Have your say about utility rates

Have your say about utility rates

Rates are reviewed in a well-established fair and open regulatory process

Have your say about utility rates

The Alberta Utilities Commission regulates investor-owned electric, gas and water utilities and some municipally-owned electric utilities ensuring Albertans receive safe and reliable utility services at just and reasonable rates.

Regulated utilities must apply to the AUC for approval of their future operating and capital costs. Once approved, these costs are recovered from rates charged to their respective customers in their approved tariffs. The AUC also approves utilities’ terms and conditions of service. Utilities’ applications are considered in a fair and open regulatory process. In this process, the AUC and other participating parties have the opportunity to review the utility’s application and ask questions for clarification through written information requests and orally at an oral hearing (if one is convened). Parties opposing the application may present their own evidence (intervener evidence) and file their final submissions through argument and reply argument. For more information on this process, please visit Rate review process.

The Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) was created by the Alberta government to represent Alberta residential, farm and small commercial utility consumers in regulatory rate proceedings in an effort to reduce duplication of intervener efforts and regulatory costs. For more information, please visit the UCA’s website.

How to find rate proceedings

You can access rate applications currently being considered by the AUC by creating a login and password in the eFiling System. To find a specific rate application that is currently under review you will need a proceeding number, which is a five-digit identifying number for the proceeding under which rate application(s) are processed. The proceeding number is on the notice of application or you may find the proceeding number on the list of applications published on the current applications list.

Once you have logged in to the eFiling System, enter the proceeding number in the “go to…” field. The system will then let you know that you have not registered to participate. At this time you can determine your level of participation in the proceeding. You have the option of completing a statement of intent to participate to become an intervener in the proceeding, or you can choose to observe the proceeding. If you choose to observe the proceeding you will have access to the application and all documents filed on the proceeding, but will not be able to file any documents of your own.
If you would like to know more about how a rate is set for a specific charge on your bill or would like to know what rate applications are currently under review by the AUC, please email info@auc.ab.ca.

Sharing rate concerns outside of rate hearing

The company responsible for issuing and managing your utility bill, also called the retailer, should be your first point of contact when you have concerns about the rates and terms and conditions you are subject to. If you are dissatisfied with the response of your retailer, you may contact the AUC or the Utilities Consumer Advocate to address your concerns. However, changes to rates and terms and conditions of service must be done through a rate proceeding where a comprehensive review of how a utility’s rates are designed can be done with the utility and customer representative groups sharing their positions. More information on sharing your concerns about rates is available from Questions, concerns or billing disputes.


Access all regulatory documents

Anyone can access applications and proceeding information through the eFiling System.

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