Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Power Project

Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Power Project

Applications for a 117.6-megawatt wind farm in the Medicine Hat area  


The Alberta Utilities Commission is currently considering an application from BHE Canada Rattlesnake G.P. Inc. for the Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Power Project, located southwest of Medicine Hat. The project would consist of 28 4.2-megawatt (MW) wind turbines generating and a proposed Rattlesnake 719S Substation which would connect to AltaLink Management Ltd.’s existing Transmission Line 879L. The AUC has not yet issued a notice of application for this project.

BHE Canada Rattlesnake G.P. Inc.'s application is seeking flexibility to change the turbine model and locations, pending on-going discussions with turbine manufacturers. The only current anticipated change would be removing two turbine locations and using turbines with a slightly higher nameplate capacity. The collection system would consist of underground cables connecting each turbine to the project substation. 

BHE Canada Rattlesnake G.P. Inc. would require the use of access roads during its construction, operations and maintenance phases to access turbine locations. Upgrades to the existing public roads in the area for turbine and component delivery will also be required.

The proposed project would include an operations and maintenance building at the south end of the project next to the substation, a temporary laydown yard during construction, and may also require one meteorological tower.

If you are in the affected area you should receive a notice in the mail. The notice will provide you with information about how to submit your concerns regarding the proposed project for consideration by the Commission. You can also watch for the notice on the AUC website. At that time, anyone with unresolved objections or concerns about the project can file a written submission with the AUC.

Please visit the sections of the AUC website entitled Review process and Have your say for more information about the process used to assess and consider applications for electric and natural gas utility projects in Alberta.


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Application status: under review

 Information session:  To be determined

 Location: To be determined 

 Decision expected: Spring 2020

AUC contacts: 

Alex Van Horne 403-592-4431 or alex.vanhorne@auc.ab.ca

 BHE Canada Rattlesnake G.P. Inc. contacts: 

Rebecca Crump 647-880-7473 or rebecca.crump@res-group.com

Terri-Lee Leniuk 403-260-9600 or terri-lee.oleniuk@blakes.com


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