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In early January of each year, a request is sent out to all Alberta electricity generators and distributors to submit electricity statistics. Up until 2010, predecessors to the Alberta Energy Regulator sent out these requests. Commencing with 2011 statistics, and for every year hereafter, this responsibility now falls under the jurisdiction of the Alberta Utilities Commission. The AUC has the authority to collect such data based upon Section 8 of the Hydro and Electric Energy Regulation (Alberta Regulation 409/1983).

The annual data collected provides valuable information that is used for planning/forecasting purposes by the Alberta Department of Energy, it allows the AER to compile its annual ST-98 report on Alberta’s energy supply/demand outlook and it provides useful information to the Commission.

To preserve the confidentiality of individual unit generators, the data collected is being made available to the public on an aggregate basis only. The aggregated data is available for download in .pdf or .xls format by clicking on the hyperlink below the corresponding table name:


Table name



Installed capacity
[.pdf] [.xls]

Describes annual total installed capacity (in MW) in Alberta by resource type from 1985 to 2016.

Total generation
[.pdf] [.xls]

Details annual total electricity generated in Alberta (in GWh) by fuel source. Also includes total imports or exports. Data range is from 1985 to 2016.

Sales history
[.pdf] [.xls]

Lists total annual sales (in GWh) and number of customers by market segment (residential, farm, commercial, and industrial) from 1985 to 2016.

Monthly sales history
[2012.pdf] [2012.xls]
[2013.pdf] [2013.xls]
[2014.pdf] [2014.xls]
[2015.pdf] [2015.xls]

[2016.pdf] [2016.xls]

Lists monthly sales (in GWh) and number of customers by market segment (residential, farm, commercial and industrial). Monthly data is available from 2012 onwards.

Capacity, total generation & interchange
[2011.pdf] [2011.xls]
[2012.pdf] [2012.xls]
[2013.pdf] [2013.xls]
[2014.pdf] [2014.xls]
[2015.pdf] [2015.xls]
[2016.pdf] [2016.xls]

Summarizes totals for installed capacity (in MW), total generation (in GWh), and imports/exports (in GWh). Data is available on an annual basis from 2011 onwards.

 * Last updated on May 26, 2017.


Please note that all data from 2010 and earlier was collected and compiled by the AER and its predecessors.

If you have any questions regarding this data, please contact Kenneth Wyllie at 403-592-4457 or by email at

The data compiled in the above tables was collected from third party sources. Its accuracy and completeness has not been verified by the AUC.