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25679-D01-2020Decision25679Forestburg Generating Plant Transmission PipelineATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2020/07/10Facilities2020
25547-D01-2020Decision - cost award25547Review and Variance of Decision 22570-D01-2018 Stage 2AltaGas Utilities Inc.2020/07/09Rates2020
25697-D01-2020Decision25697Franchise Agreement with the Town of Black DiamondATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2020/07/09Rates2020
25703-D01-2020Decision25703Modification and Salvage of Transmission LinesAltaLink Management Ltd.2020/07/09Facilities2020
25672-D01-2020Decision25672Balzac Power Plant Ownership TransferCNOOC Marketing Canada; CNOOC Petroleum North America ULC; URICA Energy Real Time Ltd.2020/07/08Facilities2020
25537-D01-2020Decision255372019-2022 Energy Price Setting Plan Compliance FilingENMAX Energy Corporation2020/07/07Rates2020
25550-D01-2020Decision - cost award255502019-2020 General Rate Application Compliance FilingATCO Pipelines2020/07/07Rates2020
25625-D01-2020Decision25625Application for Final Review and Disposition of Regulated Rate Option Rate Cap Deferral AccountENMAX Energy Corporation2020/07/07Rates2020
25629-D01-2020Decision25629Application for Final Review and Disposition of Regulated Rate Option Rate Cap Deferral AccountEPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2020/07/07Rates2020
25630-D01-2020Decision25630Application for Final Review and Disposition of Regulated Rate Option Rate Cap Deferral AccountDirect Energy Regulated Services2020/07/07Rates2020
25671-D01-2020Decision25671Claresholm Solar Project Time ExtensionClaresholm Solar GP Inc.2020/07/07Facilities2020
24805-D01-2020Decision248052018-2019 General Tariff Application Compliance Filing – Information Technology Common MattersATCO Electric Ltd.2020/07/06Rates2020
24817-D01-2020Decision248172019-2020 General Rate Application Compliance FilingATCO Pipelines2020/07/06Rates2020
25443-D01-2020Decision25443Disposition of the South Training CentreEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2020/07/06Rates2020
25695-D01-2020Disposition letter25695Light-Emitting Diode Lighting Conversion Maintenance Multiplier for Two MunicipalitiesATCO Electric Ltd.2020/07/06Rates2020
25704-D01-2020Disposition letter25704Franchise Agreement and Rate Rider AATCO Electric Ltd. and the Town of Mundare2020/07/06Rates2020
25656-D01-2020Decision25656Cancellation of Genesee Generating Station Units 4 and 5Capital Power Generation Services Inc.2020/07/03Facilities2020
23972-D01-2020Decision23972Purchase Price Consideration for Transfer and Sale of the Town of Fort Macleod Electric Distribution System to FortisFortisAlberta Inc.2020/07/02Rates2020
25031-D01-2020Decision25031Review and Variance of Decision 22570-D01-2018 Stage 2AltaGas Utilities Inc.2020/07/02Rates2020
25579-D01-2020Decision25579Inglis Island Power Plant Time Extension and Transmission AmendmentsSuncor Energy Inc.2020/07/02Facilities2020
25667-D01-2020Decision25667Transmission Line 789BL Permit and Licence TransferAltaLink Management Ltd.2020/07/02Facilities2020
25481-D01-2020Decision25481Bull Pound Community Solar Project2171802 Alberta Ltd.2020/06/30Facilities2020
25641-D01-2020Decision25641Ownership Transfer of Montana-Alberta Tie Line Approvals From Montana Alberta Tie Ltd.MATL Canada G.P. Inc.2020/06/30Facilities2020
25681-D01-2020Monthly energy charges approval25681Regulated Rate Tariff Electric Energy Charges – July 2020Direct Energy Regulated Services2020/06/30Rates2020
25684-D01-2020Monthly energy charges approval25684Regulated Rate Tariff Electric Energy Charges – July 2020EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2020/06/30Rates2020
25685-D01-2020Monthly energy charges approval25685Regulated Rate Tariff Electric Energy Charges – July 2020ENMAX Energy Corporation2020/06/30Rates2020
24295-D02-2020Decision242952020 Final RatesSalt Box Coulee Water Supply Company Ltd.2020/06/29Rates2020
25380-D01-2020Decision25380Decision on Preliminary Question Application for Review of Decision 24333-D01-2019 2017 Capital Tracker True-Up Compliance Filing to Decision 23789-D01-2019ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2020/06/29Rates2020
25617-D01-2020Decision25617Prairie Sunlight II Solar Project Time ExtensionTaber Solar 2 Inc.2020/06/29Facilities2020
25654-D01-2020Decision25654Jumping Pound Transmission PipelineATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2020/06/29Facilities2020
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