Electric facility approvals

Electric facility approvals

Permit and licence approvals that accompany decision approvals for electric facilities


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2407624076-A001Alter Sunken Lake 221S SubstationAltaLink Management Ltd.2018-12-06Facilities2018
2404824048-A001Ownership Transfer of 150-Kilowatt Wind Power PlantOptimist Wind Energy Ltd.2018-11-30Facilities2018
2404824048-A001Connect 150-Kilowatt Wind Power Plant to the FortisAlberta Inc. Distribution SystemOptimist Wind Energy Ltd.2018-11-30Facilities2018
2388523885-A001Connect 750-Kilowatt Wind Power Plant to the FortisAlberta Inc. Distribution SystemEnel Alberta Wind Ltd.; Optimist Wind Energy Ltd.2018-11-09Facilities2018
2397523975-A001Heartland Petrochemical Complex Project Ownership TransferFengate Central Utilities Block GP Inc.2018-11-05Facilities2018
2397523975-A001Heartland Petrochemical Complex Central Utility Block Power Plant Ownership Transfer and Name ChangeFengate Central Utilities Block GP Inc.2018-11-05Facilities2018
2397523975-A001Ownership Transfer of the Heartland Petrochemical Complex Central Utility Block SubstationFengate Central Utilities Block GP Inc.2018-11-05Facilities2018
2382923829-A001Foster Creek Thermal Oil Sands Project 94-MW Power PlantCenovus Energy Inc.2018-10-24Facilities2018
2382923829-A003Christina Lake Thermal Project 95-MW Cogeneration Power PlantCenovus Energy Inc.2018-10-24Facilities2018
2382923829-A005Foster Creek 1200S SubstationCenovus Energy Inc.2018-10-24Facilities2018
2382923829-A006Sunday Creek 539S SubstationCenovus Energy Inc.2018-10-24Facilities2018
2306623066-A005Connect New Brigden 2088S Substation to EDP Renewables SH Project GP Ltd.’s Sedalia 363S SubstationATCO Electric Ltd.2018-10-04Facilities2018
2367123671-A001Alter ENMAX No. 28 SubstationENMAX Power Corporation2018-10-02Facilities2018
2356423564-A004Connect transmission line 1148L to Capital Power Generation Services Inc.’s Shamrock 1018S SubstationAltaLink Management Ltd.2018-10-01Facilities2018
2264322643-A001Wheatland Wind ProjectWheatland Wind Project LP2018-09-07Facilities2018
2264322643-A002New Badlands 981S SubstationWheatland Wind Project Ltd.2018-09-07Facilities2018
2332723327-A001Connect Warner Solar Project to FortisAlberta Inc.’s Distribution Feeder 344S-19LNSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2018-09-04Facilities2018
2354423544-A001Connect Jenner Natural Gas Power Plant to FortisAlberta Inc. Distribution LineAcestes Ventures Ltd.2018-08-24Facilities2018
2332323323-A001Connect Stirling Solar Project to FortisAlberta Inc.’s Distribution Feeder 67S-19LSSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2018-08-21Facilities2018
2353623536-A001Alter Jenner Wind Power PlantJenner 1 Inc.2018-07-27Facilities2018
2353623536-A002Alter Halsbury 306S SubstationJenner 1 Inc.2018-07-27Facilities2018
2353623536-A003Alter Transmission Line 949LJenner 1 Inc.2018-07-27Facilities2018
2360923609-A001Alter Transmission Line 138-1.80LENMAX Power Corporation2018-07-25Facilities2018
2360923609-A002Alter Transmission Line 138-1.81LENMAX Power Corporation2018-07-25Facilities2018
2368023680-A001Alter Leduc 325S Substation AltaLink Management Ltd2018-07-11Facilities2018
2178521785-A002Discontinue Operation of Electric Distribution SystemMunicipality of Crowsnest Pass2018-07-10Facilities2018
2178521785-A001Sale and Transfer of Municipality of Crowsnest Pass Electric Distribution SystemFortisAlberta Inc.2018-07-10Facilities2018
2332623326-A001Spring Coulee Solar ProjectSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2018-07-06Facilities2018
2332623326-A001Connect Spring Coulee Solar Project to FortisAlberta Inc. Distribution Feeders 385S-18LE and 385S-112LSSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2018-07-06Facilities2018
2332923329-A001Prairie Sunlight I Solar ProjectSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2018-07-06Facilities2018
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