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Proceeding 22125

The Alberta Utilities Commission is currently considering a project from three applicants for the construction of, and upgrades to, electric facilities in, and just outside of, Jasper National Park. If you feel you may be affected by these applications, you can provide input by filing a submission with the AUC to review before it makes its decision.

The Alberta Utilities Commission will be holding a hearing to review six applications requesting approval to construct, upgrade and operate electric transmission facilities in, and just outside of, Jasper National Park, and the submissions received in Proceeding 22125.

Hearing information:

AUC Calgary Hearing Room
425 First Street S.W. Calgary, Alberta
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 9 a.m.

The hearing is complete. To listen to the oral hearing go to the webcast archive.

Jasper Interconnection Project overview

​Alberta Electric System Operator​22125-A001​Application requests approval of the need identified for Jasper to be interconnected to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System and the need to increase the capacity of the electric system to serve existing load and load growth in Jasper.
​AltaLink Management Ltd.​22125-A002​Application for upgrades to the existing Watson Creek 104S Substation.
​AltaLink Management Ltd.​22125-A003​Application for a new transmission line approximately 8.5 kilometres in length, labelled Transmission Line 530L, that would proceed from the border of the national park (the connection point) and connect to the existing Watson Creek 104S Substation located just outside of the park boundaries.
​ATCO Electric Ltd.​22125-A004​Application for a new substation, labelled Sheridan 2085S Substation, to be located north of the town of Jasper near the Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16).
​ATCO Electric Ltd.​22125-A005​Application for a new transmission line approximately 45 kilometres in length, labelled Transmission Line 6L530, within Jasper National Park. The map shows the applied for route.
​ATCO Electric Ltd.​22125-A006​Application to interconnect the new proposed transmission lines at the connection point.


ATCO’s project page can be found here. Additional details can be found in ATCO's project newsletter
AltaLink’s project page can be found here.
More information about the Parks Canada process can be found here.

The map can be enlarged below by adjusting the resolution or your monitor or by viewing it here.


The Alberta Electric System Operator determined that the transmission project was needed to serve existing load and load growth in response to ATCO Electric Ltd.'s system access request and identification that the Palisades Power Plant (the primary energy source for the area) is nearing the end of its useful life.

ATCO Electric Ltd. and AltaLink Management Inc. applied to construct the electric facilities to meet the need identified by the Alberta Electric System Operator. The construction would require a connection point at the east boundary of Jasper National Park.

In addition to AUC approval, ATCO requires approval from Parks Canada as described below.

Parks Canada Environmental Impact Assessment

Parks Canada is the federal government regulator for this project within Jasper National Park. Parks Canada staff have worked closely with ATCO Electric to review routing options for the power line to reduce its visibility and minimise disturbance to Park resources, by optimising use of existing utility and transportation corridors.

Parks Canada has directed ATCO Electric to prepare a Detailed Impact Analysis in accordance with the Parks Canada Directive on Impact Assessment, 2015. Environmental impact analyses are required for any projects that could potentially have adverse effects on ecological integrity, cultural resources or characteristics of the environment that are important to key visitor experience objectives.

Parks Canada has also directed ATCO Electric to undertake a program of public and Indigenous consultation. Parks Canada will consider feedback gathered through this process, along with other factors, during the decision-making process for this project. You can also provide your comments to Parks Canada (Jasper National Park) by emailing at


The eFiling System should be accessed to view the applications and the other documents the AUC will be considering in this proceeding. The system is also used to file submissions and evidence to participate in the proceeding.

To create an account, select "New account" and follow the steps to create a user ID and password. If you have any questions about how to use the system please contact us at or 403-592-4500.

Documents being considered in this proceeding can be found in the eFiling System (which requires log in). Once you have logged in, enter 22125 in the "go to" section at the top left corner of your screen.