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23256-D01-2018NewDecision23256Franchise Agreement with EMCOR UtilityRocky View County2018-06-18Rates2018
23486-D01-2018NewDecision - cost award23486Costs Award - Revisions to Terms and Conditions of ServiceAltaGas Utilities Inc.2018-06-18Law2018
23595-D01-2018NewDecision23595Viking #1 and Viking #2 Transmission PipelinesATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2018-06-18Facilities2018
23656-D01-2018NewDecision23656Default Supplier Rate Schedules – July 2018ENMAX Energy Corporation2018-06-18Rates2018
23223-D01-2018Decision232232016-2018 Energy Price Setting Plan Second Compliance FilingENMAX Energy Corporation2018-06-15Rates2018
23419-D01-2018Decision234192018 Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting Conversion Maintenance Multiplier Filing for Two CommunitiesATCO Electric Ltd.2018-06-15Rates2018
22465-D01-2018Decision22465Appeal of water utility charges by the Grande Cache HotelTown of Grande Cache2018-06-14Rates2018
22896-D01-2018Decision22896Appeal of water utility charges by Katelyn GarloughEPCOR Water Services Inc.2018-06-14Rates2018
23328-D01-2018Decision23328Prairie Sunlight II Solar ProjectSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2018-06-14Facilities2018
23500-D01-2018Decision - cost award23500Regulated Rate Option - Energy Price Setting Plan Monthly Filings for Acknowledgment 2018 Quarter 1 Costs AwardENMAX Energy Corporation2018-06-14Rates2018
23510-D01-2018Decision23510Letter of enquiry approvalATCO Electric Ltd.2018-06-13Facilities2018
23617-D01-2018Disposition letter23617Quarterly AESO DTS Deferral Account Rider – Q3 2018EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2018-06-13Rates2018
23619-D01-2018Disposition letter23619Quarterly AESO DTS Deferral Account Rider – Q3 2018FortisAlberta Inc.2018-06-13Rates2018
23620-D01-2018Disposition letter23620Quarterly AESO DTS Deferral Account Rider – Q3 2018ATCO Electric Ltd.2018-06-13Rates2018
23622-D01-2018Disposition letter23622Quarterly AESO DTS Deferral Account Rider – Q3 2018ENMAX Power Corporation2018-06-13Rates2018
22004-D01-2018Decision220042017-2018 Default Rate Tariff and Regulated Rate TariffDirect Energy Regulated Services2018-06-12Rates2018
23262-D01-2018Decision23262Compliance Filing to Decision 21768-D01-2017FortisAlberta Inc.2018-06-12Rates2018
23578-D01-2018Decision23578Minor pipeline project applicationATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2018-06-11Facilities2018
23375-D01-2018Decision - cost award233752018-2020 Regulated Rate Tariff Negotiated Settlement Costs AwardEPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2018-06-08Law2018
23389-D01-2018Decision23389Minor pipeline project applicationATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2018-06-08Facilities2018
23608-D01-2018Disposition letter23608Acknowledgement of terms and conditions effective June 1, 2018North Parkland Power REA Ltd.2018-06-07Rates2018
23614-D01-2018Disposition letter23614Acknowledgement of EQUS REA D-tariff filingEQUS REA Ltd.2018-06-07Rates2018
21608-D01-2018Decision21608Z Factor Application for Recovery of 2016 Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Wildfire CostsATCO Gas, a division of ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2018-06-05Rates2018
21785-D01-2018Decision21785Sale and Transfer of the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass Electric Distribution System Assets and Permission to Cease and Discontinue OperationsFortisAlberta Inc.; Municipality of Crowsnest Pass2018-06-05Facilities2018
23565-D01-2018Decision23565Record amendmentsATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2018-06-05Facilities2018
23572-D01-2018Decision23572Record amendment applicationPipeline Transfer to Low-Pressure Distribution Service2018-06-04Facilities2018
23441-D01-2018Decision - cost award23441Consumers’ Coalition of Alberta Supplemental Advance Funding RequestATCO Electric Ltd.2018-06-01Law2018
23492-D01-2018Decision234922018-2021 Energy Price Setting Plan Compliance FilingEPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2018-05-31Rates2018
23468-D01-2018Decision23468Margie 1034S SubstationCanadian Natural Resources Limited2018-05-28Facilities2018
23583-D01-2018Disposition letter23583Municipal Franchise Fee Amendments for Two Municipalities - July 1, 2018FortisAlberta Inc.2018-05-28Rates2018
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