Provost Reliability Upgrade

Provost Reliability Upgrade Project

Applications to construct a new transmission line in the municipal districts of Provost and Wainwright


Applications have been submitted to the Alberta Utilities Commission to consider the Provost Reliability Upgrade Project to seeking approval to construct a new transmission line in the municipal districts of Provost and Wainwright.

Alberta Electric System Operator application summary

The Alberta Electric System Operator Application 23339-A001 states that the project is needed to improve the reliability of electric distribution services. More information about how the need assessment was identified be found by logging in to the eFiling System and accessing the application.

The application proposes to meet the request from the electric distribution system operator in the area (FortisAlberta Inc.) to improve the reliability in the Municipal District of Provost and the Municipal District of Wainwright. The Alberta Electric System Operator has assigned the project to the transmission system operator in the area (AltaLink Management Ltd.) to meet the need through the construction of a transmission line between Provost 545S Substation and Hayter 277S Substation and modifying three substations.

AltaLink Management Ltd. Applications summarized

Application No. 

Transmission line 398L between Provost 545S Substation and Hayter 277S Substation

AltaLink proposes to build a new 33 kilometre single-circuit 138-kV (kilovolt) transmission line, using primarily wood monopoles, and has identified two potential alternatives for the AUC to consider. Altalink has identified a route that follows Highway 899 for almost half of its length as its preferred route. The route AltaLink has identified as its alternate route (indicated by a dashed line on the map) follows some of the same paths as the preferred route, but are at times east or west of AltaLink's preferred option on a north-south direction.


Provost Substation 545S

AltaLink has applied to modify this substation located at 13-7-39-2-W4. The substation additions of one MVA transformer, two new 138-kV circuit breakers, four 25-kV circuit breakers, one new control building and associated equipment is applied for in order to  accommodate the termination of Transmission Line 398L. These alterations will require an expansion of the existing substation fence.


Hayter Substation 277S

AltaLink has applied to modify this substation located at 1-17-41-1-W4 to facilitate the termination of Transmission Line 389L. The alterations will occur within the existing fenced area. Additions to this substation include two MVA transformers, three 138-kV circuit breakers, six 25-kV circuit breakers, one telecommunications tower and associated equipment.


Killarney Lake Substation 267S

AltaLink has applied to upgrade this substation within the fenced area located at 4-1-42-3-W4. The project involves adding one MVA transformer, two 138-kV circuit breakers, three 25-kV circuit breakers, three capacitor banks and associated equipment. The project also involves the replacement the existing telecommunications tower.


Transmission Line 715L is an existing transmission line between the Metiskow 648S and Provost 545S Substation.

AltaLink has applied to relocate 0.1 km of this existing 138-kV transmission line to accommodate the termination of the 389L Transmission Line at the Provost 545S Substation.


For more information about the Provost Reliability Upgrade Project please log in to the eFiling System by entering 23339 and access the applications, notice of application, notice of hearing and submissions.

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On June 29, 2018, the AUC scheduled an oral hearing which is open to the public and can be heard through an audio broadcast.


AUC hearing

Provost Recreation & Culture Centre

5113 43 Street, Provost, Alberta

Starting on October 1, 2018 at 9 a.m.


Find out how the Commission has dealt with certain issues in previously issued transmission decisions.


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Application status: under review

Hearing: starting at 9 a.m. on October 1, 2018

 Hearing location: Provost Recreation & Culture Centre

Hearing: 9 a.m. on October 4, 2018

 Hearing location: Calgary hearing room            


Information session: April 17, 2018 at 7 p.m.

Information session location: Canalta Hotel Provost


Decision expected: December 2018


AUC contact: Trevor Richards 
 403-592-4469 or


 Alberta Electric Systems Operator contact: Brenda Hill
403-539-2850 or


 AltaLink Management Ltd. contact: Michelle Lemieux
403-267-5909 or


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