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Proposed changes to AUC Rule 007Bulletin12/2/20192019
Interim direction on Indigenous consultation Bulletin12/2/20192019
AUC Strategic Plan 2019-2022 finalizedAnnouncement11/26/20192019
Enhancement to the eFiling System to support confidential documents in proceedingsAnnouncement11/13/20192019
Alberta Utilities Commission holiday office closureAnnouncement11/6/20192019
Regulatory burden reductionBulletin10/18/20192019
Amendments to AUC Rule 001: Rules of Practice Bulletin9/30/20192019
Consultation on the issue of power plant self-supply and exportBulletin9/13/20192019
New performance standards for processing facility applicationsBulletin9/9/20192019
Alberta Utilities Commission Chair Mark Kolesar announces appointment of Commission member Henry van Egteren as a vice-chairAnnouncement8/8/20192019
Tracking compliance with certain directions from rates decisionsBulletin8/6/20192019
Power plant application workshopBulletin7/30/20192019
Assessment of specified penalties for self-reported contraventionsBulletin7/19/20192019
Regulatory burden stakeholder consultationAnnouncement7/17/20192019
Updated Micro-generation notice submission guideline released, forms changed and removed from appendix in Rule 024: Rules Respecting Micro-GenerationBulletin7/16/20192019
Interim information requirements for solar and wind energy power plant applicationsBulletin7/3/20192019
AUC Rule 007 - Initiation of a review and stakeholder consultation processBulletin7/3/20192019
AUC Rule 033: Post-approval Monitoring Requirements for Wind and Solar Power PlantsBulletin6/19/20192019
Changes to the AUC’s application process for gas utility pipeline applicationsBulletin6/19/20192019
Workshop on changes to AUC Rule 012: Noise ControlBulletin6/10/20192019
Watch AUC public hearings through livestream videoAnnouncement4/29/20192019
Changes to AUC Rule 012: Noise ControlBulletin4/26/20192019
Consultation tool launches April 22, 2019Announcement4/22/20192019
Listen to hearings and view exhibits onlineAnnouncement4/22/20192019
Errata decisions to correct typographical, spelling and calculation errors and other similar types of errors are discontinued within first 30 daysBulletin4/8/20192019
Generic proceeding to review rate treatment of distribution system acquisition costs under performance-based regulationBulletin3/12/20192019
Amended AUC Rule 030: Compliance with the Code of Conduct RegulationBulletin2/28/20192019
Revision to AUC Rule 020: Rules Respecting Gas Utility PipelinesBulletin1/30/20192019
Customer billing standards now enforced with specified penaltiesUpdates1/16/20192019
Specified penalties for contraventions of AUC rulesBulletin12/20/20182018
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