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The Alberta Utilities Commission holds consultations to work with stakeholders to develop rules, make amendments to existing rules and to address emerging issues. The list provided below (in reverse chronological order) displays documents related to AUC consultations such as bulletins, meeting notes, discussion papers, stakeholder comments, AUC responses to stakeholder comments and the rules that have been developed from them (when applicable). This list can be filtered by hovering over the table column headings and selecting the applicable options to assist you in finding the information you are looking for. If you cannot find the information related to a consultation please contact the Market and Oversight Enforcement Division at or review the other current consultations in this section using the consultations drop-down menu above.

2017-07-19-DistributorDeemedTimeTableDistributor deemed time tableAlberta Utilities Commission2017-07-19otherRule 021 & Rule 028
2017-06-26-Rule020-StakeholderCommentTableStakeholder comment matrixAlberta Utilities Commission2017-06-26Comments (template)Rule 0202017
2017-06-26-Rule020-BlacklineJune 2017 draft version of Rule 020Alberta Utilities Commission2017-06-26Rule (blacklined)Rule 0202017
Bulletin 2017-07Stakeholder comments sought on the proposed amendments to AUC Rule 020: Rules Respecting Gas Utility PipelinesAlberta Utilities Commission2017-06-26BulletinRule 0202017
2017-06-21-Rule007-BlacklineJune 2017 draft version of Rule 007Alberta Utilities Commission2017-06-21Rule (blacklined)Rule 0072017
Rule007Rule 007 effective July 4, 2017Alberta Utilities Commission2017-06-21Rule (current)Rule 0072017
Rule012Rule 012 effective July 4, 2017Alberta Utilities Commission2017-06-21Rule (current)Rule 0122017
2017-06-21-Rule012-BlacklineJune 2017 draft version of Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2017-06-21Rule (blacklined)Rule 0122017
Bulletin 2017-06AUC Rule 024: Rules Respecting Micro-Generation,  AUC Rule 007: Applications for Power Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines, Industrial System Designations and Hydro Developments, AUC Rule 012: Noise Control Alberta Utilities Commission2017-06-21BulletinRule 0242017
Rule024Rule 024 effective July 4, 2017Alberta Utilities Commission2017-06-21Rule (current)Rule 0242017
2017-06-21-Rule024-StakeholderCommentsMatrixRuleChangesStakeholder comments and AUC responses regarding Rule 024 changesAlberta Utilities Commission2017-06-21Comments (responses)Rule 0242017
2017-05-16-Rule021and028-MeetingSummaryAUC Rule 021 and Rule 028 Industry Consultation meeting summaryAlberta Utilities Commission2017-05-16Meeting summary or notesRule 021 & Rule 0282017
2017-05-01-DistributedGen-processLetterDistributed generation review questionsAlberta Utilities Commission2017-05-01Process letterDistributed generation review2017
NR 2017-02 - Distributed generation reviewAlberta Utilities Commission review of distribution system-connected generation moves forwardAlberta Utilities Commission2017-05-01News releaseDistributed generation review2017
NR 2017-01 - Distributed generation reviewAlberta Utilities Commission tasked with distributed generation review to inform policy on Alberta’s clean, affordable energy efforts Alberta Utilities Commission2017-03-31News releaseDistributed generation review2017
2017-03-21-Rule024-draft-cleanDraft version 1.0 of Rule 024: Rules Respecting Micro-GenerationAlberta Utiltities Commission2017-03-21Rule (draft)Rule 0242017
Bulletin 2017-04Stakeholder comments sought for changes to AUC Rule 024: Rules Respecting Micro-GenerationAlberta Utilities Commission2017-03-21BulletinRule 0242017
2017-03-21-Rule024-ProposedChangesTableAUC proposed changes and comment tableAlberta Utilities Commission2017-03-21otherRule 0242017
Bulletin 2017-02New amendments to AUC Rule 001: Rules of PracticeAlberta Utilities Commission2017-03-08BulletinRule 0012017
Bulletin 2017-03Consultation regarding the Alberta Utilities Commission’s enforcement policy and practicesAlberta Utilities Commission2017-03-08BulletinProcedural rules2017
2017-03-08-EnforcementPolicyandPracticesCommentMatrixStakeholder comments and AUC responses regarding Bulletin 2016-20Alberta Utilities Commission2017-03-08Comments (responses)Procedural rules2017
2017-03-08-Rule001-StakeholderCommentMatrixStakeholder comments and AUC responsesAlberta Utilities Commission2017-03-08Comments (responses)Rule 0012017
Rule001Rule 001 effective March 24, 2017Alberta Utilities Commission2017-03-07Rule (current)Rule 0012017
2017-02-28-Rule021Rule028-IndustryConsultationMeetingSummaryAUC Rule 021 and Rule 028 Industry Consultation Meeting SummaryAlberta Utilities Commission2017-02-28Meeting summary or notesRule 021 & Rule 0282017
2017-02-28-CarbonLevyStakeholderConsultations-MeetingSummaryMeetings to discuss the provincial carbon levy related to natural gas for heatingAlberta Utilities Commission2017-02-28Meeting summary or notesCarbon levy2017
Bulletin 2017-01Revision of AUC Rule 027: Specified Penalties for Contravention of Reliability StandardsAlberta Utilities Commission2017-02-15BulletinRule 0272017
2017-02-15-Rule027Rule 027 effective March 1, 2017Alberta Utilities Commission2017-02-15Rule (current)Rule 0272017
2017-02-08-Rule021-LoadLimitingConsultationMeetingSummaryLoad Limiting Device/Program ConsultationAlberta Utilities Commission2017-02-08Meeting summary or notesRule 0212017
2017-01-25-Rule024-WorkingGroupMeetingSummaryAUC Rule 024 working group meeting summaryAlberta Utilities Commission2017-01-25Meeting summary or notesRule 0242017
2016-12-05-Rule001-UCACommentsStakeholder comments on proposed amendments to Rule 001Utilities Consumer Advocate2016-12-06Comments (stakeholder)Rule 0012016
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