Sharp Hills Wind Project Amendments

Sharp Hills Wind Project Amendments

Applications to amend approved wind power project in the Sedalia area


The Alberta Utilities Commission is currently considering a project application from EDP Renewables SH Project GP Ltd. requesting approval for amendments to the Sharp Hills Wind Project. The Sharp Hills Wind Project was approved by the AUC in Decision 22665-D01-2018 which was issued on September 21, 2018. The AUC will be holding a hearing to review the application and submissions received on October 21, 2019, in its Calgary hearing room. 

In its new application, EDP Renewables SH Project GP Ltd. is requesting approval for several amendments to the Sharp Hills Wind Project:

  • Splitting the project into two phases, designated as Sharp Hills Phase I and Sharp Hills Phase II.
  • Reducing the number of turbines from 83 to 71.
  • Changing the turbine model from 3.6-megawatt Vestas turbines to 4.2-megawatt Enercon turbines.
  • Adjusting access roads and the collector system.
  • Modifying the transformers at the Sedalia 363S Substation from two 169-megavolt ampere transformers to one 288-megavolt ampere transformer and one 58-megavolt ampere transformer.

As a result of the requested amendments, the project’s capability would be reduced from 298.8 megawatts to 298.2 megawatts, with the maximum height of the turbines being reduced from 200 metres to 197.3 metres. Please refer to the attached map for the altered layout of the proposed project.

EDP Renewables SH Project GP Ltd. also submitted applications for review and variance of Condition 20 of Power Plant Approval 22665‑D02‑2018, which relates to post-construction monitoring. 

The wind farm would be located in Special Areas 3 and 4, within Townships 31 to 33 and Ranges 4 to 6, near Sedalia, Alberta.


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Application status: under review

 Hearing dates: October 21-23, 2019, starting at 9 a.m.

 Hearing location: William Andrew Grieve Hearing Room, Calgary, Alberta

 Decision expected: Winter 2020

AUC contacts: 

Kloria Wen 403-592-4367or 

Victor Choy 403-592-4439 or


 EDP Renewables SH Project GP Ltd. contact:
Tom LoTurco


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