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23587Notice of application23587ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. has filed an application for the Stoney Transit Lateral Transmission Pipeline project in the Calgary areaATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2018-06-15Facilities2018
23643Notice of application23643Application for 2018 weather deferral account (Rider W) SouthATCO Gas South2018-06-13Rates2018
22546Notice of amendment22546Stirling Wind Project Ltd. has filed applications for a wind power project in the County of Warner No. 5 and Lethbridge County areaStirling Wind Project Ltd.2018-06-12Facilities2018
23637Notice of application23637Amendments to regulated rate tariff terms and conditionsENMAX Energy Corporation2018-06-12Rates2018
22319Notice of amendment223192018-2020 general rate applicationBlazer Water Systems Ltd.2018-06-11Rates2018
23544Notice of application23544Acestes Ventures Ltd. has filed applications to construct a 22.73-megawatt gas-fired power plant in the Jenner areaAcestes Ventures Ltd.2018-06-11Facilities2018
22966_rescheduledhearingNotice of hearing22966BHEC-RES Alberta LP Forty Mile Wind ProjectRenewable Energy Systems Canada Inc.2018-06-07Facilities2018
23623Notice of application236232017 capital tracker true-up applicationAltaGas Utilities Inc.2018-06-07Rates2018
23536Notice of application23536Jenner 1 Inc. has filed an application for an amendment to the previously approved Jenner Wind Power Plant, Halsbury 306S Substation and Transmission Line 949L in the Jenner areaJenner 1 Inc.2018-06-06Facilities2018
23604Notice of Commission-initiated proceeding23604AUC-initiated review under the re-opener provision of the 2013-2017 performance-based regulation plans for the ATCO UtilitiesAlberta Utilities Commission2018-06-01Rates2018
23157_hearingNotice of hearing23157ENMAX Power Corporation Downtown Calgary Transmission Reinforcement ProjectENMAX Power Corporation2018-05-31Facilities2018
23533Notice of application23533Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure Ltd. has filed an application for a 32-MW Power Plant at its proposed Pipestone Sour Gas Plant in the County of Grande Prairie No. 1Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure Ltd.2018-05-30Facilities2018
23128_hearingNotice of hearing23128The Alberta Electric System Operator, EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc. and AltaLink Management Ltd. have filed applications for a substation in the Edmonton areaAlberta Electric System Operator; EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.; AltaLink Management Ltd.2018-05-28Facilities2018
23377_X0092Notice of amendment21483; 23377; 22579Amendments to three wind energy projects in the Pincher Creek area proposed by Welsch Wind Power Inc., Windy Point Wind Park Ltd. and Heritage Wind, LPWindy Point Wind Park Ltd.; Heritage Wind, LP; Welsch Wind Power Inc.2018-05-24Facilities2018
23571Notice of application235712017 Performance-based regulation capital tracker true-up applicationEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2018-05-22Rates2018
23537Notice of application23537Compliance II to Decision 22986-D01-2018ATCO Pipelines (South TN8264012)2018-05-16Rates2018
23323Notice of application23323Solar Kraft Utilities Inc. has filed an application for a 17.4-megawatt solar power plant in the County of WarnerSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2018-05-14Facilities2018
23327Notice of application23327Solar Krafte Utilities Inc. has filed an application for a 9.5-megawatt solar power plant in the County of WarnerSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2018-05-14Facilities2018
23329Notice of application23329Solar Krafte Utilities Inc. has filed an application for a 74.2-megawatt solar power plant in the Municipal District of TaberSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2018-05-11Facilities2018
23429Notice of application23429Amended need for the Provost to Edgerton and Nilrem to Vermilion Transmission System ReinforcementAlberta Electric System Operator2018-05-11Facilities2018
23510Notice of application23510ATCO Electric Ltd. has filed an application for substation alterations near VilnaATCO Electric Ltd.2018-05-09Facilities2018
23326Notice of application23326Application for a 29.5-megawatt solar power plant in Cardston CountySolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2018-05-08Facilities2018
23324Notice of application23324Application for a new 22-megawatt solar power plant in the Municipal District of TaberSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2018-05-07Facilities2018
23328Notice of application23328Application for a 24.5-megawatt solar power plant in the Municipal District of TaberSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2018-05-07Facilities2018
23105_letterNotice of application23105Reissuance of notices for Rycroft areaAlberta Electric System Operator2018-05-04Facilities2018
23532Notice of application23532Amendments to customer terms and conditions of serviceATCO Gas North2018-05-04Rates2018
22579Notice of application22579Application to amend the Heritage Wind Energy Centre in the Pincher Creek areaHeritage Wind, LP2018-05-03Facilities2018
23377Notice of application23377Applications for Windy Point Wind Park in the Pincher CreekWindy Point Wind Park Ltd.2018-05-03Facilities2018
23468Notice of application23468Application for a substation development in the Conklin areaCanadian Natural Resources Limited2018-05-01Facilities2018
23456Notice of application23456Applications to upgrade the East Crossfield 64S Substation have been receivedAlberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.2018-04-27Facilities2018
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