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25005NewNotice of application25005Application for 2020 interim transmission facility owner tariffATCO Electric Ltd.2019-10-21Rates2019
24951Notice of application24951Carbon Gate Station relocationATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2019-10-18Facilities2019
24994Notice of application24994Appeal of utility rates in the Village of WabamunVillage of Wabamun2019-10-17Rates2019
24828_writtenhearingNotice of hearing24828101 Street Transmission Line 7.82L Relocation ProjectENMAX Power Corporation2019-10-16Facilities2019
24982Notice of application249822020 Balancing Pool consumer allocation Rider F applicationAlberta Electric System Operator2019-10-16Rates2019
24573_rescheduledhearingNotice of hearing24573Brooks Solar II Power PlantElemental Energy Renewables Inc.2019-10-15Facilities2019
24980Notice of application249802017 capital tracker true-up compliance filing to decisions 23571-D01-2019 and 23571-D02-2019EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2019-10-15Rates2019
24930Notice of application24930Stirling Wind ProjectStirling Wind Project Ltd.2019-10-09Facilities2019
24906Notice of application24906Abee 993S Substation upgradeAlberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.2019-10-08Facilities2019
24964Notice of application24964Transmission 2020-2022 general tariff applicationATCO Electric Ltd.2019-10-04Rates2019
24910Notice of application24910Application for 2017 and 2018 deferral account reconciliationAlberta Electric System Operator2019-10-01Rates2019
24931Notice of application24931Application for 2020 interim transmission facility owner tariffEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2019-09-26Rates2019
24891Notice of application24891Cypress Wind Power ProjectCypress Renewable Energy Centre GP Inc.2019-09-25Facilities2019
24919Notice of application24919Application for 2014-2015 deferral accounts reconciliation – second compliance filingAltaLink Management Ltd.2019-09-25Rates2019
24856Notice of application24856Amendments at Fort Chipewyan Third Lake Power PlantATCO Electric Ltd.2019-09-24Facilities2019
24081_hearingcancellationNotice of hearing cancellation24081Cascade Power Plant ProjectCascade Power GP Ltd.2019-09-19Facilities2019
23778_hearingNotice of hearing23778Decommissioning costs of the Sundance 1 and 2 generating unitsTransAlta Corporation2019-09-17Facilities2019
24401_hearingNotice of hearing24401Sharp Hills Wind Project AmendmentsEDP Renewables SH Project GP Ltd.2019-09-16Facilities2019
24876Notice of application24876Application for 2020 annual performance-based regulation rate adjustment filing for interim rates effective January 1, 2020FortisAlberta Inc.2019-09-16Rates2019
24081_hearingNotice of hearing24081Cascade Power Plant ProjectCascade Power GP Ltd.2019-09-13Facilities2019
24848Notice of application24848Travers Solar Project InterconnectionGreengate Power Corporation; AltaLink Management Ltd.; Alberta Electric System Operator2019-09-13Facilities2019
24875Notice of application24875Application for 2020 annual performance-based regulation rate adjustmentENMAX Power Corporation2019-09-11Rates2019
24880Notice of application24880Application for 2020 annual performance-based regulation rate adjustmentATCO Gas2019-09-11Rates2019
24881Notice of application24881Application for 2020 annual performance-based regulation rate adjustmentATCO Electric Ltd.2019-09-11Rates2019
24882Notice of application24882Application for 2020 annual performance-based regulation rate adjustmentEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2019-09-11Rates2019
24883Notice of application24883Application for 2020 annual performance-based regulation rate adjustmentAltaGas Utilities Inc.2019-09-11Rates2019
24845Notice of application24845Oyen Community Solar Project2113260 Alberta Ltd.2019-09-10Facilities2019
22736_revisedhearingNotice of hearing22736Lanfine Wind Power ProjectPattern Development Lanfine Wind ULC2019-09-09Facilities2019
24573_hearingNotice of hearing24573Brooks Solar II Power PlantElemental Energy Renewables Inc.2019-09-09Facilities2019
24246_hearingNotice of hearing24246Transmission Line Relocation ProjectATCO Electric Ltd.2019-09-06Facilities2019
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