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25691Notice of application25691eReserve2 Battery Energy Storage ProjectTERIC Power Ltd.2020/07/07Facilities2020
25451_hearingNotice of hearing25451Chappice Lake Solar ProjectElemental Energy Renewables Inc.2020/06/29Facilities2020
25634Notice of application25634Métis Crossing Solar ProjectMétis Economic Trade; Industrial Services Corporation2020/06/24Facilities2020
25664Notice of application25664Compliance filing to Decision 24798-D01-2020EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2020/06/23Rates2020
25181_virtualhearingNotice of hearing25181Rycroft 730S Substation Expansion ProjectATCO Electric Ltd.2020/06/19Facilities2020
25663Notice of application256632021-2023 general rate applicationATCO Pipelines2020/06/17Rates2020
25666Notice of application25666Application for 2020 weather deferral account rate rider (Rider W)ATCO Gas2020/06/17Rates2020
25346_hearingNotice of application25346Strathmore Solar FarmSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2020/06/12Facilities2020
25652Notice of application25652Application for water franchise agreementRocky View County2020/06/10Rates2020
25018_amendmentNotice of amendment25018Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Power ProjectBHE Canada Rattlesnake G.P. Inc.; AltaLink Management Ltd.2020/06/09Facilities2020
25559Notice of application25559Strathcona refinery industrial system designationImperial Oil Ltd.2020/06/09Facilities2020
25646Notice of application25646Application for 2020 Rider T updateATCO Gas2020/06/09Rates2020
25627Notice of application256272019-2021 general tariff application compliance filingAltaLink Management Ltd.2020/06/05Rates2020
25625Notice of application25625Application for final review and disposition of regulated rate option rate cap deferral accountENMAX Energy Corporation2020/06/01Rates2020
25629Notice of application25629Application for final review and disposition of regulated rate option rate cap deferral accountEPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2020/06/01Rates2020
25630Notice of application25630Application for final review and disposition of regulated rate option rate cap deferral accountDirect Energy Regulated Services2020/06/01Rates2020
25074_RevisedNotice of application25074Windrise Connection ProjectWindrise Wind Energy Inc.; AltaLink Management Ltd.; Alberta Electric System Operator2020/05/27Facilities2020
25608Notice of application25608Type 1 capital tracker true-up application for the Etzikom Lateral ProjectAltaGas Utilities Inc.2020/05/26Rates2020
25570Notice of application25570Application for compliance filing to Decision 24847-D01-2020The City of Lethbridge2020/05/19Rates2020
22843_amendmentNotice of amendment22843Hand Hills Wind ProjectBER Hand Hills Wind GP Inc.2020/05/14Facilities2020
25560Notice of Commission-initiated proceeding25560Commission-initiated proceeding to focus on specific depreciation-related mattersAlberta Utilities Commission2020/05/14Rates2020
25140_writtenhearingNotice of hearing25140Transmission lines 80L and 716L decommission and salvageAltaLink Management Ltd.2020/05/13Facilities2020
25551Notice of application25551Application for 2017-2020 regulated rate option non-energy tariff in compliance with Decision 23752-D01-2020ENMAX Energy Corporation2020/05/13Rates2020
25517Notice of application25517Osum Production Corp.Orion waste heat power plant2020/05/05Facilities2020
25044_technicalmeetingNotice of pre-hearing meeting25044Gull Lake Cogeneration Plant Expansion and Industrial System Designation ProjectHorseshoe Power GP Ltd.2020/04/30Facilities2020
25540Notice of application25540Application for review and variance of Decision 22853-D01-2018 and Decision 24034-D01-2019EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2020/04/30Rates2020
25537Notice of application255372019-2022 energy price setting plan compliance filingENMAX Energy Corporation2020/04/28Rates2020
25521Notice of application25521Application for second compliance filing to Decision 22393-D02-2019 for the 2012-2015 transmission deferral account for the Hanna Regional Transmission Development programATCO Electric Ltd. (Transmission)2020/04/22Rates2020
25522Notice of application25522Application for April 2020 light-emitting diode lighting conversion maintenance multiplierATCO Electric Ltd.2020/04/22Rates2020
25018_hearingNotice of hearing25018Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Power ProjectBHE Canada Rattlesnake G.P. Inc.; Alberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.2020/04/21Facilities2020
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