Need for reliability in Grande Prairie and Peace River areas

Need for reliability in Grande Prairie and Peace River areas

The Alberta Utilities Commission is currently considering the AESO's application for the need of additional voltage support at the Rycroft 730S Substation.


The Alberta Utilities Commission is considering an application from the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) for the need of additional voltage support at the Rycroft 730S Substation. The AUC is currently reviewing the application and submissions received which can be accessed through the eFiling System by going to Proceeding 23105. A notice of application was issued on March 21, 2018 asking those that feel they may be affected by the application and participate in the AUC’s review to provide their submissions by April 11, 2018. The AESO sent project newsletters to twelve interested parties and stakeholders with postal code T0H 3A0 and, as such, the Commission’s notice of application was sent to all of these notified parties.

The AESO is responsible to plan Alberta’s electricity grid and ensure the grid is able to meet current and future demand in the province. In its application, the AESO identified constraints on the 144-kilovolt (kV) and 72-kV network within the Peace River and Grande Prairie areas that could result in reliability violations. As a result, the AESO applied to the AUC for approval of the need for certain developments in the area to address the identified need.

The AESO has included different approaches to meet the need identified in its application. The preferred option that the AESO has presented to meet the need is expected to require more space than currently available within the existing fenced area of the substation. There is also a remote possibility the substation would have to be relocated.

The AESO’s application is only for the approval of the need for additional voltage support at the substation. If the AUC approves the need for additional voltage support, there would be a second application to the AUC from the transmission facility owner on the specific infrastructure proposed to be built to meet the approved need.

The AESO has outlined its application for the addition of voltage support at Rycroft 730S Substation on its website.

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Application status: under review

Hearing dates: January 10 to 11, 2019

Hearing location: William Andrew Grieve Hearing Room


Decision expected: to be determined


AUC contact: Abhinav Ayri 
 403-592-4424 or 

 AESO contact: Brenda Hill 403-539-2850


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