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The Alberta Utilities Commission Act requires the AUC to provide regulatory oversight of issues related to the development and operation of the wholesale electricity market in Alberta as well as the retail gas and electricity markets in the province.

The Market Oversight and Enforcement Division supports the Commission in:

  • Establishing rules regarding the form and content of specified penalties associated with the contravention of rules and reliability standards established by the independent system operator (ISO).

  • Issuing orders, decisions and associated penalties with respect to any contravention of the Electric Utilities Act; Gas Utilities Act; a Commission decision, order or rule; circumstances where a person has engaged in conduct that does not support the fair, efficient and openly competitive operation of the electricity or natural gas markets; or related matters brought to the Commission by the Market Surveillance Administrator.

  • Receiving filing revisions made by the ISO regarding ISO rules and reliability standards, and to hear objections to these revisions in order to determine whether the ISO rule or reliability standard should be confirmed, disallowed or changed in some manner.

  • Establishing rules governing the procedures and processes that the ISO may use to develop ISO rules and the filing of these rules.

  • Hearing complaints to the Commission regarding the conduct of the Market Surveillance Administrator or the ISO.

  • Hearing complaints to the Commission regarding ISO rules.

  • Advising the Commission members and AUC staff of general developments in the Alberta energy market.

How to add or remove your name from our email distribution list:

The Markets Oversight and Enforcement Division of the AUC maintains an email distribution list that is used to communicate with interested parties. If you would like to be added or removed from our list, please provide the following information by email:

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Please review the privacy policy on our website for more information regarding the collection of your information.

AUC rules related to market oversight:


 Activity Rule 013 Rule 014 Rule 017 Rule 019  Rule 027
Link to rules

Rule 013


Rule 014


Rule 017


Rule 019


Rule 027


Commission decision on consultation  N/A N/A

Bulletin 2010-10 (February 2010)

Bulletin 2009-17 (July 2009)

Bulletin 2010-12 (March 2010)

Bulletin 2008-08 (June 2008)

Bulletin 2010-27 (October 2010)

Bulletin 2015-04 (February 2015)

Consultation with stakeholders  N/A N/A

Bulletin 2009-31 (December 2009)

Rule 019 consultation

Bulletin 2013-22 (November 2013)

Bulletin 2010-05 (January 2010)

Bulletin 2008-06 (May 2008)

Bulletin 2008-04 (April 2008)

Bulletin 2014-16 (December 2014)

Rule 027 consultation

Bulletin 2010-21 (July 2010)

Bulletin 2010-06 (January 2010)