue a public notice of application. If you are in the affected area you should receive a notice in the mail. The notice will provide you with information about how to submit your concerns regarding the proposed project for consideration by the Commission. You can also watch for the notice on the AUC website. At that time, anyone with unresolved objections or concerns about the project can file a written submission with the AUC.

Please visit the sections of the AUC website entitled Review process and Have your say for more information about the process used to assess and consider applications for electric and natural gas utility projects in Alberta.

If you have any questions or need assistance with finding the information on the AUC website, please contact us at 310-4AUC or by email at info@auc.ab.ca.

Application status: not received

Please visit the ENMAX project page for information.

AUC contact: 310-4AUC (4282) or info@auc.ab.ca

 ENMAX contact: Stakeholder relations 

403-514-1471or stakeholderrelations@enmax.com


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