Strathmore Solar Farm

Strathmore Solar Farm

Solar Krafte Utilities Inc. has withdrawn its application for a 40.5-megawatt solar power project in Strathmore in Strathmore


Application withdrawn

Solar Krafte Utilities Inc. has withdrawn its application for the Strathmore Solar Farm and will not proceed. 

Solar Krafte Utilities Inc. was initially approved to hold the proceeding in abeyance to allow it to conduct additional consultation to resolve stakeholder concerns in September. This abeyance was extended until November 28, 2019. 

Solar Krafte requested permission to withdraw its application, stating that "Achieving consensus support for the Project has centered around third-party Town of Strathmore land development negotiations to which we are not a party. The nature and timing of that process is outside Solar Krafte's control." which the AUC approved. It further added that it would require additional time to complete its consultations beyond the current abeyance period.

The AUC issued a notice of application for the project on August 20, 2019.


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Application status: withdrawn


 AUC contact: Kyle Surgenor 403-592-4386


 Solar Krafte Utilities Inc. contact: Jeff Thachuck 403-879-9768 or

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