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AE – ATCO Electric
AESO – Alberta Electric System Operator
ADR – appropriate dispute resolution
AGS - ATCO Gas South
AGN - ATCO Gas North
AUC - Alberta Utilities Commission
BA ID – business associate identifier
CEAA – Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
DERS – Direct Energy Regulated Services
DDS – digital data submission
EAS – Electronic Application System
EPS – Electronic Proceeding System
EPSP – energy price setting plan
ERCB – Energy Resources Conservation Board
AUC - Alberta Utilities Commission
EUB – Alberta Energy and Utilities Board
FBR – formula-based ratemaking
FOIP – Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
GCC – generic cost of capital
GCRR – gas cost recovery rate (AltaGas Utilities Inc.)
GCFR - gas cost flow-through rate (Direct Energy)
GJ – gigajoule
GRA – general rate application
GTA – general tariff application
HUP – historic usage procedures
IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards
IAR - Integrated Application Registry
IBOC - invitation to bid on credits
ISO – independent system operator
kW – kilowatt
LAO – lead application officer
MG – micro-generation
MFR – minimum filing requirements
MSA – Market Surveillance Administrator
NEB – National Energy Board
NGL – natural gas liquids
NGTL – NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.
NID – needs identification document
NRCB – Natural Resources and Conservation Board
PBR - performance-based ratemaking
PPA – power purchase agreement
PUB – Public Utilities Board
R&V – review and variance
REA – rural electrification association
ROE – return on equity
RRT – regulated rate tariff
RRO – regulated rate option
RWSL – Regional Water Services Ltd.
SIP – statement of intent to participate
SQRP – service quality and reliability plans
SSC – settlement system code
T&Cs – terms and conditions of service
TAR – transmission adjustment rider
TBC – tariff billing code
TFO – transmission facility owner
UCA – Utilities Consumer Advocate
USA – uniform system of accounts
WO – wires owner
WSP – wire service provider