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Rule 003: Service Quality and Reliability Performance Monitoring and Reporting for Regulated Rate Providers and Default Supply Providers

Effective date

July 1, 2010


​Rule 003 sets out the minimum service standards provided to utility customers who are on the regulated rate (do not receive service from a retailer) from a default supply provider (for gas) or a regulated rate provider (for electricity).

Customer service standards set by this rule include:

  • Call answer performance measures.
  • Billing performance standards.
  • Overall minimum requirements for customer satisfaction as measured by an annual survey of customers.
  • Customer satisfaction when a customer contacts  the service provider.
  • A service guarantee which may involve a credit to customers for disconnection or bill collection errors.

Reports are submitted using a template on an annual and quarterly basis.


Consultation for Rule 002 and Rule 003


Reporting template for regulated rate providers and default supply providers

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