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23105_hearingNotice of hearing23105Voltage Support at Rycroft 730S SubstationAlberta Electric System Operator2018-08-09Facilities2018
21609Notice of application21609Z factor recovery of 2016 and 2017 Municipality of Wood Buffalo and other Northern Alberta wildfire-related costsATCO Electric Ltd.2018-08-07Rates2018
23332Notice of application23332Wrentham Solar ProjectSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2018-08-02Facilities2018
23802Notice of application238022016 deferral account reconciliationAlberta Electric System Operator2018-08-02Rates2018
23778Notice of application23778Preliminary motion for the determination of legal questions regarding Section 5(4) of the Power Purchase Arrangements RegulationTransAlta Corporation2018-07-31Facilities2018
23789Notice of application23789Application for 2017 capital tracker true-upATCO Gas2018-07-31Rates2018
23793Notice of application237932019-2020 general rate applicationATCO Pipelines2018-07-31Rates2018
23713Notice of application23713Bonnyville Gas Supply ProjectAltaGas Utilities Inc.2018-07-30Facilities2018
23782Notice of application237822017 annual transmission access charge deferral account true-up application (Rider G)ATCO Electric Ltd. 2018-07-30Rates2018
23429_hearingNotice of hearing23429Amended need for the Provost to Edgerton and Nilrem to Vermilion Transmission System ReinforcementAlberta Electric System Operator2018-07-27Facilities2018
23702_revisedNotice of application23702Applications for the transfer of the service area in the Fort Macleod area have been receivedFortisAlberta Inc.; Fort Macleod Municipal Office2018-07-27Facilities2018
23653Notice of application23653Kirby North Central Processing Facility ConnectionAlberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.; Canadian Natural Resources Limited2018-07-26Facilities2018
23757Notice of Commission-initiated proceeding23757Initiation of the proceeding to consider ISO rules to implement and operate the capacity marketAlberta Utilities Commission2018-07-23Market Oversight and Enforcement2018
23752Notice of application237522017-2020 regulated rate option non-energy applicationENMAX Energy Corporation2018-07-20Rates2018
23745Notice of application237452018 light-emitting diode lighting conversion maintenance multiplier filing for 13 municipalitiesATCO Electric Ltd.2018-07-18Rates2018
23748Notice of application237482017-2018 default rate tariff and regulated rate tariff compliance filingDirect Energy Regulated Services2018-07-18Rates2018
23641Notice of application23641Strathcona Substation capacity increase and transmission lineAlberta Electric System Operator; EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2018-07-17Facilities2018
23739Notice of application23739Application for 2017 capital tracker true-upATCO Electric Ltd.2018-07-17Rates2018
23740Notice of application23740Application for 2018-2019 unaccounted-for gas Rate Rider E and Rate Rider HAltaGas Utilities Inc.2018-07-17Rates2018
23730Notice of application23730Application for light-emitting diode (LED) lighting conversion – maintenance multiplier filing for a further 30 customers in 2018FortisAlberta Inc.2018-07-13Rates2018
23682Notice of application23682East Calgary Lateral PipelineATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. 2018-07-12Facilities2018
23723Notice of application23723Application for Z factor compliance filing per Decision 21608-D01-2018 for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo wildfire costsATCO Gas North2018-07-10Rates2018
23716Notice of application23716Application for approval of sale offeringATCO Electric Ltd. 2018-07-06Rates2018
22726Notice of amendment22726Paintearth Wind Project Ltd. has filed amendments to the applications submitted for the proposed wind power project 40 kilometres southeast of Stettler in the County of Paintearth No. 18 Paintearth Wind Project LP2018-07-05Facilities2018
23694Notice of application236942017 capital tracker true-up applicationENMAX Power Corporation2018-07-03Rates2018
23339-Notice-hearingNotice of hearing23339Transmission development in the Provost areaAlberta Electric System Operator: AltaLink Management Ltd.2018-06-29Facilities2018
23599Notice of application23599West Lacombe 958S Substation SalvageAltaLink Management Ltd. 2018-06-29Facilities2018
23609Notice of application23609ENMAX Power Corporation has filed applications to realign a portion of transmission lines 138-1.80L and 138-1.81L in the city of Calgary ENMAX Power Corporation2018-06-29Facilities2018
23701Notice of application23701Application for the Alberta Electric System Operator to recover costs to be paid to the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority for an estimate to replace a line reactor at Cranbrook, British ColumbiaAlberta Electric System Operator2018-06-29Rates2018
23558Notice of application23558Battle River Generating Station Unit #5 Fuel ConversionATCO Power Canada Ltd.2018-06-28Facilities2018
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