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23958NewNotice of application23958Foothills Medical Centre Power Plant ProjectAlberta Infrastructure2018-12-14Facilities2018
23966NewNotice of application239662018-2020 transmission general tariff applicationENMAX Power Corporation2018-12-14Rates2018
23580Notice of application23580Empress Solar ParkAura Power Renewables Ltd.2018-12-12Facilities2018
24116Notice of Commission-initiated proceeding24116Commission-initiated electric distribution system inquiryAlberta Utilities Commission2018-12-12Rates2018
24052Notice of application24052Meritage Midstream ULC has applied for a power plant expansion for Patterson Creek Power PlantMeritage Midstream ULC2018-12-11Facilities2018
24040Notice of application24040The Alberta Electric System Operator and ATCO Electric Ltd. have filed applications for the interconnection of the Wheatland Wind Project in the County of WheatlandAlberta Electric System Operator; ATCO Electric Ltd.2018-12-10Facilities2018
24111Notice of application24111Application for recovery of costs related to meter reading realignmentDirect Energy Regulated Services2018-12-05Rates2018
24105Notice of application24105Application to encumber assets pursuant to sections 101(2)(d)(i) and 102(1) of the Public Utilities ActRae and Company on behalf of Piikani Transmission Holding Limited Partnership2018-12-04Rates2018
24091Notice of application24091Application for 2019 Balancing Pool allocation riderENMAX Power Corporation2018-11-27Rates2018
24073Notice of application24073Application for Balancing Pool adjustment (Rider B)ATCO Electric Ltd.2018-11-26Rates2018
24009Notice of application24009Monarch Solar ProjectAcestes Ventures Ltd.2018-11-22Facilities2018
24058Notice of application240582018-2019 transmission facility owner tariff compliance filing as per Decision 23165-D01-2018EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2018-11-22Rates2018
24067Notice of application240672019 interim transmission facility owner tariffATCO Electric Ltd.2018-11-20Rates2018
23957Notice of application23957Suncor Base Plant Cogeneration Facility ProjectSuncor Energy Inc.2018-11-19Facilities2018
23951_hearingNotice of hearing23951Fox Coulee Solar ProjectAura Power Renewables Ltd.2018-11-15Facilities2018
23943Notice of application23943Western Edmonton Transmission Upgrade ProjectAlberta Electric System Operator; EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2018-11-09Facilities2018
24037Notice of application24037Application for 2019 Balancing Pool consumer allocation Rider FAlberta Electric System Operator2018-11-08Rates2018
24034Notice of application24034Compliance filing to Decision 22853-D01-2018, 2018-2020 regulated rate tariff applicationEPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2018-11-07Rates2018
24036Notice of application24036Application for 2019 Independent System Operator tariff updateAlberta Electric System Operator2018-11-07Rates2018
23994Notice of application23994Rainbow Lake 791S Substation AlterationsATCO Electric Ltd.2018-11-06Facilities2018
24018Notice of application24018Z factor or Type 1 capital tracker treatment applicationENMAX Power Corporation2018-11-06Rates2018
23645_hearingNotice of hearing23645Acestes Ventures Ltd. has filed applications for a solar power plant in the Vulcan areaAcestes Ventures Ltd.2018-11-02Facilities2018
24012Notice of application24012Application for Distribution Line Loss Reduction ProgramENMAX Power Corporation2018-11-02Rates2018
24025Notice of application24025Application for 2019 interim tariffAltaLink Management Ltd.2018-11-02Rates2018
23936Notice of application23936Poplar Hill Power PlantATCO Power Canada Ltd.2018-10-29Facilities2018
23989Notice of application23989Application for 2019 interim ratesDirect Energy Regulated Services2018-10-19Rates2018
23986Notice of application23986Application for true up of the 2017 and 2018 interim rates for the default rate tariff and the regulated rate tariffDirect Energy Regulated Services2018-10-18Rates2018
23972Notice of application23972Transfer and sale of the Town of Fort Macleod electric distribution system to FortisAlberta Inc.FortisAlberta Inc.2018-10-16Rates2018
22546_rescheduledhearingNotice of hearing22546Stirling Wind Project and InterconnectionStirling Wind Project Ltd.; Alberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.2018-10-12Facilities2018
23653_writtenhearingNotice of hearing23653Kirby North Central Processing Facility ConnectionAlberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.; Canadian Natural Resources Limited2018-10-12Facilities2018
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