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An application is a request to the Commission for an approval, licence, order or other relief under the Alberta Utilities Commission Act or any enactment under which the Commission is charged.

All applications must be in writing and contain the information required by the applicable Commission rules respecting the application type.

In all cases, a great deal of work is put into preparing an application for submission and must contain pertinent and valuable information which is used throughout the application process.

Please be aware that any information and materials provided as part of an AUC proceeding, except information granted confidentiality, will become part of the public record and will be posted to the AUC’s electronic filing system. This includes personal information, such as names, addresses and any other personal information provided.

There are three main applications which come into the AUC and each process varies depending upon the application type which is explained in the documents below:

Rates application process often involves the participation of municipalities, industry participants, and consumer advocate groups, such as the Utilities Consumer Advocate, that act as a representative for the general public.

Facility application process will often involve a wide range of participants and interveners including the Alberta Electric System Operator, municipalities, industry, and any other interest group that may be directly and adversely affected. 

Markets application process

involves market participants, the Alberta Electric System Operator, the Market Surveillance Administrator and is usually very technical in nature. These proceedings are usually relatively short in duration and involve parties that are well versed in technical and market matters.