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June 26, 2017

The AUC issued Bulletin 2017-07 to announce proposed revisions to Rule 020: Rules Respecting Gas Utility and invite interested parties to provide written comments. Participants who wish to provide written comments on the proposed revisions to the rule are encouraged to use the comment table. Written comments are to be addressed to Raymond Lee or Rose Ferrer at by 4 p.m. on July 14, 2017.

Bulletin 2017-07
Draft Rule 020: Rules Respecting Gas Utility Pipelines (blackline)
Stakeholder comment table for proposed changes to Rule 020

2017-06-26-Rule020-BlacklineJune 2017 draft version of Rule 020Alberta Utilities Commission2017-06-26Rule (blacklined)2017
2017-06-26-Rule020-StakeholderCommentTableStakeholder comment matrixAlberta Utilities Commission2017-06-26Comments (template)2017
Bulletin 2017-07Stakeholder comments sought on the proposed amendments to AUC Rule 020: Rules Respecting Gas Utility PipelinesAlberta Utilities Commission2017-06-26Bulletin2017
2015-03-16-Rule020-StakeholderCommentsResponsesStakeholder comments and AUC responses to Rule 020 changesAlberta Utilities Commission2015-03-16Comments (responses)2015
Bulletin 2015-05Stakeholder consultation on the new pipeline need section of Rule 020: Rules Respecting Gas Utility PipelinesAlberta Utilities Commission2015-03-16Bulletin2015
Rule020Rule 020 effective March 16, 2015Alberta Utilities Commission2015-02-25Rule (current)2015
2014-12-19-Rule020-Section3Consultation document - Rule 020, Section 3 proposed changesAlberta Utilities Commission2014-12-19Discussion paper2014
Bulletin 2014-19Stakeholder consultation on the application process for new gas utility pipelinesAlberta Utilities Commission2014-12-19Bulletin2014
2014-12-08-Rule020Rule 020 effective January 1, 2015 to March 15, 2015Alberta Utilities Commission2014-12-08Rule (issued)2014
2014-09-29-Rule020Rule 020 effective October 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014Alberta Utilities Commission2014-09-29Rule (issued)2014
2013-03-19-Rule20Rule 020 effective April 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014Alberta Utilities Commission2013-03-19Rule (issued)2013
2010-03-12-Rule020StakeholderCommentsResponsesStakeholder comments and AUC responses regarding proposed changes to Rule 020Alberta Utilities Commission2010-03-12Comments (responses)2010
Bulletin 2010-011Revision of Rule 020 – Rules Respecting Gas Utility PipelinesAlberta Utilities Commission2010-03-12Bulletin2010
2010-03-09-Rule020Rule 020 effective March 9, 2010 to March 31, 2013Alberta Utilities Commission2010-03-09Rule (issued)2010
2010-01-15-Rule020CommentMatrixStakeholder comment tableAlberta Utilities Commission2010-01-15Comments (template)2010
2010-01-15-Rule020-draftJanuary 2010 draft version of Rule 020Alberta Utilities Commission2010-01-15Rule (draft)2010
Bulletin 2010-02Revision of Rule 020 – Rules Respecting Gas Utility Pipelines Alberta Utilities Commission2010-01-15Bulletin2010
2009-03-24-Rule020Rule 020 effective March 24, 2009 to March 9, 2010Alberta Utilities Commission2009-03-24Rule (issued)2009
Bulletin 2009-05Revision of Rule 020 - Rules Respecting Gas Utility Pipeline Applications Alberta Utilities Commission2009-02-12Bulletin2009
2008-01-02-Rule020Rule 020 effective January 2, 2008 to March 23, 2009Alberta Utilities Commission2008-01-20Rule (issued)2008