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24826Notice of application24826Application for sale of Wildhorse International Power Line to Express Pipeline Ltd.TransCanada Energy Ltd.2019-08-23Rates2019
24751Notice of applicationNotice of applicationMontana First Nation Solar FacilityAkamihk Energy Incorporated2019-08-22Facilities2019
24820Notice of application24820Application for 2019 distribution tariff phase II filingENMAX Power Corporation2019-08-21Rates2019
24698Notice of application24698Strathmore Solar FarmSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2019-08-20Facilities2019
24729Notice of application247292018 annual transmission access charge deferral account (TACDA) true-up applicationFortisAlberta Inc.2019-08-19Rates2019
24815Notice of application24815ATCO Gas 2019 Rider D applicationATCO Gas2019-08-16Rates2019
24816Notice of application24816Application for 2018 annual transmission access charge deferral account true-upEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2019-08-16Rates2019
24817Notice of application248172019-2020 general rate application compliance filingATCO Pipelines2019-08-16Rates2019
24363_hearingcancellationNotice of hearing cancellation24363Michichi Solar Generation FacilityKneehill Solar GP Inc.2019-08-13Facilities2019
24807Notice of application24807Application for 2018 annual transmission access charge deferral account true-upENMAX Power Corporation2019-08-13Rates2019
24801Notice of application24801Wildwood Power PlantSutton Energy Ltd.2019-08-12Facilities2019
24805Notice of application248052018-2019 transmission general tariff application compliance filingATCO Electric Ltd.2019-08-09Rates2019
24758Notice of application24758Prairie Lights Power GP Inc. has filed applications for a 360-megawatt natural gas-fired power plant and associated substation in the Grande Prairie area Prairie Lights Power GP Inc.2019-08-07Facilities2019
24798Notice of application247982020-2022 transmission facility owner tariff applicationEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2019-08-01Rates2019
24761Notice of application24761Compliance filing to Decision 23102-D01-2019ENMAX Power Corporation2019-07-31Rates2019
24792Notice of application24792Application for the sale of Alberta PowerLine Limited Partnership to Genesee Lake Holding Corp. and certain indigenous communitiesCanadian Utilities Limited2019-07-31Rates2019
24793Notice of application24793Application to approve Genesee Lake Holding Corp. as a designated owner of a public utilityGenesee Lake Holding Corp.2019-07-31Rates2019
24795Notice of application24795Application for 2019 light-emitting diode lighting conversion maintenance multiplierATCO Electric Ltd.2019-07-31Rates2019
24757Notice of application24757Application for transfer of specific transmission assets from AltaLink L.P. to PiikaniLink L.P.AltaLink Management Ltd.2019-07-30Facilities2019
24687Notice of application24687Valleyview Power Plant ExpansionATCO Power Canada Ltd.2019-07-29Facilities2019
24779Notice of application247792018 Annual transmission access charge deferral account true-up application (Rider G)ATCO Electric Ltd.2019-07-29Rates2019
24718Notice of application24718Jenner Wind Power Project amendmentJenner 1 Inc.2019-07-26Facilities2019
24679Notice of application24679Claresholm Solar Project InterconnectionAlberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.2019-07-25Facilities2019
24763Notice of application24763Application for 2019-2020 unaccounted-for gas Rate Rider E and Rate Rider HAltaGas Utilities Inc.2019-07-25Rates2019
23943_hearingNotice of hearing23943West Edmonton Transmission Upgrade ProjectAlberta Electric System Operator; EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2019-07-24Facilities2019
24406Notice of application24406Gas turbine generator addition at Cousins West siteCity of Medicine Hat2019-07-23Facilities2019
24747Notice of application24747Application for 2019 distribution tariff phase II filingATCO Electric Ltd.2019-07-23Rates2019
24753Notice of application24753Application for compliance filing to Decision 22393-D02-2019 for the 2012-2015 transmission deferral account for Hanna Regional Transmission Development programATCO Electric Ltd.2019-07-23Rates2019
22722_hearingcancellationNotice of hearing cancellation22722Irma Wind Power ProjectIrma Wind GP Inc.2019-07-22Facilities2019
24551Notice of application24551Drywood Power Plant expansion and interconnectionBowark Energy Ltd.; Alberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.2019-07-22Facilities2019
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