AUC rules

Alberta Utilities Commission rules are documents setting out new or amended AUC requirements or processes to be implemented and followed by entities under the jurisdiction of the AUC.

​Rule 007: Applications for Power Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines, Industrial System Designations and Hydro Developments


Effective date

April 2, 2018


​Rule 007 sets out application requirements for the construction, alteration, operation, and the discontinuation, dismantling and removal of power plants, substations, transmission lines, hydro developments and industrial system designations as well as approvals of a needs identification document.


Rule 007 consultation page


Electric power plant facilities guidelines [PDF]
Checklist for power plant applications and exemptions [Word]
Checklist for power plant versus letter of enquiry applications [Word]                
Electric transmission facilities guidelines [PDF]               
Transmission line developments - environmental guidelines checklist for applicants [PDF]               
Checklist for transmission facility versus letter of enquiry applications [Word]
Substation developments - environmental guidelines checklist for applicants [PDF]               


Roles and responsibilities of the Alberta Utilities Commission and Alberta Environment and Parks for applications to construct and operate wind and solar power plants.

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