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23794-D01-2018NewDecision - cost award23794Regulated Rate Option - Energy Price Setting PlanENMAX Energy Corporation2018-10-16Law2018
23875-D01-2018NewDecision23875ENMAX No. 34 Substation AlterationENMAX Power Corporation2018-10-16Facilities2018
23559-D01-2018NewDecision23559Decision on Preliminary Question; Application for Review of Decision 22357-D01-2018; EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc. 2018-2021; Energy Price Setting PlanThe Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate2018-10-15Law2018
23970-D01-2018Disposition letter23970Franchise Agreement and Rate Rider AATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.; Town of Wembley2018-10-15Rates2018
23920-D01-2018Decision23920Realign a Portion of Transmission Line 138-31.84LENMAX Power Corporation2018-10-12Facilities2018
23165-D01-2018Decision231652018-2019 Transmission Facility Owner Tariff ApplicationEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2018-10-11Facilities2018
23825-D01-2018Decision23825South Edmonton Connector ProjectATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2018-10-11Facilities2018
23918-D01-2018Decision23918Paddle Prairie Compressor Station Installation Mackenzie CountyAltaGas Utilities Inc.2018-10-11Facilities2018
23355-D02-2018Decision23355Rebasing for the 2018-2022 Performance-Based Regulation Plans for Alberta Electric and Gas Distribution UtilitiesAlberta Utilities Commission2018-10-10Rates2018
23911-D01-2018Decision23911Calgary Urban Pipeline Replacement ProjectATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2018-10-10Facilities2018
23716-D01-2018Decision23716Approval of Sale Offering for Garden River Power PlantATCO Electric Ltd.2018-10-09Rates2018
22853-D01-2018Decision228532018-2020 Non-Energy Regulated Rate Tariff ApplicationEPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2018-10-04Rates2018
23066-D01-2018Decision23066Sharp Hills Wind Project ConnectionATCO Electric Ltd.2018-10-04Facilities2018
23778-D01-2018Decision23778Preliminary Motion for Sundance Unit 1 and Unit 2 Decommissioning CostsTransAlta Corporation2018-10-04Facilities2018
23364-D01-2018Decision23364Burdett Solar Project Time ExtensionBurdett Solar GP Corp.2018-10-03Facilities2018
23919-D01-2018Decision23919Battle Sands 594S SubstationEnbridge Pipelines Inc.2018-10-03Facilities2018
23259-D01-2018Decision23259Compliance Filing per Decision 22293-D01-2017FortisAlberta Inc.2018-10-02Rates2018
23671-D01-2018Decision23671ENMAX No. 28 Substation AlterationENMAX Power Corporation2018-10-02Facilities2018
23802-D01-2018Decision238022016 Deferral Account Reconciliation Interim SettlementAlberta Electric System Operator2018-10-02Rates2018
23818-D01-2018Decision - cost award23818Rebasing for the 2018-2022 PBR Plans for Alberta Electric and Gas Distribution Utilities Second Compliance Proceeding Costs AwardAlberta Utilities Commission2018-10-02Law2018
23564-D01-2018Decision23564Capital Power Whitla Wind Project InterconnectionAlberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.2018-10-01Facilities2018
23128-D01-2018Decision23128Riverview Substation ProjectAlberta Electric System Operator; EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.; AltaLink Management Ltd.2018-09-28Facilities2018
23701-D01-2018Decision23701Application to Recover Costs to be Paid to the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority for an Estimate to Replace a Line Reactor at Cranbrook, British ColumbiaAlberta Electric System Operator2018-09-28Rates2018
23816-D01-2018Decision23816Judy Creek 515S Substation UpgradeAltaLink Management Ltd.2018-09-28Facilities2018
23539-D01-2018Decision23539Decision on Preliminary Question; Applications for Review of Decision 22986-D01-2018; Compliance Application to Decision 22011-D01-2017; ATCO Pipelines 2017-2018 General Rate ApplicationATCO Pipelines; Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate2018-09-27Law2018
23904-D01-2018Decision23904Transmission Lines 138-54.81L and 138-41.84L AlterationsENMAX Power Corporation2018-09-27Facilities2018
23923-D01-2018Monthly energy charges approval23923Regulated Rate Tariff Electric Energy Charges – October 2018Direct Energy Regulated Services2018-09-27Rates2018
23929-D01-2018Monthly energy charges approval23929Regulated Rate Tariff Electric Energy Charges – October 2018ENMAX Energy Corporation2018-09-27Rates2018
23931-D01-2018Monthly energy charges approval23931Regulated Rate Tariff Electric Energy Charges and Non-Energy Charges – October 2018EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2018-09-27Rates2018
23933-D01-2018Disposition letter23933Default Supply Tariff Terms and Conditions and Price SchedulesEPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2018-09-27Rates2018
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