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The Alberta Utilities Commission is committed to ensuring that every Albertan, whose rights may be directly and adversely affected by a proposed utility application to the AUC, is informed and has the opportunity to have their concerns heard, understood and considered in the review process.

Please be aware that any information and materials provided as part of an AUC proceeding, except information granted confidentiality, will become part of the public record and will be posted to the AUC’s electronic filing system. This includes personal information, such as names, addresses and any other personal information provided. 

Albertans with questions or concerns regarding utility services or a utility development project are able to contact Consumer Relations.

Getting involved
This section provides information on the AUC’s application process and how you can get involved.

Understanding your bill
Utility bills can be confusing for many Albertans. This section provides information to assist Albertans in understanding the various charges on their electric and natural gas bills, and how to contact the AUC if there are questions or concerns about their bills.

Rates and tariffs
This section provides the AUC approved rates and terms and conditions of service of investor-owned natural gas, electric and water utilities and tolls and tariffs of pipeline transmission companies.