recent enforcement decisions

Compliance and enforcement

Ensuring regulated utilities comply with AUC decisions, orders, rules and relevant legislation

The Alberta Utilities Commission has recently resolved the following compliance and enforcement matters.

The Commission’s enforcement staff conduct a preliminary examination of all complaints that appear to involve a contravention of Alberta’s utility laws, and Commission orders, decisions and rules. Many of those complaints are resolved without the need for further investigation or enforcement action.

If it appears that a violation of law or rule can be proven and the information is sufficient to warrant further action, then a designated enforcement Commission member (a member of the regulatory tribunal) is assigned to the file and decides whether further investigation is warranted.

The following matters were resolved as a result of Commission investigations.

Enforcement resolutions

2020-01-14-Toma-EPCORComplaint regarding reconciled chargesRates
2019-12-20-Clegg-DERSComplaint regarding disconnection and referral to a credit agencyMarket oversight
2019-12-17-Jackson_FortisComplaint regarding pole disposalLandowner issues
2019-11-22-Toma_DERSComplaint regarding additional chargesMarket oversight
2019-11-14-Nikitiuk_ATCOElectricComplaint regarding damage to propertyLandowner issues
2019-11-06-NationalTireRecyclers_FortisAlbertaComplaint regarding FortisAlberta idle and exit charges Rates
2019-10-16-WaterRateComplaint_VillageOfWabamunWater rate complaint regarding Village of WabamunRates
2018-10-03-SolarKrafteUtilitiesComplaintSolar Krafte Utilities Inc. complaint regarding customer contributions for distribution-connected generatorsRates
2019-02-08-TownofCoaldaleComplianceDecision23159-D01-2018Town of Coaldale compliance with AUC Decision 23159-D01-2018Rates
2019-04-09-WaterRateComplaintApril 9, 2019 – Water rate complaint by Imperial Enterprises Inc.Rates
2019-06-27-WaterRateComplaintWater rate complaint by Heidi PetersonRates
2019-09-30-ComplaintNewElectricalServiceComplaint regarding new electrical serviceRates
2017-05-03-FortisAlbertaFarmandResidentialRatesFortisAlberta Inc. farm and residential ratesRates
2018-02-09-DazielEnterprisesComplaint_FortisAlbertaPaymentInLieuDalziel Enterprises Ltd. complaint regarding payment in lieu of notice charge with FortisAlberta Inc.Rates
2018-04-23-BurncoRockProductsFortisAlbertaFeesComplaintBurnco Rock Products Ltd. complaint regarding FortisAlberta Inc. feesRates
2018-05-07-Micro-generationCustomerCompensationComplaintMicro-generation customer complaint regarding compensationRates
2019-05-02-BowArkEnergyLtdBowArk Energy Ltd compliance with Decision 23548-D01-2018 and Power Plant Approval 23548-D02-2018Market oversight
2018-01-31-DirectEnergyRegulatedServicesDirect Energy Regulated ServicesMarket oversight
2018-04-23-ATCOGasComplaintATCO Gas complaint regarding retailer not providing updated customer informationMarket oversight
2018-08-30-ENMAXEnergyCorporation_ENMAXEncompassContraventionCodeofConductRegulationENMAX Energy Corporation and ENMAX Encompass Inc. contravention of Code of Conduct RegulationMarket oversight
2019-02-14-CityofMedicineHatComplianceCity of Medicine Hat compliance with permits and licencesMarket oversight
2019-09-30-ComplaintsRegardingDistributionFeederComplaints regarding distribution feederLandowner issues
2018-05-11-LandownerComplaintLandowner complaint regarding inadequate consultation concerning the Fort McMurray West 500-Kilovolt Transmission ProjectLandowner issues
2018-05-17-ATCOReclamationEasternAlbertaTransmissionLine_HannaRegionalTransmissionDevelopmentATCO reclamation along the Eastern Alberta Transmission Line and the Hanna Regional Transmission DevelopmentLandowner issues
2018-08-28-InvestigationFireHighLevelInvestigation into fire on a distribution line near High LevelLandowner issues
2018-10-04-ComplaintWesternAlbertaTransmissionLineProjectComplaint regarding Western Alberta Transmission Line ProjectLandowner issues
2019-05-02-InvestigationFireMunicipalDistrictAcadiaInvestigation into fire that occurred in the Municipal District of AcadiaLandowner issues
2019-07-05-InvestigationFireWestlockCountyInvestigation into fire on a distribution line in Westlock CountyLandowner issues
2018-01-26-Oldman2WindFarmOldman 2 wind farm environmental monitoringEnvironment, wildlife and noise

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