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23957NewNotice of application23957Suncor Base Plant Cogeneration Facility ProjectSuncor Energy Inc.2018-11-19Facilities2018
24008-D01-2018NewDecision24008Minor pipeline project applicationATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2018-11-16Facilities2018
6396NewGas pipeline licence24008Pipeline Split and Removal of a Section of the Saddle Hills Transmission PipelineATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2018-11-16Facilities2018
23574-D01-2018Decision23574Ksituan River 754S Substation Upgrade Project Needs Identification Document Application; Facility ApplicationsAlberta Electric System Operator; ATCO Electric Ltd.2018-11-15Facilities2018
23574-D02-2018Approval23574Ksituan River 754S Substation Upgrade ProjectAlberta Electric System Operator2018-11-15Facilities2018
23574-D03-2018Permit/licence23574Alter Ksituan River 754S SubstationATCO Electric Ltd.2018-11-15Facilities2018
23574-D04-2018Permit/licence23574Alter Friedenstal 800S SubstationATCO Electric Ltd.2018-11-15Facilities2018
23951_hearingNotice of hearing23951Fox Coulee Solar ProjectAura Power Renewables Ltd.2018-11-15Facilities2018
23969-D01-2018Decision - cost award23969Regulated Rate Option - Energy Price Setting Plan; Monthly Filings for Acknowledgment; Costs AwardENMAX Energy Corporation2018-11-15Law2018
24055-D01-2018Disposition letter24055Franchise Agreement and Rate Rider AATCO Electric Ltd. and the Town of Drumheller2018-11-15Rates2018
23761-D01-2018Decision - cost award23761Sharp Hills Wind Project Costs AwardEDP Renewables SH Project GP Ltd.2018-11-14Law2018
23805-D01-2018Decision - cost award238052018-2020 Regulated Rate Tariff Application Costs AwardEPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2018-11-14Law2018
22612-D01-2018Decision22612AltaLink L.P. Transfer of Specific Transmission Assets to PiikaniLink L.P. and KainaiLink L.P. and the Associated 2017-2018 General Tariff ApplicationsAltaLink Management Ltd.2018-11-13Rates2018
23715-D01-2018Decision23715Decision on Preliminary Question Application for Review of Decision 22125-D01-2018 Jasper Interconnection ProjectATCO Electric Ltd.2018-11-13Law2018
24033-D01-2018Disposition letter24033Franchise Agreement and Rate Rider AATCO Electric Ltd.2018-11-13Rates2018
23157-D01-2018Decision23157Downtown Calgary Transmission Reinforcement ProjectENMAX Power Corporation2018-11-09Facilities2018
23157-D02-2018Permit/licence23157New Transmission Line 138-2.84LENMAX Power Corporation2018-11-09Facilities2018
23157-D03-2018Permit/licence23157Alter ENMAX No. 8 SubstationENMAX Power Corporation2018-11-09Facilities2018
23885-D01-2018Decision23885Ownership Change of 750-Kilowatt and 150-Kilowatt Wind Power Plants in the Pincher Creek AreaEnel Alberta Wind Inc.; Optimist Wind Energy Ltd.2018-11-09Facilities2018
23885-D02-2018Approval23885Ownership Transfer of 750-Kilowatt Wind Power PlantEnel Alberta Wind Ltd.; Optimist Wind Energy Ltd.2018-11-09Facilities2018
23885-D03-2018Electric facility order23885Connect 750-Kilowatt Wind Power Plant to the FortisAlberta Inc. Distribution SystemEnel Alberta Wind Ltd.; Optimist Wind Energy Ltd.2018-11-09Facilities2018
23943Notice of application23943Western Edmonton Transmission Upgrade ProjectAlberta Electric System Operator; EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2018-11-09Facilities2018
23890-D01-2018Decision23890Swan Hills F.P.L. 744S Substation Decommission and SalvageATCO Electric Ltd.2018-11-08Facilities2018
23890-D02-2018Approval23890Decommission and Salvage Swan Hills F.P.L. 744S SubstationATCO Electric Ltd.2018-11-08Facilities2018
23890-D03-2018Permit/licence23890Alter Transmission Line 6L96ATCO Electric Ltd.2018-11-08Facilities2018
24037Notice of application24037Application for 2019 Balancing Pool consumer allocation Rider FAlberta Electric System Operator2018-11-08Rates2018
23505-D01-2018Decision23505Commission-Initiated Review and Variance of Decision 22741-D01-2018Alberta Utilities Commission2018-11-07Law2018
24021-D01-2018Decision24021Pipeline in Strathcona County Record Amendment ApplicationATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2018-11-07Facilities2018
24034Notice of application24034Compliance filing to Decision 22853-D01-2018, 2018-2020 regulated rate tariff applicationEPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2018-11-07Rates2018
24036Notice of application24036Application for 2019 Independent System Operator tariff updateAlberta Electric System Operator2018-11-07Rates2018
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