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Albertans are billed for electric and natural gas services by a retailer. Customers are able to choose their retailer for natural gas and electric services by either signing a contract with a competitive retailer, where the contract will stipulate the price structure for energy commodities, or by staying with the default retailer, which has its price structure for energy commodities overseen by the AUC. The AUC does not regulate competitive retailers. For a list of retailers that are available in Alberta, please visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate's website.

While Albertans can choose their retailer, they are not able to choose their distributor, who delivers the energy commodity to customer homes. Distributors have separate charges from the retailer, and are identified separately on the bill. The distribution charges are billed to the retailer by the distribution company and then are passed on to the customer on the retailer billing.

Retailers have terms and conditions of service that are approved by the AUC which provide guidelines and rules for billing practices. These can be found in the Rates and Tariffs section of the AUC website or can be obtained directly through your retailer.

To help you understand the charges on your utility bills we have created a generic sample bill listing the charges and providing a description about how they are calculated. Bills may or may not include more than one utility depending upon your service provider.