Consultation for Rule 012 - Noise control


Alberta Utilities Commission holds consultations with stakeholders to develop rules

Consultation for Rule 012 - Noise Control

Status: Active

Last updated: December 13, 2017

Contact: Brian Shand at or 403-592-4434

December 13, 2017

The Commission invites comments and suggestions on issues related to sound level, compliance issues and issues that arise when multiple facilities exist or are in close proximity to one another. Please review the topics listed the Appendix in Bulletin 2017-11, and provide comments and suggestions on these items as well as other noise-related topics of concern or interest. Please send your submissions to Raymond Lee at before January 31, 2018.The Commission will consider the feedback in revisions to Rule 012.

June 21, 2017

The AUC approved changes Rule 012: Noise Control, on June 15, 2017. The following documents are related to the release of the revised AUC Rule 012.

Bulletin 2017-06
AUC Rule 012 (clean)
AUC Rule 012 (blackline)


Bulletin 2017-11AUC Rule 012: Noise Control – Consultation on noise issuesAlberta Utilities Commission2017-12-13Bulletin2017
Rule012Rule 012 effective July 4, 2017Alberta Utilities Commission2017-06-21Rule (current)2017
2017-06-21-Rule012-BlacklineJune 2017 draft version of Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2017-06-21Rule (blacklined)2017
2013-10-16-Rule012-AUC_letterNortheast Capital Industrial Association letterAlberta Utilities Commission2013-10-16other2013
2013-09-16-Rule012-AUC_letterNortheast Capital Industrial Association letterAlberta Utilities Commission2013-09-16other2013
2013-03-19-Rule012Rule 012 effective April 1, 2013Alberta Utilities Commission2013-03-19Rule (issued)2013
2013-03-19-Rule012-StakeholderCommentMatrixStakeholder comment matrixAlberta Utilities Commission2013-03-19Comments (template)2013
Bulletin 2013-10Rule 012: Noise ControlAlberta Utilities Commission2013-03-19Bulletin2013
2012-12-20-Rule012-Comment_matrixAUC proposed changes comment tableAlberta Utilities Commission2012-12-20Comments (template)2012
2012-12-20-Rule012-draftDecember 2012 draft version of Rule 012 - proposed changes highlightedAlberta Utilities Commission2012-12-20Rule (draft)2012
Bulletin 2012-19Stakeholder consultation on wind noise masking in AUC Rule 012: Noise ControlAlberta Utilities Commission2012-12-20Bulletin2012
2012-04-01-Rule012Rule 012 effective April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013Alberta Utilities Commission2012-04-01Rule (issued)2012
Bulletin 2012-02Rule 012 - Noise controlAlberta Utilities Commission2012-03-09Bulletin2012
2012-03-08-Rule012-CommentMatrix2AUC response to stakeholder commentsAlberta Utilities Commission2012-03-08Comments (responses)2012
2012-03-06-Rule012-CommentMatrix1AUC response to stakeholder commentsAlberta Utilities Commission2012-03-06Comments (responses)2012
Bulletin 2012-01Additional Stakeholder consultation on AUC Rule 012: Noise Control Alberta Utilities Commission2012-02-06Bulletin2012
2011-12-23-Rule012-draftChangesDecember 2011 draft version of Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-12-23Rule (draft)2011
2011-12-23-Rule012-CommentMatrixComment matrix for proposed changes to Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-12-23Comments (template)2011
Bulletin 2011-33Stakeholder consultation on AUC Rule 012: Noise Control Alberta Utilities Commission2011-12-23Bulletin2011
2011-09-26-Rule012-MeetingSummaryWind turbine working group meeting summaryAlberta Utilities Commission2011-09-26Meeting summary or notes2011
2011-06-29-Rule012-MeetingSummaryTechnical review session 2 - measurement methods, modelling, A2 adjustment and low frequency noiseAlberta Utilities Commission2011-06-29Meeting summary or notes2011
2011-06-28-Rule012-MeetingSummaryTechnical review session 1 - wind turbineAlberta Utilities Commission2011-06-28Meeting summary or notes2011
2011-04-12-Rule012CommentMatrixNoise control comment matrix to accompany March 29, 2011 release of Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-04-12Comments (template)2011
Bulletin 2011-13Rule 012 - Noise controlAlberta Utilities Commission2011-04-12Bulletin2011
2011-03-29-Rule012Rule 012 effective March 29, 2011 to March 31, 2012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-03-29Rule (issued)2011
2011-02-15-Rule012-addendum-revisionsAddendum to draft revisions to Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-02-15Rule (draft)2011
2011-02-15-Rule012-StakeholderComments-responsesStakeholder comments and AUC responses to proposed Rule 012 changesAlberta Utilities Commission2011-02-15Comments (responses)2011
Bulletin 2011-07AUC response to participant comments and addendum to AUC Rule 012 – Noise Control Version 3 draftAlberta Utilities Commission2011-02-15Bulletin2011
2011-01-28-Rule012-draftJanuary 2011 draft version of Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-01-28Rule (draft)2011
2011-01-28-Rule012-draft-blacklinedJanuary 2011 draft blacklined version of Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-01-28Rule (blacklined)2011
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