Expense disclosure

Expense disclosure

Approved executive expenses are disclosed to the public on a bi-monthly basis

The Alberta Utilities Commission is committed to openness and transparency in its processes. The expense statement reports below will provide travel, meal and hospitality expenses incurred by its commission members and executive directors on a bi-monthly basis.

Archived expense disclosure


Chair​Mark KolesarTravelAir fare1/29/2020
Attend the CAMPUT Regulatory Key Topics meeting, Northwind Annual Electricity Invitational Forum and IJ Canada Power 2020 conferenceMK-2020-Jan29and31-Airfare
Chair​Mark KolesarTravelGround transportation1/29/2020
Round trip car service between Toronto and Cambridge for attending the Northwind Annual Electricity Invitational ForumMK-2020-Jan29and31-Taxi
Vice-Chair​Henry van EgterenTravelGround transportation1/26/2020
Taxi fares - attend the CAMPUT Regulatory Key Topics meetingHVE-2020-Jan26and28-Taxi
Vice-Chair​Henry van EgterenTravelMeals1/26/2020
Lunch - attend the CAMPUT Regulatory Key Topics meetingHVE-2020-Jan26-Lunch
Vice-Chair​Henry van EgterenTravelAir fare1/26/2020
Attend the CAMPUT Regulatory Key Topics meetingHVE-2020-Jan26to28-Airfare
Vice-Chair​Henry van EgterenTravelAccommodations1/26/2020
Attend the CAMPUT Regulatory Key Topics meetingHVE-2020-Jan26to28-Hotel
Vice-Chair​Henry van EgterenTravelOther costs1/26/2020
Parking fee - attend the CAMPUT Regulatory Key Topics meetingHVE-2020-Jan26to28-Parking
Vice-Chair​Anne MichaudTravelAir fare1/25/2020
Attend the CAMPUT Regulatory Key Topics meetingAM-2020-Jan25-Airfare
Chair​Mark KolesarTravelGround transportation1/24/2020
Train fare for travel from IJ Canada Power 2020 conference to the CAMPUT Regulatory Key Topics meetingMK-2020-Jan24-Trainfare
Vice-Chair​Anne MichaudTravelAccommodations1/13/2020
Hotel cancellation charges due to cancellation of GOA-scheduled commission member interviewsAM-2020-Jan13-Hotelcancellationfee
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