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25624-D01-2020NewDecision25624Grist Lake 190S Substation and Connection CancellationAlberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.2020/09/23Facilities2020
25624-D02-2020NewElectric facility permit or licence25624Pike Lake 170S SubstationAltaLink Management Ltd.2020/09/23Facilities2020
25789-D01-2020Decision257892019-2020 General Rate Application Second Compliance FilingATCO Pipelines2020/09/21Rates2020
25847-D01-2020Decision25847Time extensionImperial Oil Limited2020/09/21Facilities2020
25847-D02-2020Electric facility approval25847Time Extension to Construct the 43-Megawatt Cogeneration Power PlantImperial Oil Limited2020/09/21Facilities2020
25881Notice of application258812017-2020 regulated rate option non-energy tariff rate rider applicationENMAX Energy Corporation2020/09/21Rates2020
25882-D01-2020Disposition letter25882Franchise Agreement and Rate Rider AATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.; Town of Raymond2020/09/21Rates2020
5895_September21Gas pipeline licence25845Record Amendments for Pipelines in the City of CalgaryATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2020/09/21Facilities2020
25869-D01-2020Permit/licence25869Time Extension to Alter Empress 163S SubstationAltaLink Management Ltd.2020/09/18Facilities2020
25871-D01-2020Decision25871Suncor Forty Mile Wind Power Project Turbine Technology ChangeForty Mile Granlea Wind GP Inc.2020/09/18Facilities2020
25871-D02-2020Approval25871Suncor Forty Mile Wind Power ProjectForty Mile Granlea Wind GP Inc.2020/09/18Facilities2020
25688-D01-2020Decision25688Approval of Proposed Amended ISO Rules and AESO Consolidated Authoritative Document Glossary Terms and DefinitionsAlberta Electric System Operator2020/09/16Market Oversight and Enforcement2020
22916-D01-2020Closure letter22916Closure letter regarding the filing of expedited ISO rules Sections 202.6, 304.3, 304.9, 502.1, 502.3, 502.8 and 502.16Alberta Electric System Operator2020/09/15Market Oversight and Enforcement2020
22917-D01-2020Closure letter22917Closure letter regarding expedited ISO rules – ISO Consolidated Authoritative Document GlossaryAlberta Electric System Operator2020/09/15Market Oversight and Enforcement2020
25571-D01-2020Decision25571Cancellation of the Calgary Energy Centre Peaking Plant and Connection and Expansion ProjectsAlberta Electric System Operator; Calgary Energy Centre No. 2 Inc.; ENMAX Power Corporation2020/09/15Facilities2020
25825-D01-2020Decision25825Freeman Lake 742S Substation Decommission and SalvageATCO Electric Ltd.2020/09/15Facilities2020
25825-D02-2020Approval25825Decommission and Salvage Freeman Lake 742S SubstationATCO Electric Ltd.2020/09/15Facilities2020
25825-D03-2020Permit/licence25825Alter Transmission Line 6L11ATCO Electric Ltd.2020/09/15Facilities2020
25835-D01-2020Decision25835Crossfield Energy Centre Battery Addition Time ExtensionENMAX Generation Portfolio Inc.2020/09/15Facilities2020
25835-D02-2020Approval25835120-Megawatt Crossfield Energy Centre Battery Addition Time ExtensionENMAX Generation Portfolio Inc.2020/09/15Facilities2020
25726Notice of application257262021-2022 transmission general tariff applicationENMAX Power Corporation2020/09/14Rates2020
25727-D01-2020Decision257272020 Default Rate Tariff and Regulated Rate Tariff Interim Rates ApplicationDirect Energy Regulated Services2020/09/14Rates2020
25824-D01-2020Electric facility permit or licence25824Transmission Line 207L AlterationAltaLink Management Ltd.2020/09/14Facilities2020
25870Notice of application25870Variance proceeding of Decision 23848-D01-2020AltaLink Management Ltd.2020/09/14Rates2020
25843Notice of application25843Application for 2021 annual performance-based regulation rate adjustmentFortisAlberta Inc.2020/09/11Rates2020
25860-D01-2020Permit/licence25860Pocaterra 48S Substation Alteration Time ExtensionAltaLink Management Ltd.2020/09/11Facilities2020
25863Notice of application25863Application for 2021 annual performance-based regulation rate adjustmentATCO Gas2020/09/11Rates2020
25864Notice of application25864Application for 2021 annual performance-based regulation rate adjustmentATCO Electric Ltd.2020/09/11Rates2020
25865Notice of application25865Application for 2021 annual performance-based regulation rate adjustmentENMAX Power Corporation2020/09/11Rates2020
25866Notice of application25866Application for 2021 annual performance-based regulation rate adjustmentEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2020/09/11Rates2020
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