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24845-D01-2020NewDecision24845Oyen Community Solar Power Plant2113260 Alberta Ltd.2020-02-18Facilities2020
24845-D02-2020NewApproval2484515-Megawatt Oyen Community Solar Project2113260 Alberta Ltd.2020-02-18Facilities2020
24845-D03-2020NewElectric facility order24845Connect Oyen Community Solar Project to ATCO Electric Ltd.’s Distribution System2113260 Alberta Ltd.2020-02-18Facilities2020
25074_hearingNewNotice of hearing25074Windrise Connection ProjectWindrise Wind Energy Inc.; AltaLink Management Ltd.; Alberta Electric System Operator2020-02-18Facilities2020
25089-D01-2020NewDecision25089Application for Transfer of Shares and StockAltaGas Canada Inc. and PSPIB Cycle Investments Inc.2020-02-18Rates2020
25368NewNotice of application25368Application for 2018 Depreciation Study compliance filing pursuant to Decision 24161-D03-2019AltaGas Utilities Inc.2020-02-18Rates2020
25369_hearingNewNotice of hearing25369Edmonton region project deferral account reconciliation application continuation under new proceedingAltaLink Management Ltd.2020-02-18Rates2020
25371-D01-2020NewDisposition letter25371Franchise Agreement and Rate Rider AATCO Electric Ltd.2020-02-18Rates2020
24828-D01-2020NewDecision24828101 Street Transmission Line 138-7.82L Relocation ProjectENMAX Power Corporation2020-02-13Facilities2020
24828-D02-2020NewElectric facility permit or licence24828Alter Transmission Line 138-7.82LENMAX Power Corporation2020-02-13Facilities2020
25170_writtenhearingNotice of hearing25170Irricana Solar ProjectIrricana Power Generation2020-02-13Facilities2020
25356-D01-2020Disposition letter25356Franchise Agreement and Rate Rider AAltaGas Utilities Inc.2020-02-13Rates2020
9530_February13Gas pipeline licence25337Pipeline Reinstatement and Abandonment on the Chestermere Lake Lateral PipelineATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2020-02-13Facilities2020
25358-D01-2020Disposition letter25358Rider A Amendment for the Town of Slave Lake – March 2020ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. North2020-02-12Rates2020
24266_hearingNotice of hearing24266East Strathmore Solar ProjectEast Strathmore Solar Project Inc.2020-02-11Facilities2020
25312-D01-2020Decision25312Montana First Nation Solar Facility Connection OrderAkamihk Energy Incorporated2020-02-11Facilities2020
25312-D02-2020Electric facility order25312Connect the 4.6-Megawatt Montana First Nation Solar Facility to FortisAlberta Inc.’s 25-kilovolt Distribution SystemAkamihk Energy Incorporated2020-02-11Facilities2020
25307Notice of application25307Application for transfer of specific transmission assets from AltaLink, L.P. to KainaiLink, L.P.AltaLink Management Ltd.2020-02-10Rates2020
25296Notice of application25296Fox Coulee Solar Power Plant amendmentAura Power Renewables Ltd.2020-02-07Facilities2020
25340-D01-2020Disposition letter25340Franchise Agreement and Rate Rider AATCO Electric Ltd.2020-02-07Rates2020
2594_February7Gas pipeline licence25322Pipeline Licence AmendmentATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2020-02-07Facilities2020
4369Gas pipeline licence25322Pipeline Licence AmendmentATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2020-02-07Facilities2020
25165-D01-2020Decision25165Vulcan Solar Project Time ExtensionVulcan Solar Hybrid Energy Centre GP Inc.2020-02-06Facilities2020
25165-D02-2020Approval25165Time Extension to Construct 77.5-Megawatt Solar Photovoltaic Power PlantVulcan Solar Hybrid Energy Centre GP Inc.2020-02-06Facilities2020
25341Notice of application253412019 default rate tariff and regulated rate tariff interim rates true-upDirect Energy Regulated Services2020-02-06Rates2020
25230-D01-2020Decision25230Crossfield Energy Centre Battery AdditionENMAX Generation Portfolio Inc.2020-02-05Facilities2020
25230-D02-2020Approval25230120-MW Crossfield Energy Centre Battery AdditionENMAX Generation Portfolio Inc.2020-02-05Facilities2020
25251-D01-2020Decision25251Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting Conversion – Maintenance Multiplier Filing for Five MunicipalitiesATCO Electric Ltd.2020-02-05Rates2020
24889-D01-2020Decision24889Grizzly Bear Transmission ProjectATCO Electric Ltd.2020-02-04Facilities2020
24889-D02-2020Permit/licence24889New Steele 2016S SubstationATCO Electric Ltd.2020-02-04Facilities2020
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