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Alberta Utilities Commission welcomes three new tribunal members
Tracee Collins, Carolyn Hutniak, and Joanne Phillips bring diverse professional skills and experience.

The Alberta Utilities Commission welcomes three new Commission members who will reinforce and strengthen the multidisciplinary skill set and adjudicative expertise of Alberta’s independent utilities regulator.

The three new members, appointed on February 15, 2017, through order-in-council after an extensive professional search process and multiple reviews, include:

Tracee Collins has strong leadership, project management and community organization skills, with a substantial and senior background in commercial utility investment and capital management. This is supplemented by a extensive experience in audit, credit modelling, risk analysis, and project financing with organizations such as Credit Suisse and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Collins is the former president and chair of the PBP Community Association of Calgary. Her education includes master of business administration and bachelor of economics degrees.

Carolyn Hutniak brings extensive administrative law and evidence-based adjudicative tribunal experience supplemented by a professional development and adjudicative quality control background. An administrative law lawyer and member of the Law Society of Alberta since 1989, Hutniak has represented clients before numerous Alberta boards and tribunals as well as all levels of the Alberta Courts. She has served as a public member of hearing tribunals under Alberta's Health Professions legislation and has more than 12 years of adjudicative tribunal decision-making and decision writing experience as a commissioner and hearing chair with the Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers' Compensation. Immediately prior to her tenure with the Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers' Compensation, Hutniak practised exclusively as a non-partisan, administrative law and tribunal management consultant to a diverse range of disciplinary, regulatory and rights based tribunals throughout Alberta. Her education includes bachelor of arts and bachelor of laws degrees, both from the University of Alberta.

Joanne Phillips is a seasoned professional engineer with expertise in environmental engineering and a strong exposure to the Alberta utility sector, as well as the entities that manage the province’s transmission system and wholesale electricity market. Phillips’ most recent background is in the third-party design, construction and commissioning of utility capital projects including hydro, natural gas, solar and wind energy. Phillips also brings experience in supporting adjudication of professional engineering compliance matters, and has completed a doctorate, a master’s, and a bachelor of science degree, all in engineering.

The three new Commission members have been appointed for five-year full-time terms starting February 15, 2017. Their arrival will bring to nine the number of full-time Commission members at the AUC. The AUC also utilizes three part-time Commission members.

The Alberta Utilities Commission was established in 2008 to regulate Alberta’s utilities sector, natural gas and electricity markets to protect social, economic and environmental interests of Alberta where competitive market forces do not. The AUC and its predecessor agencies celebrated 100 years of service to Albertans in 2015-2016. ​