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Decisions on the reimbursement of costs incurred to participate in a proceeding


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The AUC has a cost recovery process for people or groups that are considered to be local interveners, as defined in Section 22 of the Alberta Utilities Commission Act. Under Rule 009: Rules on Local Intervener Costs, a local intervener can apply to the Commission for reimbursement of costs incurred in a proceeding by filing a costs claim.

When deciding whether to award a local intervener costs and the amount of costs it will approve, the Commission considers a number of factors including whether the information brought forward by the local intervener contributed to a better understanding of the issues raised in the hearing. The Commission will also consider if the costs claimed are consistent with its scale of costs.

More information on eligibility for local intervener costs can be found in Rule 009.

The costs index includes the following categories of decisions starting from 2011:

  • Contribution
  • Scale of costs
  • Excessive time
  • Consultant fees
  • Legal fees
  • Interim costs/advance funding
  • No reductions


Decisions for reference

23391-D01-2018Alberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.; ATCO Electric Ltd.Jasper Interconnection Project23391CostsContribution, Consultant fees, Legal fees
23255-D01-2018Capital Power CorporationHalkirk 2 Wind Power Project23255CostsContribution
22480-D01-2017AltaLink Management Ltd.AltaLink Management Ltd. Chestermere 419S Substation and Interconnection Facility Applications Costs Award22480Facility local intervener costsScale of costs, Consultant fees, Legal fees
22508-D01-2017AltaLink Management Ltd.AltaLink Management Ltd. Wainwright Transmission Reinforcement Costs Award22508No reductions
22406-D01-2017ATCO Electric Ltd.Hughes 2030S Substation Costs Award22406Contribution, Scale of costs, Excessive time, Consultant fees, Legal fees
22173-D01-2017Alberta PowerLine General Partner Ltd.Alberta PowerLine General Partner Ltd. Fort McMurray West 500-Kilovolt Transmission Project Costs Award22173Contribution, Scale of costs, Excessive time, Consultant fees, Legal fees
22074-D01-2017ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (South)ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (South) and NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. Asset Swap - Costs Award 22074Utility rate proceeding costsContribution, Excessive time
21715-D01-2016AltaLink Management Ltd.South and West of Edmonton Area Transmission Development Cooking Lake, Saunders Lake, Wabamun and Leduc Developments Costs Award21715CostsContribution, Legal fees
21818-D01-2016AltaLink Management Ltd.Costs Award - Southwest Calgary Ring Road Transmission Project21818CostsExcessive time, Legal fees
21544-D01-2016EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.Cost award - Rossdale Substation Building Expansion21544CostsContribution, Scale of costs
21694-D01-2016Direct Energy Regulated Services2015 Late Payment Penalty Charge Settlement Agreement Costs Award21694CostsContribution, Excessive time, Consultant fees, Legal fees
21882-D01-2016Alberta PowerLine Limited PartnershipInterim Costs and Advanced Funding Award - Fort McMurray West 500-kV Transmission Project21882CostsInterim costs/advance funding
21691-D01-2016AltaLink Management Ltd.South and West of Edmonton Transmission Development Cost Award21691CostsConsultant fees
21513-D01-2016E.ON Climate & Renewables Canada Ltd.Costs Award - Grizzly Bear Creek Wind Power Project21513CostsContribution, Consultant fees, Legal fees
21398-D01-2016Alberta PowerLine Limited PartnershipAdvance Funding Award - Fort McMurray West 500-kV Transmission Project (Advance Funding Request from the East Route Landowner Opposition Group)21398CostsInterim costs/advance funding
21446-D01-2016AltaLink Management Ltd.Advanced Funding Award - South and West of Edmonton Area Transmission Development Project (Harry Smith Development), Advance Funding Request from the Pioneer Road Group21446CostsInterim costs/advance funding
21161-D01-2016ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (South)Cost Award - Southwest Edmonton Connector Pipeline21161CostsConsultant fees
20926-D01-2015AltaLink Management Ltd.Costs Award - Transmission Line 423L20926CostsContribution, Scale of costs, Consultant fees
21368-D01-2016AltaLink Management Ltd.Advanced Funding Request from the Cooking Lake Opposition Group; South and West of Edmonton Area Transmission Development21368CostsInterim costs/advance funding
21047-D01-2016Alberta Electric System Operator; ENMAX Power CorporationCosts Award - 138kV Transmission System Reinforcement in South Calgary - Foothills Area Transmission21047CostsScale of costs, Excessive time, Consultant fees, Legal fees
21021-D01-2015Grizzly Bear Coulee Protection GroupAdvance Funding Award - Grizzly Bear Creek Wind Power Project21021CostsInterim costs/advance funding
20405-D01-2015TransAlta MidAmerican PartnershipSundance 7 Power Plant Cost Award - Errata to Decision 20405-D01-201520405CostsExcessive time, Consultant fees, Legal fees
20246-D01-2015_AmendedAltaLink Management Ltd.Springbank Radio 9273R Telecommunication Upgrade Costs Award20246CostsNo reductions
20021-D01-2015Enbridge Inc.Costs Award - Whitetail Peaking Station Power Plant20021CostsExcessive time, Legal fees
20151-D01-2015Glacier Power Ltd.Costs Award - Time Extension to Complete Construction of the Dunvegan Hydroelectric Development20151CostsConsultant fees
2014-366Northstone Power Corp.Amendment Application to Power Plant Approval No. 2001-077 - Ms. Silvia Coulas Cost application2492CostsNo reductions
2014-282Mr. Terry SymborskiCost Award - Review of Decision DA2013-269 Alteration of an Access Road for Transmission Line 13L503422CostsNo reductions
2014-281AltaLink Management Ltd.Cost Award - Red Deer Area Transmission Development3145CostsContribution, Scale of costs, Consultant fees, Legal fees
2014-144Sprott Power Corp.(Shear Wind Inc.)Costs Award - Willowridge Wind Power Project3067CostsNo reductions
2014-127AltaLink Management Ltd.Interim Costs Award - Red Deer Area Transmission Development Project3170CostsInterim costs/advance funding
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