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Alberta Utilities Commission rules are documents setting out new or amended AUC requirements or processes to be implemented and followed by entities under the jurisdiction of the AUC. From time-to-time rules are changed and updated and parties are invited to become involved in a consultation to revise these rules. Please visit the consultations page to review previous consultations and related bulletins that can be sorted by topic. If there is a consultation taking place for a rule you will see the link to the page in the related information below or in the consultations drop-down menu.

Rule 001Rules of Practice Related information
Rule 002Service Quality and Reliability Performance Monitoring and Reporting for Owners of Electric Distribution Systems and for Gas Distributors Related information
Rule 003Service Quality and Reliability Performance Monitoring and Reporting for Regulated Rate Providers and Default Supply Providers  Related information
Rule 004: Alberta Tariff Billing Code Related information
Rule 005: Annual Reporting Requirements of Financial and Operational ResultsRelated information
Rule 006:​ Rules on Regulatory Audits Related information
​Rule 007: Applications for Power Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines, Industrial System Designations and Hydro Developments Related information
​Rule 008: Rules Respecting Use of Abbreviated Needs Process​Rule 008 was repealed on April 1, 2015, and is no longer in effect.
Rule 009Rules on Local Intervener CostsRelated information
Rule 010Rules on Standards for Requesting and Exchanging Site-Specific Historic Usage Information for Retail Electricity and Natural Gas MarketsRelated information
​Rule 011: Rate Application Process for Water Utilities Related information
Rule 012: Noise Control  Related information
Rule 013Rules on Criteria Relating to the Imposition of Administrative PenaltiesRelated information
Rule 014Rules Respecting the Public Disclosure of Market Surveillance Administrator Records in a Hearing or Other Proceeding Related information
Rule 015: Rules on Costs of Investigations, Hearings, or Other Proceedings Related to Contraventions Related information
Rule 016Review of Commission DecisionsRelated information
Rule 017Procedures and Process for Development of ISO Rules and Filing of ISO Rules with the Alberta Utilities Commission Related information
Rule 018Rules on Negotiated SettlementsRelated information
Rule 019Specified Penalties for Contravention of ISO RulesRelated information
Rule 020Rules Respecting Gas Utility PipelinesRelated information
Rule 021Settlement System Code RulesRelated information
Rule 022Rules on Costs in Utility Rate ProceedingsRelated information
Rule 023: Rules Respecting Payment of Interest Related information
Rule 024Rules Respecting Micro-GenerationRelated information
Rule 025Administration FeeRelated information
Rule 026Regulatory Account Procedures Pertaining to the Implementation of the International Financial Reporting StandardsRelated information
Rule 027Specified Penalties for Contravention of Reliability StandardsRelated information
Rule 028Natural Gas Settlement System CodeRelated information
Rule 029Applications for Municipal Franchise Agreements and Associated Franchise Fee Rate RidersRelated information
Rule 030Compliance with the Code of Conduct RegulationRelated information
Rule 031Conditional Exemption from Specific Financing and Reporting RequirementsRelated information