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The Current Applications tool below lists all applications that are currently active with the AUC. You are able to enter search criteria to find a specific active application. This tool will only give general information about the application. For more detailed information or to access the full proceeding please log-in to the AUC's eFiling System.

23128-A006EDTI Application for Fibre Optic Line FO-352018-01-19Epcor Distribution & Transmission Inc.23128
23128-A005EDTI Application for Fibre Optic Line FO-342018-01-19Epcor Distribution & Transmission Inc.23128
23244-A002ENMAX Energy Corporation 2011-2014 EPSP 2017 Q42018-01-16ENMAX Energy Corporation23244
23278-A00222859 - AET Common Group Compliance - CCA Cost Claim2018-01-19Consumers Coalition Of Alberta23278
23278-A001AET Common Group Compliance Application - Cost Claim2018-01-19ATCO Electric Ltd.23278
23277-A00122788 - ATCO ED 2016 Capital Tracker True-Up - CCA Cost Claim2018-01-19Consumers Coalition Of Alberta23277
23276-A001ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (South) License 19521 - Line Split - Removal - Installation2018-01-19ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (SOUTH)23276
23275-A001EEA 2018-2021 EPSP Cost Claim2018-01-18Epcor Energy Alberta Gp Inc.23275
23274-A001ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (South) License 1952 - Remove Line 882018-01-18ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (SOUTH)23274
23273-A001ATCO Gas 2018 Rider T Application2018-01-18ATCO Gas North23273
23272-A002ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (South) License 1952 - Line Split - Removals2018-01-18ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (SOUTH)23272
23272-A001ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (South) License 1951 - Remove Line 152018-01-18ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (SOUTH)23272
23271-A001Application for the amendment to the ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd South Rider B for Property Tax Reconciliation 2017 and Calculation for 20182018-01-17ATCO Gas South23271
23270-A001EQUS REA LTD. Electric Distribution Tariff for Information Filing2018-01-17EQUS REA LTD.23270
23267-A001Application for AUC approval of Joint Economic Area Servicing Agreement between the City of Lacombe and the County of Lacombe2018-01-16The City of Lacombe23267
23262-A001FortisAlberta Compliance Filing per Decision 21768-D01-20172018-01-15FortisAlberta Inc.23262
23261-A001ENMAX Power Corporation Letter of Enquiry to Alter the 936 and 937 Transmission Lines2018-01-15ENMAX Power Corporation23261
23260-A001Retirement of existing Alberta reliability standards PER-001-AB-0.2, TOP-007-AB-0 and TOP 007-WECC-AB1-1
2018-01-16Independent System Operator23260
23259-A001FortisAlberta Compliance Filing per Decision 22293-D01-20172018-01-15FortisAlberta Inc.23259
23256-A001Rocky View County hereby applies to the AUC pursuant to section 45 of the MGA to establish water, wastewater and storm water franchise agreement with 2035570 Alberta Ltd. ("CARMEK Utilities") for a term of twenty (20) years.2018-01-12Rocky View County23256
23255-A001Costs Claims of Battle River Group in Proc. 225632018-01-17Ackroyd LLP23255
23203-A002Horse Creek Water Services Inc. is requesting a review and variance 2017-12-20Horse Creek Water Services Inc.23203
23253-A001ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (South) License 7839 - Line Split - Removal - Installation2018-01-10ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (SOUTH)23253
23250-A00121508 - EPC - PBR Capital Tracker - CCA Cost Claim2018-01-09Consumers Coalition Of Alberta23250
23249-A001Vegreville 709S Substation Rebuild Project2018-01-09ATCO Electric Ltd.23249
23056-A007Alberta Utilities Commission (“AUC”) Initiated Distributed Generation Review – Proceeding 22534 FortisAlberta Cost Claim under Proceeding 23056

2017-12-20FortisAlberta Inc.23056
23245-A00122394 2018 - 2022 PBR - CCA Cost Claim2018-01-05Consumers Coalition Of Alberta23245
23244-A0011174 - EEC 2011 - 2014 EPSP - CCA Costs Q4 - 20172018-01-05Consumers Coalition Of Alberta23244
23241-A001Oldman 2 Wind Farm, LTD Letter of Enquiry relating to Raptor Mitigation.2017-12-28Oldman 2 Wind Farm Ltd23241
23239-A001Preferential Sharing of Records between BowArk Energy Ltd., URICA Energy Real Time Ltd. and URICA Asset Optimization Ltd.2017-12-27Bowark Energy Ltd.23239
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