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2402_hearingNotice of hearing2402Riverview Wind Power Plant and InterconnectionEnel Alberta Wind Inc.; AltaLink Management Ltd.; Alberta Electric System 2019-02-14Facilities2019
23651_amendmentNotice of amendment23651Garden Plain Wind Power ProjectGarden Plain Wind Energy I Inc.2019-02-08Facilities2019
24202Notice of application24202Stavely Solar ProjectAcestes Power ULC2019-02-05Facilities2019
24281Notice of application242812016 and 2017 capital tracker true-up application for the 2016 and 2017 Alberta Electric System Operator Contributions ProgramFortisAlberta Inc.2019-02-04Rates2019
24296Notice of application24296Application for 2018-2020 energy price setting planDirect Energy Regulated Services2019-02-01Rates2019
24191Notice of application24191Alberta Solar One ProjectAlberta Solar One Inc.2019-01-30Facilities2019
24284Notice of application24284Application for amendment to the 2018-2021 Energy Price Setting PlanEPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2019-01-29Rates2019
24285Notice of application24285Application for 2019 interim revenue requirementATCO Pipelines2019-01-29Rates2019
23694_revisedNotice of application236942017 capital tracker true-up negotiated settlement applicationENMAX Power Corporation2019-01-24Rates2019
24125Notice of application24125Innisfail Solar ProjectInnisfail Solar Corporation2019-01-24Facilities2019
24186Notice of application24186Kneehill 2 Solar Generation FacilityKneehill Solar LP2019-01-24Facilities2019
24062Notice of application24062Strathcona Cogeneration Facility InterconnectionAlberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.2019-01-23Facilities2019
24179Notice of application24179ATCO Power Canada Ltd. has filed an application to alter the Sheerness Power Plant in the Hanna areaATCO Power Canada Ltd.2019-01-22Facilities2019
24253Notice of application24253Application for transmission service charge (Rider T)ATCO Gas2019-01-21Rates2019
24120Notice of application24120Connection of Transmission Line 964L to Suncor Forty Mile Wind Power ProjectAlberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.2019-01-18Facilities2019
24123Notice of application24123Connection of the Whitla 251S Substation to Suncor Forty Mile Wind Power ProjectAlberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.2019-01-18Facilities2019
24252Notice of application24252Application for approval of a sale bid for the Garden River Power PlantATCO Electric Ltd.2019-01-18Rates2019
23612Notice of application23612Sunset Solar ProjectSunset Solar Inc.2019-01-15Facilities2019
24237Notice of application242372019-2020 default rate tariff and regulated tariff applicationDirect Energy Regulated Services2019-01-15Rates2019
24174Notice of application24174Pipeline Licence Transfer from Steelhead Petroleum Ltd.ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2019-01-10Facilities2019
23778Notice of application23778Application for the decommissioning costs of the Sundance 1 and 2 generating units has been receivedTransAlta Corporation,2019-01-08Facilities2019
22843Notice of application22843Application to amend the Hand Hills Wind Project in the Delia area has been receivedBER Hand Hills Wind GP Inc.2019-01-07Facilities2019
23030Notice of application23030Amended applications for the Suncor Forty Mile Wind Power Project within the County of Forty Mile have been receivedForty Mile Granlea Wind GP Inc.2019-01-07Facilities2019
24188Notice of application24188Application for approval of 2018 depreciationATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2019-01-03Rates2019
24195Notice of application24195Application for approval of 2018 depreciationATCO Electric Ltd.2019-01-03Rates2019
23653_hearingcancellationNotice of hearing cancellation23653Hearing cancellation for the Kirby North Central Processing Facility Interconnection project in the Conklin areaAlberta Electric System Operator; Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.; AltaLink Management Ltd.2018-12-21Facilities2018
24054Notice of application24054Application for the Cowley Ridge Green Power Project in the Municipal District of Pincher Creek has been receivedCowley Ridge Green Power Inc.2018-12-21Facilities2018
24176_hearingNotice of hearing24176Notice of hearing for variance of Decision 22986-D01-2018 and Decision 23537-D01-2018 (Errata)ATCO Pipelines2018-12-21Rates2018
24178Notice of application241782019 light-emitting diode lighting conversion maintenance multiplier filing for four municipalitiesATCO Electric Ltd.2018-12-21Rates2018
24161Notice of application24161Application for approval of 2018 depreciation studyAltaGas Utilities Inc.2018-12-20Rates2018
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