Consultation for Rule 017 - Procedures and Process for Development of ISO Rules and Filing of ISO Rules with the Alberta Utilities Commission


Alberta Utilities Commission holds consultations with stakeholders to develop rules

Consultation for Rule 017 - Procedures and Process for Development of ISO Rules and Filing of ISO Rules with the Alberta Utilities Commission

Status: Active

Last updated: June 29, 2018


The presentation slides and meeting summary from the second stakeholder consultation meeting held on June 26, 2018 are now available. Please use this Rule 017 comment matrix to provide your written feedback on the most recent draft Rule 017, due on July 6, 2018.

The documents below include the latest draft of Rule 017 and information about the ongoing consultation regarding changes to Rule 019. If you want to receive updates about this consultation, please sign up to receive capacity market updates by email.

The following consultation schedule was released on May 16, 2018:

​Bulletin 2018 and draft Rule 017 issued.​May 16, 2018
​Deadline to notify AUC about stakeholder meeting participation. ​May 23, 2018
​Initial stakeholder consultation meeting.​May 31, 2018
​Initial stakeholder comments due, including comments on the need for a second stakeholder consultation meeting. ​June 7, 2018
​Updated draft rule and comment matrix released.​June 14, 2018
​Second consultation and webinar participation deadline.​June 19, 2018
​Second stakeholder consultation meeting and webinar. ​June 26, 2018
​Written stakeholder comments due.​July 6, 2018


The current version of Rule 017 involved changes to the rule that took effect April 1, 2010. 


2018-06-26 Rule 017 Agenda2018-06-26 Rule 017 AgendaAlberta Utilities Commission2018-06-26Meeting summary or notes2018
2018-06-26-Rule017-PresentationSlidesJune 26, 2018 meeting presentation slidesAlberta Utilities Commission2018-06-26other2018
2018-06-26-Rule017-MeetingSummaryJune 26, 2018 meeting summaryAlberta Utilities Commission 2018-06-26Meeting summary or notes2018
Rule017-CommentMatrixRule 017 Comment MatrixAlberta Utilities Commission2018-06-18other2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-CleanWordVersionJune 14, 2018 clean draft version of Rule 017 (Word version)Alberta Utilities Commission2018-06-14Rule (draft)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-DraftJune 14, 2018 draft version of Rule 017Alberta Utilities Commission2018-06-14Rule (draft)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-BlacklinedJune 14, 2018 draft version of Rule 017 (Blacklined copy)Alberta Utilities Commission2018-06-14Rule (blacklined)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-AESOCommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017Alberta Electric System Operator2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-AltaLinkCommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017AltaLink2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-ATCOCommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017ATCO2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-ResponseToStakeholderCommentsAUC responses to stakeholder commentsAlberta Utilities Commission2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-CapitalPowerCommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017Capital Power2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-ENMAXCommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017ENMAX2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-EPCORCommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017EPCOR2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-IPCAACommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017IPCAA2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-IPPSACommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017IPPSA2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-MEGEnergyCommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017MEG Energy2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-MSACommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017Market Surveillance Administrator2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-CWGCommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017Power Advisory2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-TransAltaCommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017TransAlta2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-TransCanadaCommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017TransCanada2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-14-Rule017-UCACommentsStakeholder comments regarding Rule 017Utilities Consumer Advocate2018-06-14Comments (stakeholder)2018
2018-06-13-Rule017-AnnouncementAnnouncement: Second AUC Rule 017 consultation and webinar on June 26, 2018Alberta Utilities Commission2018-06-13other2018
2018-05-31-Rule017ConsultationMeetingSummaryMeeting summary for May 31, 2018 consultation meetingAlberta Utilities Commission2018-06-06Meeting summary or notes2018
2018-05-31-Rule017ConsultationMeetingSlidesPresentation slides for May 31, 2018 consultation meetingAlberta Utilities Commission2018-05-31Meeting summary or notes2018
2018-05-28-AnnouncementAnnouncement: Webinar available for AUC Rule 017 consultation on May 31, 2018 Alberta Utilities Commission2018-05-28other2018
Bulletin 2018-09Consultation initiated for changes to AUC Rule 017, to reflect amendments to the Electric Utilities ActAlberta Utilities Commission2018-05-16Bulletin2018
2018-05-16-ConsultationScheduleMay 2018 Rule 017 consultation scheduleAlberta Utilities Commission2018-05-16other2018
2018-05-16-Rule017-DraftMay 2018 draft version of Rule 017Alberta Utilities Commission2018-05-16Rule (draft)2018
2018-05-16-Rule017-Draft-WordVersionMay 2018 draft version of Rule 017 (Word version)Alberta Utilities Commission2018-05-16Rule (draft)2018
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