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25234Notice of application25234Drumheller Solar and Battery Storage ProjectDrumheller Solar Corporation2020-01-23Facilities2020
25100Notice of application25100Buffalo Atlee Wind FarmsCapstone Infrastructure Corporation2020-01-22Facilities2020
25201Notice of application25201Application for 2021 distribution tariff Phase II filingFortisAlberta Inc.2020-01-20Rates2020
25282Notice of hearing25282Notice of hearing for a variance proceeding of Decision 22742-D01-2019ATCO Electric Ltd.2020-01-20Rates2020
25283Notice of application25283Application for transmission service charge (Rider T)ATCO Gas North2020-01-20Rates2020
25239, 25240Notice of application25239, 25240Repower assets at the Keephills and Sundance power plantsTransAlta Corporation2020-01-16Facilities2020
25134Notice of application25134Countess Gas Processing Plant Generator InstallationJourney Energy Inc.2020-01-15Facilities2020
25206Notice of application25206ENMAX No. 1 Substation Replacement ProjectENMAX Power Corporation2020-01-14Facilities2020
25170Notice of application25170Irricana Solar ProjectIrricana Power Generation2020-01-09Facilities2020
25255Notice of application252552019 default rate tariff and regulated rate tariff compliance filingDirect Energy Regulated Services2020-01-03Rates2020
25251Notice of application25251Application for December 2019 LED lighting conversion maintenance multiplierATCO Electric Ltd.2020-01-02Rates2020
25165Notice of application25165Vulcan Solar Hybrid Energy Centre GP Inc. has filed an application for a time extension to construct a 77.5 megawatt solar power plant, in the Carmangay areaVulcan Solar Hybrid Energy Centre GP Inc.2019-12-23Facilities2019
25184Notice of application25184Primrose East Oil Sands Facility power plant additionCanadian Natural Resources Limited2019-12-23Facilities2019
25181Notice of application25181Rycroft Substation Expansion ProjectATCO Electric Ltd.2019-12-20Facilities2019
25232Notice of application25232Application to amend D410 rate scheduleENMAX Power Corporation2019-12-20Rates2019
25117Notice of application25117Kaybob South No. 3 Sour Gas Processing Facility cogeneration plant expansion and industrial system designationTA Kaybob 3 Generation Facility Inc.2019-12-19Facilities2019
25120Notice of application25120Natural Gas Power Plant at South Edmonton TerminalEnbridge Pipelines Inc.2019-12-19Facilities2019
25140Notice of application25140Transmission lines 80L and 716L decommission and salvageAltaLink Management Ltd.2019-12-19Facilities2019
25223Notice of application25223Application for approval of a sale bid for units under the Isolated Generation Units and Customer Choice Regulation at the Palisades Power PlantATCO Electric Ltd.2019-12-19Rates2019
25074Notice of application25074Windrise Connection ProjectWindrise Wind Energy Inc.; AltaLink Management Ltd.; Alberta Electric System Operator2019-12-18Facilities2019
25188Notice of application25188Application to initiate a generic distribution system planning criteria inquiryAltaLink Management Ltd.2019-12-16Rates2019
23958_hearingNotice of hearing23958Foothills Medical Centre Power Plant ProjectAlberta Infrastructure2019-12-06Facilities2019
25143Notice of application25143Application for 2016 and 2017 AESO Contributions Program capital tracker true-up compliance filingApplication for 2016 and 2017 AESO Contributions Program capital tracker true-up compliance filing2019-12-04Rates2019
25118Notice of application25118Application for transfer of ownership interest in ASHCOR Technologies Ltd.Canadian Utilities Limited2019-11-27Rates2019
25015Notice of application25015Edmonton region project deferral account reconciliation applicationAltaLink Management Ltd.2019-11-26Rates2019
25047Notice of application25047Halkirk 2 Wind Power Project time extensionCapital Power Generation Services Inc.2019-11-21Facilities2019
25089Notice of application25089Application for AltaGas Canada Inc. and PSPIB Cycle Investments Inc. transfer of shares and stockAltaGas Canada Inc.2019-11-20Rates2019
25018Notice of application25018Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Power ProjectBHE Canada Rattlesnake G.P. Inc.2019-11-19Rates2019
24102_hearingamendmentNotice of hearing24102Amended applications for the Transmission Line 7L65 Rebuild Project have been receivedATCO Electric Ltd.2019-11-15Facilities2019
25034Notice of application25034Northstone Elmworth Generation Station alterationNorthstone Power Corp.2019-11-15Facilities2019
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