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25439Notice of application25439Schuler Wind Energy Centre Power Plant and 1017S SubstationSchuler Wind Energy GP Ltd.2020-03-30Facilities2020
25471Notice of application25471Vulcan County Community Solar ProjectVulcan County Solar Partners2020-03-30Facilities2020
25300Notice of application25300Alter the service area boundary for the EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc. distribution service areaEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2020-03-27Facilities2020
25477Notice of application25477AltaLink Management Ltd.Alberta PowerLine Limited Partnership2020-03-27Rates2020
22866Notice of application22866Jenner Wind Power Project 2 and Jenner Wind Power Project 3Jenner 2 Limited Partnership and Jenner 3 Limited Partnership2020-03-25Facilities2020
25451Notice of application25451Chappice Lake Solar ProjectElemental Energy Renewables Inc.2020-03-20Facilities2020
25454Notice of application25454Application for 2020 debt issuanceAltaLink Management Ltd.2020-03-17Rates2020
25455Notice of application25455Application for 2020 debt issuanceAltaLink Investment Management Ltd.2020-03-17Rates2020
25442Notice of application25442Application for the disposition of Substation No. 200 propertyEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2020-03-10Rates2020
25443Notice of application25443Application for the disposition of South Training Centre propertyEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2020-03-10Rates2020
25428Notice of application25428Application for 2020 distribution general rate application – phase IIATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2020-03-05Rates2020
25422Notice of application25422Applications for anomaly adjustments in the context of rebasing under the 2018-2022 performance-based regulation plansAlberta Utilities Commission2020-03-02Rates2020
25140_processmeetingNotice of pre-hearing meeting25140Transmission lines 80L and 716L decommission and salvageAltaLink Management Ltd.2020-02-28Facilities2020
25181_hearingNotice of hearing25181Rycroft Substation Expansion ProjectATCO Electric Ltd.2020-02-28Facilities2020
25117_hearingNotice of hearing25117Kaybob South No. 3 Sour Gas Processing Facility cogeneration plant expansion and industrial system designationTA Kaybob 3 Generation Facility Inc.2020-02-26Facilities2020
25184_technicalmeetingcancellationNotice of hearing cancellation25184Primrose East Oil Sands Facility power plant addition and industrial system designation amendmentCanadian Natural Resources Limited2020-02-24Facilities2020
25346Notice of application25346Strathmore Solar FarmSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.2020-02-21Facilities2020
25074_hearingNotice of hearing25074Windrise Connection ProjectWindrise Wind Energy Inc.; AltaLink Management Ltd.; Alberta Electric System Operator2020-02-18Facilities2020
25368Notice of application25368Application for 2018 Depreciation Study compliance filing pursuant to Decision 24161-D03-2019AltaGas Utilities Inc.2020-02-18Rates2020
25369_hearingNotice of hearing25369Edmonton region project deferral account reconciliation application continuation under new proceedingAltaLink Management Ltd.2020-02-18Rates2020
25170_writtenhearingNotice of hearing25170Irricana Solar ProjectIrricana Power Generation2020-02-13Facilities2020
24266_hearingNotice of hearing24266East Strathmore Solar ProjectEast Strathmore Solar Project Inc.2020-02-11Facilities2020
25307Notice of application25307Application for transfer of specific transmission assets from AltaLink, L.P. to KainaiLink, L.P.AltaLink Management Ltd.2020-02-10Rates2020
25296Notice of application25296Fox Coulee Solar Power Plant amendmentAura Power Renewables Ltd.2020-02-07Facilities2020
25341Notice of application253412019 default rate tariff and regulated rate tariff interim rates true-upDirect Energy Regulated Services2020-02-06Rates2020
25036Notice of application25036Busby Pipeline System ProjectAltaGas Utilities Inc.2020-02-04Facilities2020
25175Notice of application251752018 ISO tariff compliance filing and 2020 ISO tariff update applicationIndependent System Operator2020-02-03Rates2020
25205Notice of application25205eReserve1 Battery Energy Storage ProjectTERIC Power Ltd.2020-01-31Facilities2020
25248Notice of application25248Glacier Gas Plant industrial system designationAdvantage Oil & Gas Ltd.2020-01-30Facilities2020
25234Notice of application25234Drumheller Solar and Battery Storage ProjectDrumheller Solar Corporation2020-01-23Facilities2020
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