Consultation for proposed rule - inter-affiliate code of conduct

Inter-affiliate code of conduct

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The overall purpose of an inter-affiliate code of conduct is to address the possibility that interactions between regulated and unregulated affiliate companies could be conducted in a manner that results in rates for a regulated utility being too high or the unregulated affiliate having an unfair competitive advantage in the market in which it operates.

In 2010 the Alberta Utilities Commission provided notification in Bulletin 2010-30 that it would engage in a consultation process to discuss the purpose, goals and related issues with the establishment of an inter-affiliate code of conduct rule. Proceeding 1216 was then initiated in 2011 to engage interested parties in a consultation process, which was later suspended.

For more information about the inter-affiliate code of conduct consultation please review Proceeding 1216 in the eFiling System, or contact Heather Gnenz at


UtilityCodeCompliance plan​

AltaGas Utilities Inc.

AltaGas codeAltaGas plan

ATCO Gas, a division of ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.

ATCO codeATCO Gas plan

ATCO Electric Ltd.

ATCO codeATCO Electric plan

ATCO Pipelines, a division of ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.

ATCO codeATCO Pipelines plan

AltaLink Management Ltd.

AltaLink codeAltaLink plan

ENMAX Power Corporation

ENMAX codeENMAX plan

EPCOR Energy Alberta Inc.

EPCOR codeEPCOR plan

EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.

EPCOR codeEPCOR plan

FortisAlberta Inc.

FortisAlberta codeFortisAlberta plan
2012-11-06-RuleCode-letterFurther suspension of consultationAlberta Utilities Commission2012-11-06other2012
Bulletin 2010-30Review of utilities' inter-affiliate codes of conductAlberta Utilities Commission2010-11-08Bulletin2010
2010-10-04-RuleCode-ATCOElectric_PlanInter-affiliate code of conduct compliance planATCO Electric Ltd.2010-10-04other2010
2010-10-04-RuleCode-ATCOGas_PlanInter-affiliate cod of conduct compliance planATCO Gas, a division of ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2010-10-04other2010
2010-10-04-RuleCode-ATCOPipelines_PlanInter-affiliate code of conduct compliance planATCO Pipelines, a division of ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2010-10-04other2010
2009-08-01-RuleCode-Fortis_PlanInter-affiliate code of conduct compliance planFortisAlberta Inc.2009-08-01other2009
2007-11-22-RuleCode-EPCOR_PlanInter-affiliate code of conduct compliance planEPCOR Group2007-11-22other2007
2005-11-09-RuleCode-ENMAX_PlanInter-affiliate code of conduct compliance planENMAX Power Corporation2005-11-09other2005
2005-10-27-RuleCode-AltaLink_PlanInter-affiliate code of conduct compliance planAltaLink Management Ltd.2005-10-27other2005
2005-08-01-RuleCode-AltaGas_PlanInter-affiliate code of conduct compliance planAltaGas Utilities Inc.2005-08-01other2005
2005-01-17-RuleCode-Fortis_CodeInter-affiliate code of conductFortisAlberta Inc.2005-01-17other2005
2005-01-05-RuleCode-AltaGas_CodeInter-affiliate code of conductAltaGas Utilities Inc.2005-01-05other2005
2004-10-01-RuleCode-ENMAX_CodeInter-affiliate code of conductENMAX Power Corporation2004-10-01other2004
2004-02-03-RuleCode-EPCOR_CodeInter-affiliate code of conduct and exeption applicationEPCOR Utilities Inc.2004-02-03other2004
2003-12-30-RuleCode-AltaLink_CodeInter-affiliate code of conductAltaLink Management Ltd.2003-12-30other2003
2003-05-22-RuleCode-ATCO_CodeInter-affiliate code of conductATCO Group2003-05-22other2003

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