Executive biographies

Executive biographies

Executive senior managers are responsible for creating AUC organizational plans, ensuring efficiencies and running the day-to-day operations

Bob Heggie, Chief Executive

Bob Heggie was appointed chief executive of the Alberta Utilities Commission in 2008, the Commission's inaugural year. He is responsible for leading the implementation of overall organizational strategy and day-to-day operations to ensure achievement of the AUC's organizational objectives.

Along with leading the administration and financial management of the AUC and heading its executive management team, Mr. Heggie also provides strategic advice and insight to the AUC chair, vice-chairs and other stakeholders.

Mr. Heggie's career has given him experience in a broad range of utility matters including proceedings dealing with deregulation of the gas and electric industries, and direct exposure to pipeline-, processing facility-, oil sands-, equitable relief-, coal mines- and environment-related matters. Prior to his appointment he was an executive manager with the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, an associate general counsel for the former Energy Resources Conservation Board and spent several years with a private law firm in Calgary. Mr. Heggie has been an acting board member of the EUB at public hearings.

Mr. Heggie was instrumental in the establishment of the AUC and the ERCB from the EUB in 2007, leading the transition team. He is extremely active in supporting utility regulatory excellence through the association of Canadian utility regulators, CAMPUT, and in furthering energy regulatory law expertise through the annual Canadian Energy Law Forum, which he founded and co-chairs. He also founded and co-chairs the CAMPUT Energy Regulation course held annually at the Donald Gordon Centre of Queen's University, in Kingston, Ontario. Mr. Heggie co-authored a substantial reference on energy regulation in 2001, Energy Law and Policy.

Mr. Heggie is an active member of the Law Society of Alberta and an inactive member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. He has earned a bachelor of arts degree, and a bachelor of laws degree, both from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. In 2006 he was awarded the CAMPUT Education and Development Leadership Award and in 2008 the CAMPUT Leadership Award.


Doug Larder, QC, General Counsel and Executive Director, Law

Mr. Larder is the AUC's general counsel and executive director of the Law Division. His primary responsibility is to ensure that the Commission receives sound legal advice and representation in all areas of the Commission's operations.

Mr. Larder joined the Commission's predecessor, the Alberta Energy and Utility Board in 1997 and acted on its behalf in major public hearings related to oil and gas and electric energy facilities, resource disputes, utility rate-making matters and court challenges.

Mr. Larder was appointed general counsel of the AEUB in 2004 and continued in that capacity with the Alberta Utilities Commission when it was created in 2008. He has sat as an acting Commission member for the Commission and as an acting board member at the AEUB. Prior to 1997, Mr. Larder was in private legal practice in Calgary, mostly focused on litigation.

He has a bachelor of arts degree, and a bachelor of law degree from Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Executive directors, listed alphabetically by last name:


Blair Miller, Executive Director, Rates

Blair Miller is the executive director of the AUC's Rates Division, which directly supports the Commission's determination of just and reasonable rates and tariffs for utility service, including natural gas and electric distribution, transmission and regulated retail utilities, as well as water utilities, that fall under the jurisdiction of the AUC.

Mr. Miller, a chartered professional accountant (certified management accountant), has worked in financial analysis in Alberta's utilities sector for more than a decade including natural gas, electrical and pipeline utility firms, and joined the AUC as regulatory specialist in 2011. Subsequently Mr. Miller became responsible for overseeing the AUC's rates work in electric and natural gas distribution. Mr. Miller became executive director of rates in 2015 after working closely on the development and implementation of performance-based regulation, as well as numerous cost-of-service proceedings including full general rate applications.

Along with his CPA (CMA) designation, Mr. Miller completed a bachelor's degree in commerce at the University of Alberta, and formal leadership training programs. This included programs delivered by the Richard Ivey School of Business of Western University, based in London, Ontario; and at Calgary's Mount Royal University. Mr. Miller is also active in sports, and is a three-time national volleyball champion.


Fino Tiberi, Executive Director, Market Oversight and Enforcement

Mr. Tiberi became the AUC's executive director of regulatory policy role on January 1, 2008 and since that time his responsibilities have expanded to include the Commission's staff-related market oversight functions. He is currently the AUC's executive director of Market Oversight and Enforcement, a role in which he and his colleagues use their consultative skills and extensive industry experience and knowledge to ensure equitable rules are in place to support the functioning of a competitive retail electric and natural gas markets in Alberta. Mr. Tiberi also oversees the technical staff support and management of AUC enforcement programs and proceedings.

Prior to the AUC, Mr. Tiberi spent six years with the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, where he managed such projects as the establishment of service quality standards and reporting requirements for the regulated electric and natural gas utilities and the development and implementation of the Tariff Billing Code. He has a strong employment background centring on regulatory advocacy and industry consultation with Alberta and international utility firms, including natural gas, electricity and pipelines.

Along with this experience, Mr. Tiberi's extensive utility regulatory expertise is built on a bachelor of science degree in human kinesiology from the University of Guelph, and a master of business administration degree in finance from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.


Jim Van Horne, Executive Director, Corporate Services

Jim Van Horne leads the delivery of corporate services for the AUC. In this role Mr. Van Horne is accountable for the strategic direction and operational performance of the AUC's finance, information technology, human resources and support services functions. A chartered professional accountant, Mr. Van Horne is also the AUC's chief financial officer.

Mr. Van Horne joined the AUC when it was launched in 2008 and brings 30 years of financial and organizational leadership experience to the role. He was responsible for establishing the organization's corporate services suite of functions and controls. Mr. Van Horne works closely with the chief executive to set and ensure adherence to the AUC's financial and performance goals and objectives.

Mr. Van Horne joined the AUC's predecessor agency, the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, in 1995 after a private-sector and municipal-sector career. Mr. Van Horne's education background includes a bachelor of commerce from the University of Calgary, a CPA designation from the Chartered Professional Accountants Association of Canada, and advanced training in the areas of financial auditing, income tax and forensic accounting.


Wade Vienneau, Executive Director, Facilities

Mr. Vienneau is the executive director of the Facilities Division, which focuses on ensuring electricity generating, and electricity and natural gas transmission facilities and associated infrastructure in Alberta are sited, built, operated and decommissioned in the public interest. This includes the needs identification documents submitted for approval by the Alberta Electric System Operator.

A chartered professional accountant, Mr. Vienneau has more than 30 years of management, supervisory and technical experience in regulated utility and non-utility environments, with considerable background related to utility rate determination and overall regulatory proceeding management. Mr. Vienneau has served as an acting board member at the AUC's predecessor agency, the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, and a delegated decision maker at the AUC. He has a background in accounting, financial forecasts, operational and strategic planning, financial benchmarking, capital project analysis and team leadership.

Mr. Vienneau was exposed to and involved in a variety of utility applications over more than 12 years at the AEUB, and led and provided advice with respect to decisions on complex rate and facility matters. Prior to joining the AEUB, Mr. Vienneau had increasingly senior analytical and supervisory roles at a major Alberta natural gas utility and a major Alberta pipeline operator. Along with his accounting designation, Mr. Vienneau has also completed a bachelor of commerce degree with a specialization in accounting, at the University of Calgary.

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