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24629Notice of application24629Application to dispose of shares in ATCO Power Canada Ltd. and transfer the ownership of the Oldman River Hydro Project and associated Oldman River Substation 806SCanadian Utilities Limited2019-06-06Rates2019
24186_hearingNotice of hearing24186Kneehill 2 Solar Generation FacilityKneehill Solar LP2019-05-31Facilities2019
24363_hearingNotice of hearing24363Michichi Solar Generation FacilityKneehill Solar LP2019-05-31Facilities2019
24472Notice of application24472Exemption for Karr Sour Gas Plant Power Plant ExpansionParamount Resources Ltd.2019-05-29Facilities2019
24609Notice of Commission-initiated proceeding24609Commission-initiated review of Decision 20414-D01-2016 (Errata) and Decision 22394-D01-2018 limited to the method of accounting for new depreciation parameters and expense in rates under the 2018-2022 performance-based regulation planAlberta Utilities Commission2019-05-29Rates2019
24598Notice of application24598Application for approval of sale offeringATCO Electric Ltd.2019-05-27Rates2019
23981_hearingNotice of hearing23981ENMAX Power Corporation has filed an application for the replacement of seven transmission line structures on Home Road N.W. in CalgaryENMAX Power Corporation2019-05-16Facilities2019
24502Notice of application24502Travers Solar ProjectGreengate Power Corporation2019-05-16Facilities2019
24561Notice of application245612017 capital tracker interim true-up rider (Module 1) applicationEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2019-05-07Rates2019
24555Notice of application24555Notice of application for approval of sale offeringATCO Electric Ltd.2019-05-06Rates2019
24102_hearingNotice of hearing24102Transmission Line 7L65 Rebuild ProjectATCO Electric Ltd.2019-05-02Facilities2019
22722Notice of application2272222722Irma Wind GP Inc.2019-04-25Facilities2019
24521Notice of application245212019 light-emitting diode lighting conversion maintenance multiplier filing for six customersFortisAlberta Inc.2019-04-18Rates2019
24401Notice of application24401Sharp Hills Wind ProjectEDP Renewables SH Project GP Ltd.2019-04-17Facilities2019
24509Notice of application24509Application for 2017-2018 transmission general tariff compliance filing pursuant to Decision 23905-D01-2019TransAlta Corporation2019-04-16Rates2019
24363Notice of application24363Kneehill Solar LP has filed an application to construct and operate a 25-megawatt solar power plant in the Drumheller areaMichichi Solar Generation Facility2019-04-11Facilities2019
24492Notice of application24492Application for 2019 customer specific distribution access service rate (CS49) for a new customerEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2019-04-11Rates2019
24437Notice of application24437Bonnyville Gas Supply Project – south portionAltaGas Utilities Inc.2019-04-03Facilities2019
2402_hearingcancellationNotice of hearing cancellation2402Riverview Wind Power Plant and InterconnectionEnel Alberta Wind Inc.; Alberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.2019-04-02Facilities2019
23821_hearingcancellationNotice of hearing cancellation23821Hearing cancellation regarding the proposed Coaldale Solar Project in the Lethbridge AreaAcestes Ventures Ltd.2019-03-29Facilities2019
24116_amendmentNotice of amendment24116Commission expands scope of distribution system inquiry to include natural gasAlberta Utilities Commission2019-03-29Rates2019
24451Notice of application24451Application for 2018-2020 transmission facility owner general tariff application compliance filingThe City of Red Deer2019-03-27Rates2019
24364Notice of application24364Transmission Line 72VN21 Relocation ProjectEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2019-03-26Facilities2019
24375Notice of application24375Application for disposal of 2015-2017 transmission deferral accounts and annual filing for adjustment balancesATCO Electric Ltd.2019-03-26Rates2019
24418Notice of application244182019-2020 general rate application compliance filingBlazer Water Systems Ltd.2019-03-21Rates2019
24418_revisedNotice of application244182019-2020 general rate application compliance filingBlazer Water Systems Ltd.2019-03-21Rates2019
24081Notice of application24081Cascade Power Plant ProjectCascade Power GP Ltd.2019-03-20Facilities2019
24267Notice of application24267Monitor Solar ProjectAura Power Renewables Ltd.2019-03-19Facilities2019
24412Notice of application24412Application for refund of regulated rate tariff energy chargesDirect Energy Regulated Services2019-03-15Rates2019
24405Notice of Commission-initiated proceeding24405Generic proceeding to review rate treatment of distribution system acquisition costs under performance-based regulationAlberta Utilities Commission2019-03-12Rates2019
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