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June 21, 2017

The AUC approved changes Rule 012: Noise Control, on June 15, 2017. The following documents are related to the release of the revised AUC Rule 012.

Bulletin 2017-06
AUC Rule 012 (clean)
AUC Rule 012 (blackline)


December 13, 2017

The Commission is initiating a consultation on potential changes to certain provisions of Rule 012: Noise Control. The document is listed as follows:

Bulletin 2017-11


Bulletin 2017-11AUC Rule 012: Noise Control – Consultation on noise issuesAlberta Utilities Commission2017-12-13Bulletin2017
Rule012Rule 012 effective July 4, 2017Alberta Utilities Commission2017-06-21Rule (current)2017
2017-06-21-Rule012-BlacklineJune 2017 draft version of Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2017-06-21Rule (blacklined)2017
2013-10-16-Rule012-AUC_letterNortheast Capital Industrial Association letterAlberta Utilities Commission2013-10-16other2013
2013-09-16-Rule012-AUC_letterNortheast Capital Industrial Association letterAlberta Utilities Commission2013-09-16other2013
2013-03-19-Rule012Rule 012 effective April 1, 2013Alberta Utilities Commission2013-03-19Rule (issued)2013
2013-03-19-Rule012-StakeholderCommentMatrixStakeholder comment matrixAlberta Utilities Commission2013-03-19Comments (template)2013
Bulletin 2013-10Rule 012: Noise ControlAlberta Utilities Commission2013-03-19Bulletin2013
2012-12-20-Rule012-Comment_matrixAUC proposed changes comment tableAlberta Utilities Commission2012-12-20Comments (template)2012
2012-12-20-Rule012-draftDecember 2012 draft version of Rule 012 - proposed changes highlightedAlberta Utilities Commission2012-12-20Rule (draft)2012
Bulletin 2012-19Stakeholder consultation on wind noise masking in AUC Rule 012: Noise ControlAlberta Utilities Commission2012-12-20Bulletin2012
2012-04-01-Rule012Rule 012 effective April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013Alberta Utilities Commission2012-04-01Rule (issued)2012
Bulletin 2012-02Rule 012 - Noise controlAlberta Utilities Commission2012-03-09Bulletin2012
2012-03-08-Rule012-CommentMatrix2AUC response to stakeholder commentsAlberta Utilities Commission2012-03-08Comments (responses)2012
2012-03-06-Rule012-CommentMatrix1AUC response to stakeholder commentsAlberta Utilities Commission2012-03-06Comments (responses)2012
Bulletin 2012-01Additional Stakeholder consultation on AUC Rule 012: Noise Control Alberta Utilities Commission2012-02-06Bulletin2012
2011-12-23-Rule012-draftChangesDecember 2011 draft version of Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-12-23Rule (draft)2011
2011-12-23-Rule012-CommentMatrixComment matrix for proposed changes to Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-12-23Comments (template)2011
Bulletin 2011-33Stakeholder consultation on AUC Rule 012: Noise Control Alberta Utilities Commission2011-12-23Bulletin2011
2011-09-26-Rule012-MeetingSummaryWind turbine working group meeting summaryAlberta Utilities Commission2011-09-26Meeting summary or notes2011
2011-06-29-Rule012-MeetingSummaryTechnical review session 2 - measurement methods, modelling, A2 adjustment and low frequency noiseAlberta Utilities Commission2011-06-29Meeting summary or notes2011
2011-06-28-Rule012-MeetingSummaryTechnical review session 1 - wind turbineAlberta Utilities Commission2011-06-28Meeting summary or notes2011
2011-04-12-Rule012CommentMatrixNoise control comment matrix to accompany March 29, 2011 release of Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-04-12Comments (template)2011
Bulletin 2011-13Rule 012 - Noise controlAlberta Utilities Commission2011-04-12Bulletin2011
2011-03-29-Rule012Rule 012 effective March 29, 2011 to March 31, 2012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-03-29Rule (issued)2011
2011-02-15-Rule012-addendum-revisionsAddendum to draft revisions to Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-02-15Rule (draft)2011
2011-02-15-Rule012-StakeholderComments-responsesStakeholder comments and AUC responses to proposed Rule 012 changesAlberta Utilities Commission2011-02-15Comments (responses)2011
Bulletin 2011-07AUC response to participant comments and addendum to AUC Rule 012 – Noise Control Version 3 draftAlberta Utilities Commission2011-02-15Bulletin2011
2011-01-28-Rule012-draftJanuary 2011 draft version of Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-01-28Rule (draft)2011
2011-01-28-Rule012-draft-blacklinedJanuary 2011 draft blacklined version of Rule 012Alberta Utilities Commission2011-01-28Rule (blacklined)2011
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