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Advanced Search (found on the top right corner of every webpage)

• This AUC website search engine enables you to search for documents by the Document Type, Application Number, Applicant Name or the Release Date in the Property Restrictions of the Advance Search. If you search by subject matter this tool will also provide you with results that include all information written on our website about the topic you are searching.
• It is recommended that you use the drop down menu to select Contains for the search, as it allows for more flexibility.


Viewing Documents and Document Properties

• To view a document (Notice, Order, Decision, Licence) simply click on the hyper-linked Name of the document either directly from the home page or go to the Decision, Order, Notice or Licence section of the website to see the complete list in reverse chronological order.
• If you access the document from the section you have an interest in, you may view the properties of a document and a list other related documents posted to the website. To do this hover over the Name of the document and click on the pull down menu that appears then select View Properties. The details of the document are then listed, and at the bottom of the page links to related documents are provided. Please use E-filing Services to access a complete list of documents associated with an application, such as exhibits which are not posted to the website.
• To sort or filter document lists, hover over the column titles (Name, Primary Applicant, Application Description or Release Date). From the pull down menu you can then select to sort ascending or descending according to the alphabet, or select a certain Primary Applicant or Release Date to only view the documents that have those properties.