Alberta Utilities Commission holds consultations with stakeholders to develop rules

Consolidated list of consultation documents

The Alberta Utilities Commission holds consultations to work with stakeholders to develop rules, make amendments to existing rules and to address emerging issues. The list provided below (in reverse chronological order) displays documents related to AUC consultations such as bulletins, meeting notes, discussion papers, stakeholder comments, AUC responses to stakeholder comments and the rules that have been developed from them (when applicable). This list can be filtered by hovering over the table column headings and selecting the applicable options to assist you in finding the information you are looking for. If you cannot find the information related to a consultation please contact the Market Oversight and Enforcement Division at or review the other current consultations in this section using the consultations drop-down menu above.


Bulletin 2019-04Errata decisions to correct typographical, spelling and calculation errors and other similar types of errors are discontinued within first 30 daysAlberta Utilities Commission2019-04-08BulletinRule 0012019
2019-02-28-Rule030Rule 030 effective April 1, 2019Alberta Utilities Commission2019-02-28Rule (current)Rule 0302019
Bulletin 2019-02Amended AUC Rule 030: Compliance with the Code of Conduct RegulationAlberta Utilities Commission2019-02-28BulletinRule 0302019
2019-02-28-Rule030-BlackineRule 030: Compliance with the Code of Conduct Regulation (blacklined)Alberta Utilities Commission2019-02-28Rule (blacklined)Rule 0302019
Bulletin 2019-01Bulletin 2019-20 Revision to AUC Rule 020: Rules Respecting Gas Utility Pipelines Alberta Utilities Commission2019-01-30BulletinRule 0202019
2018-12-20-Rule032Rule 032 effective January 1, 2019Alberta Utilities Commission2018-12-20Rule (current)Rule 0322018
2018-12-20-Rule032-StakeholderCommentsStakeholder comment table regarding Rule 032Alberta Utilities Commission2018-12-20Comments (responses)Rule 0322018
Bulletin 2018-20Specified penalties for contraventions of AUC rulesAlberta Utilities Commission2018-12-20BulletinRule 0322018
2018-12-20-Rule028StakeholderCommentsStakeholder comment table regarding Rule 028 Version 1.7Alberta Utilities Commission2018-12-20Comments (responses)Rule 0282018
2018-12-20-Rule021-StakeholderCommentsStakeholder comment table regarding Rule 021 Version 2.8Alberta Utilities Commission2018-12-20Comments (responses)Rule 0212018
2018-12-20-Rule003-StakeholderCommentsStakeholder comment table regarding Rule 003Alberta Utilities Commission2018-12-20Comments (responses)Rule 0032018
2018-12-20-Rule003Rule 003 effective January 1, 2019Alberta Utilities Commission2018-12-20Rule (current)Rule 0032018
2018-12-20-Rule021Version2.8Rule 021 Version 2.8 effective January 1, 2019Alberta Utilities Commission2018-12-20Rule (current)Rule 0212018
2018-12-20-Rule028Version1.7Rule 028 Version 1.7 effective January 2, 2019Alberta Utilities Commission2018-12-20Rule (current)Rule 0282018
Bulletin 2018-19Changes to AUC Rule 012: Noise ControlAlberta Utilities Commission2018-12-19BulletinRule 0122018
2018-12-11-Rule012-BlacklineDecember 2018 amendments to Rule 012 (blacklined)Alberta Utilities Commission2018-12-19Rule (blacklined)Rule 0122018
2018-12-17-Rule012-ProposedChangesAUC proposed changes and comment tableAlberta Utilities Commission2018-12-19Comments (responses)Rule 0122018
2018-12-18-Rule012-StakeholderComments-ResponsesAUC responses to stakeholder comments regarding Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2018-12-19Comments (responses)Rule 0122018
Rule028Rule 028 effective January 1, 2019Alberta Utilities Commission2018-12-11Rule (current)Rule 0282019
2018-12-06-AnnouncementOverview from AUC Chair Mark KolesarAlberta Utilities Commission2018-12-06otherDistribution system inquiry2018
Bulletin 2018-16Consultation on specified financial penalties for utility customer care and billing issuesAlberta Utilities Commission2018-11-19BulletinRule 0322018
2018-11-19-Rule032-DraftNovember 19, 2018, draft version of Rule 032Alberta Utilities Commission2018-11-19Rule (draft)Rule 0322018
2018-11-19-Rule003-ProposedChangesAUC proposed changes and comment tableAlberta Utilities Commission2018-11-19Comments (responses)Rule 0032018
2018-11-19-Rule003-BlacklineNovember 19, 2018, draft version of Rule 003 (blacklined copy)Alberta Utilities Commission2018-11-19Rule (blacklined)Rule 0032018
2018-11-19-Rule003-DraftNovember 19, 2018, draft version of Rule 003Alberta Utlities Commission2018-11-19Rule (draft)Rule 0032018
2018-11-08-Rule021Version 2.8_BlacklinedRule 021 Version 2.8 (blacklined)Alberta Utilities Commission2018-11-08Rule (blacklined)Rule 0212018
2018-11-08-Rule028Version1.7_BlacklinedRule 28 Version 1.7 (blacklined)Alberta Utilities Commission2018-11-08Rule (blacklined)Rule 0282018
Bulletin 2018-15Stakeholder consultation for specified penalties, on AUC Rule 021: Settlement System Code Rules and Rule 028: Natural Gas Settlement System Code RulesAlberta Utilities Commission2018-11-08BulletinRule 021 & Rule 0282018
2018-11-08-Rule028-summarytableofproposedchangesSummary table of proposed changes to Rule 028Alberta Utilities Commission2018-11-08Comments (template)Rule 0282018
2018-11-08-Rule021-summarytableofproposedchangesSummary table of proposed changes to Rule 021Alberta Utilities Commisson2018-11-08Comments (template)Rule 0212018
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