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24174-D01-2019Decision24174Pipeline Licence Transfer from Steelhead Petroleum Ltd.ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2019-02-14Facilities2019
24027-D01-2019Decision24027Time Extension for Kearl Cogeneration Plant Phase 2 and Phase 3 Completion DatesImperial Oil Resources Limited2019-02-13Facilities2019
24042-D01-2019Decision - cost award24042Needs Identification Document Application; ATCO Electric Ltd. Facility Applications; Ksituan River 754S Substation Upgrade ProjectAlberta Electric System Operator; ATCO Electric Ltd.2019-02-13Law2019
24135-D01-2019Decision - cost award241352019 Annual Performance-Based Regulation Rate Adjustment FilingAltaGas Utilities Inc.2019-02-13Law2019
24130-D01-2019Decision24130Suffield Solar Project AmendmentC&B Alberta Solar Development ULC2019-02-12Facilities2019
24150-D01-2019Decision241502019 Interim Transmission Facility Owner TariffENMAX Power Corporation2019-02-12Rates2019
23711-D01-2019Decision23711Old Elm Wind Farm ProjectOld Elm Wind Farm Ltd.2019-02-11Facilities2019
23809-D01-2019Decision23809Coal-to-Gas Conversion of Keephills Power Plant Unit 3TransAlta Corporation2019-02-08Facilities2019
24262-D01-2019Decision24262Genstar Substation Telecommunications Tower ReplacementEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2019-02-08Facilities2019
24289-D01-2019Decision24289Pipeline Record Amendment in the City of CalgaryATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2019-02-08Facilities2019
24216-D01-2019Decision24216Pipeline Splits and Removals in the City of CalgaryATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2019-02-06Facilities2019
24247-D01-2019Decision24247Canyon Creek Pumped Hydro Energy Storage ProjectTurning Point Generation2019-02-06Facilities2019
24302-D01-2019Disposition letter24302Franchise Fee Rate Rider A Amendment for City of Beaumont – effective April 1, 2019AltaGas Utilities Inc.2019-02-06Rates2019
24307-D01-2019Disposition letter24307Distribution Tariff FilingCity of Red Deer2019-02-06Rates2019
24238-D01-2019Decision24238Southeast Calgary Connector PipelineATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2019-02-01Facilities2019
24293-D01-2019Decision24293Revision to Rate Rider A (Franchise Tax) and Rate Rider B (Property Tax) to reflect municipal status changes to Beaumont and Grande CacheAltaGas Utilities2019-02-01Rates2019
24239-D01-2019Decision24239Application for an Order Permitting the Sharing of Records Not Available to the Public Between Campus Energy Partners LP and URICA Energy Real Time Ltd.  Campus Energy Partners LP2019-01-31Market Oversight and Enforcement2019
24273-D01-2019Monthly energy charges approval24273Regulated Rate Tariff Electric Energy Charges and Non-Energy Charges – February 2019EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2019-01-31Rates2019
24274-D01-2019Monthly energy charges approval24274Regulated Rate Tariff Electric Energy Charges – February 2019ENMAX Energy Corporation2019-01-31Rates2019
24275-D01-2019Monthly energy charges approval24275Regulated Rate Tariff Electric Energy Charges – February 2019Direct Energy Regulated Services2019-01-31Rates2019
24006-D01-2019Decision - cost award24006Decision on Preliminary Question; Applications for Review of Decision 22986-D01-2018; Compliance Application to Decision 22011-D01-2017; ATCO Pipelines 2017-2018 General Rate ApplicationATCO Pipelines; Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate2019-01-30Law2019
24263-D01-2019Decision24263Record amendment applicationATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2019-01-30Facilities2019
24272-D01-2019Disposition letter24272REA Regulated Rate Tariff Price Schedule – February 2019EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2019-01-29Rates2019
24221-D01-2019Decision24221Pipeline Record Amendments in the City of EdmontonATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2019-01-25Facilities2019
24259-D01-2019Disposition letter24259Rider B 2018 Reconciliation and 2019 Calculation and FilingATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. - South2019-01-25Rates2018
24265-D01-2019Disposition letter24265Rider B 2018 Reconciliation and 2019 Calculation and FilingATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. - North2019-01-25Rates2018
23649-D01-2019Decision236492017 Performance-Based Regulation Capital Tracker True-UpFortisAlberta Inc.2019-01-24Rates2019
22542-D02-2019Decision225422014 and 2015 Deferral Accounts Reconciliation ApplicationAltaLink Management Ltd.2019-01-23Rates2019
24084-D01-2019Decision - cost award240842017 Performance-Based Regulation Capital Tracker True-UpATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2019-01-23Law2019
24124-D01-2019Decision - cost award241242019 Annual Performance-Based Regulation Rate Adjustment FilingATCO Electric Ltd.2019-01-23Law2019
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