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If you have a concern respecting utility service or rates, you should contact your service provider directly first to discuss concerns. If you are still dissatisfied after speaking directly with the utility company, you may contact the AUC for assistance. The AUC's consumer relations group deals with concerns respecting those companies that the AUC regulates.

It is important to understand that the AUC's authority to deal with your complaint is limited to certain legislated powers, which mainly include the terms, conditions, and rates under which a regulated utility provides services to its customers. In some situations, your dispute may be beyond the AUC's jurisdiction.

The Electric Utilities Act, the Gas Utilities Act and the Public Utilities Board Act grant the AUC the jurisdiction and power of investigation of utilities and rates.

If you are not satisfied with the response of your utility company, please contact the AUC by telephone, letter, fax, or email, detailing the nature of the issue, the facts surrounding the complaint, and the action you would like. Please note that complaints need to be received in writing to proceed to a more formal review level at the AUC. This correspondence must indicate your permission for the AUC to investigate the matter on your behalf and allows the utility to release information to the AUC.

Consumer Relations
10th Floor, 10055 106 St.
Edmonton, Alta. T5J 2Y2 

Phone: 780-427-4903
Fax: 780-427-6970

AUC staff will let you know by letter, email, or telephone that the AUC has received your written complaint. If we do not need an explanation from the utility in question, we will send you information directly from our office. However, usually we contact the utility first and have it report back to us or to you regarding your inquiry. We will then review the utility's response and contact you by letter, explaining our findings. The time it takes to deal with the complaint depends on the nature of your complaint and the complexity of the issue. Sometimes a public hearing may be required to resolve the complaint. If you are not satisfied with the resolution or information provided, you may contact the AUC for further clarification. This process will not change the rates and regulations approved by the AUC in current decisions.

For more information:

AUC Information: How to Make a Complaint to the AUC

If you have a complaint about alleged wrongdoing or misconduct by a company regulated by the AUC  unrelated to billing or terms of service  please refer to the AUC policy for third-party complaints.