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Under the umbrella of the Alberta Utilities Commission Act, the AUC is governed by more than 10 pieces of legislation that regulate Alberta's energy resource and utility sectors.

The Alberta Utilities Commission Act was proclaimed and the AUC came into being on January 1, 2008, as a result of the realignment of the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board.

ALBERTA UTILITIES COMMISSION ACT (Chapter A-37.2) (directly linked to the Queen's Printer)
 AR 230/2012  Security Management Regulation 
 AR 266/2007  Market Surveillance Regulation
 AR 159/2009  Fair, Efficient and Open Competition Regulation 

ELECTRIC UTILITIES ACT (Ch.E-5.1, 2003) (directly linked to the Queen's Printer)
 AR 158/2003 Balancing Pool Regulation  
 AR 159/2003 Billing Regulation, 2003 
 AR 235/2003 City of Medicine Hat Payment in Lieu of Tax Regulation 
 AR 160/2003 Code of Conduct Regulation
 AR 161/2003 Common Facilities Costs Regulation 
 AR 162/2003 Distribution Tariff Regulation
 AR 163/2003 Flare Gas Generation Regulation
 AR 111/2003 Independent Power and Small Power Regulation 
 AR 165/2003 Isolated Generating Units and Customer Choice Regulation  
 AR 66/2004   Liability Protection Regulation
 AR 27/2008   Micro-Generation Regulation
 AR 112/2003 Payment in Lieu of Tax Regulation
 AR 167/2003 Power Purchase Arrangements Regulation 
 AR 262/2005 Regulated Rate Option Regulation  
 AR 169/2003 Roles, Relationships and Responsibilities Regulation, 2003   
 AR 86/2007  Transmission Regulation
 AR 159/2009 Fair, Efficient and Open Competition Regulation
 AR 80/2009   Municipal Own-Use Generation Regulation
 AR 176/2014 Transmission Deficiency Regulation

GAS UTILITIES ACT (CH.G-5, RSA 2000) (directly linked to the Queen's Printer)
 AR 183/2003 Code of Conduct Regulation 
 AR 184/2003 Default Gas Supply Regulation
 AR 53/1999   Gas Utilities Exemption Regulation
 AR 185/2003 Natural Gas Billing Regulation
 AR 186/2003 Roles, Relationships and Responsibilities Regulation
 AR 546/1963 Uniform Classifcation of Accounts for Gas Utilities

 HYDRO AND ELECTRIC ENERGY ACT (Ch.H-16, RSA 2000) (directly linked to the Queen's Printer)
 AR 409/83   Hydro and Electric Energy Regulation

PIPELINE ACT (Ch.P-15, RSA 2000) (directly linked to the Queen's Printer) 
 AR 91/2005 Pipeline Regulation 

 AR 194/2006  Public Utilities Designation Regulation (consolidated to AR 186/2009)