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The ISO is required to file Alberta reliability standards with the Alberta Utilities Commission, under Section 19(4) of the Transmission Regulation. An interested person may challenge new reliability standards, agreements, criteria or directives pursuant to Section 19(6) of the Transmission Regulation.

For more information on Alberta reliability standards please visit the rules and standards section of the AESO website.


Description of filing

Consultation with stakeholders

Alberta reliability standard application

Filings made pursuant to Section 19(4) of the Transmission Regulation


Alberta reliability standard challenge

Filings made pursuant to Section 19(6) of the Transmission Regulation Bulletin 2011-21 (October 2011)


Filing and participating

Active and historic applications


Filing an application

eFiling System user guide

Go to the eFiling System and select Find > Applications from top navigation menu then enter the following:                    
- Division: Markets.
- Application Category: Markets - Rules.
- Application Status: Registered or Decided in part if looking for current applications or Closed or Decided for historic applications.

Go to the Decisions section or go to the Advanced Search section and search for Decisions and enter Markets in the Division field.


Frequently asked questions


2009 Annual Report regarding compliance with reliability standards
                  AUC Acknowledgement letter                                  14/06/2010
                  ISO Annual Report Re Compliance - 2009              02/06/2010


Recent ISO Filings
Current year's documents (in ascending order) are listed below:
collapse Month : 2016-11 ‎(9)
collapse Standard Name : New Consolidated Authoritative Document Glossary Terms ‎(4)
AUC notice of application_2016-11-18
AESO notice of filing_2016-11-17
Clean copy of definitions2016-11-17
AESO Stakeholder Newsletter_2016-11-03
collapse Standard Name : New BAL-004-WECC-AB-2 ‎(5)
AUC notice of application2016-11-18
AESO notice of filing2016-11-17
Clean Copy of BAL-004-WECC-AB-22016-11-17
Clean Copy of BAL-004-WECC-AB1-12016-11-17
AESO Stakeholder Newsletter2016-11-03
collapse Month : 2016-01 ‎(9)
collapse Standard Name : New reliability standard definition ‎(4)
AUC notice of application2016-01-22
AESO notice of filing2016-01-19
New reliability standard definition2016-01-19
AESO reply letter2015-12-14
collapse Standard Name : New Alberta reliability standard PER-005-AB-2 ‎(5)
AUC notice of application2016-01-22
AESO notice of filing2016-01-19
Clean copy of PER-005-AB-22016-01-19
Blackline copy of PER-005-AB-22016-01-19
AESO reply letter2015-12-14