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This section highlights a number of different projects, initiatives and applications that the AUC is currently working on or have worked on in the past, that may be of interest to readers.

Below are items that may be of interest to you:

24-month application forecast - A list of applications expected to be submitted to the AUC.

Gas utility pipeline review - The AUC is currently reviewing the gas utility pipeline integrity management and emergency response plans.

IFRS - The adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards is expected to change the manner in which utilities perform their accounting and report their financial results, and have implications on the Commission’s regulatory accounting and rate making process.

Items related to future proceedings - Correspondence the AUC has received on matters that are expected to be dealt with in future proceedings before the Commission.

Rule 024 - Micro-generation - Albertans can generate their own environmentally friendly electricity and receive credit for any power they send into the electricity grid.

Performance-based regulation - The AUC has released Decision 2012-237 which applies incentives, or performance-based regulation, to Alberta's provincially regulated distribution utilities.