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Please be aware that any information and materials provided as part of an AUC proceeding, except information granted confidentiality, will become part of the public record and will be posted to the AUC’s electronic filing system. This includes personal information, such as names, addresses and any other personal information provided.

If you feel that you are directly and adversely affected by a by a proposed electric or gas facility you have an opportunity to participate in various steps of the Facility Application Process.

Prior to application
In most cases, unless you are new to an area where a proposed facility application has already been submitted to the AUC, you have had the opportunity to be involved in consultation prior to the submission of the application to the AUC. This is the ideal time to discuss and determine an agreement that works for both parties in a collaborative manner. Consultation with the applicant is not restricted to landowners (as affected parties are often referred to as) but tenants and those who operate businesses on the land may also be involved in the process.

Become a registered party
Once the applicant has completed their consultation with landowners and other interested parties, an application is submitted to the AUC. If the AUC deems that the application is complete, a notice of application is then prepared by the AUC and sent out to the list of registered parties provided by the applicant, posted on the AUC website and published in the local newspaper(s). The notice provides details on how interested parties can become a registered participant.

Interested parties can use the AUC's eFiling System to become a registered participant. Instructions on using the AUC's eFiling System can be found on the eFiling System page.

As a registered party you are a person or group who has an interest in the land where the proposed facility is to be located. If you are new to the area you may be added as a registered party at any time during the application process and will receive updates on the application from the AUC by email (recommended) or mail.

File a Statement of Intent to Participate (SIP)
If you have unresolved issues with the applicant any time after they submit the application to the AUC and before the participation closing date specified on the notice of application you can file a Statement of Intent to Participate (SIP). AUC Rule 001: Rules of Practice sets out the requirements for participation in AUC proceedings. The AUC requires that you submit a SIP to be considered for intervener status, which must include information that is set out in Rule 001 and is summarized below:

  • a brief description of your concern with or interest in the application, in particular how approval of the application would directly and adversely affect you; and

  • a brief explanation of your position, including why you believe that the Commission should accept your recommendation

  • in cases where a party intends to apply for reimbursement of any costs incurred during the application process, please refer to AUC Rule 009: Rules on Local Intervener Costs.

  • if you are represented by another party, please include the contact information for your representative. If you are a group, provide a contact person for the group and give details on the group members. Submissions should be addressed to the AUC.

SIPs can be received either electronically through the AUC’s eFiling System (preferred method) or by mail and then uploaded to the electronic system. More information on the AUC eFiling System can be found on the eFiling System page. The name of the applicant and application number/proceeding number, which can be found on the notice of application, should be referenced in the SIP. The information submitted is considered part of the public record. If there is information in the SIP which you would like to keep confidential, a request can be made to the AUC pursuant to section 13 of AUC Rule 001: Rules of Practice.

Under certain circumstances, the AUC will accept the filing of submissions by email or in paper format. These documents can be sent to either or to the following address:

Alberta Utilities Commission 
Information Services 
Fourth Floor, 425 - First Street SW 
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3L8 

If you need further information about intervening in an application, please contact the AUC by one of the methods provided below:

Phone: 403-592-4500
Fax: 403-592-4406

Local interveners
The AUC will evaluate the submissions and identify those who are considered local interveners.

Local interveners with standing may vary by application, however historically most utility facility siting applications consider a landowner or entitled occupant of land to have standing if he/she lives or operates a business within 800 meters of the proposed site. A description of those participants or interveners who will be considered to have standing within the scope of the application can be found either in the Pre-hearing Decision or the Notice of Hearing. You must have standing in an application to be eligible for potential recovery of costs related to the hearing.

As an Intervener, you are given an opportunity to state your case in writing and/or orally in a hearing through submitting evidence on the public record. You are also allowed to ask Information Requests (IRs) regarding the written evidence prepared by the Applicant and other parties and to cross-examine of expert witnesses that appear at the hearing.

If a hearing is needed a Notice of Hearing will be issued and sent out to all registered parities and advertised in local papers. The length of the hearing is estimated and varies with the number of issues and scope of what will be discussed. For more information on AUC Hearings see the event calendar on the AUC website.

Recovering costs to participate
AUC Hearings are very similar to a court proceeding and you have the right to obtain legal counsel to assist you throughout the process. In addition, we strongly encourage efficiencies and recommend that when possible you make reasonable efforts to cooperate with other parties to reduce the duplication of evidence and questions. Please review Rule 009: Rules of Local Intervener Costs to review the requirements for the request for funds, scale of costs, and other related rules and requirements.