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Water decisions for reference

A list of previously issued decisions narrowed by application category to find out how the Commission considered and addressed certain issues and concerns.

The Alberta Utilities Commission has listed water decisions below to assist anyone who is researching issues that are frequently raised in water proceedings. These water decisions are intended to help you to find information on particular issues and should not be exclusively relied on in the preparation of material to be filed with the Commission.

To find additional water decisions and proceedings that involved water issues, please log in to the eFiling System and use the "find" and "search" functions to locate AUC decisions and proceeding material. 

The list below includes decisions issued since 2010 and is not a complete list of water decisions. It will be updated periodically with new decisions. "Water decision categories" can be selected by hovering over one of the following:

  • investor-owned water utility matters
  • enforcement of safe and adequate water supply
  • franchise agreements - right to provide utility service granted by a municipality
  • long-term water supply agreements
  • appeals by customers of municipal utility charges
  • disputes between municipalities
  • miscellaneous - granting rights to provide utility service 
This list is intended only as a starting point to further aid you in more easily identifying AUC water decisions.


22465-D01-2018Town of Grande CacheAppeal of water utility charges by the Grande Cache Hotel22465Municipal water customer rate appeals
22896-D01-2018EPCOR Water Services Inc.Appeal of water utility charges by Katelyn Garlough22896Municipal water customer rate appeals
22785-D01-2018Town of DevonAppeal of Water Rates by Imperial Enterprises Inc.22785Municipal water customer rate appeals
23267-D01-2018The City of LacombeJoint Economic Area Servicing Agreement23267Long-term water supply agreements
21908-D01-2017Salt Box Coulee Water Supply Company Ltd.Interim Water Rates21908Investor-owned water utility matters
21340-D01-2017Horse Creek Water Services Inc.2016 General Rate Application21340Investor-owned water utility matters
22318-D01-2017Horse Creek Water Services Inc.Complaint Regarding Metered Service22318Investor-owned water utility matters
21428-D01-2016City of ChestermereAppeal Pursuant to Section 43 of the Municipal Government Act21428Municipal water customer rate appeals
21497-D01-2016Mr. RobinsonAppeal of Water Rates at Long Lake21497Municipal water customer rate appeals
21758-D01-2016City of Medicine HatAmendment to the Potable Water Supply Agreement with Cypress County21758Long-term water supply agreements
21355-D01-2016The City of CalgaryWater Supply Agreement with the City of Airdrie21355Long-term water supply agreements
21356-D01-2016The City of CalgaryWater Supply Agreement with the Town of Strathmore21356Long-term water supply agreements
21357-D01-2016The City of CalgaryWater Supply Agreement with the City of Chestermere and Chestermere Utilities Incorporated21357Long-term water supply agreements
20780-D01-2016Strathcona CountyWater Franchise Agreement and Long-Term Water Supply Agreement with Properties of Northern Bear Inc.20780Franchise agreements
20744-D01-2016New SareptaWater and Sewer Complaint20744Municipal water customer rate appeals
20930-D01-2015Blazer Water Systems Ltd.Response to Blazer Water Systems Ltd. Letter to the AUC20930Investor-owned water utility matters
1205-D01-2015Regional Water Services Ltd.General rate application1205Investor-owned water utility matters
20663-D01-2015Horse Creek Water Services Inc.Continuation of Existing Water Rates20663Investor-owned water utility matters
20429-D01-2015Lacombe County; Town of BlackfaldsJoint Servicing Area Water and Wastewater Agreement20429Long-term water supply agreements
20372-D01-2015Langdon Waterworks LimitedTrue-up Rate Rider Application20372Investor-owned water utility matters
3258-D01-2015Langdon Waterworks Limited2014-2015 General Rate Application3258Investor-owned water utility matters
2014-240Langdon Waterworks LimitedLangdon Waterworks Limited Interim Rate Request3258Investor-owned water utility matters
2014-239Rocky View CountyRocky View County Revised Water and Wastewater Franchise Agreement with Harmony Advanced Water Systems Corporation3353Franchise agreements
2014-2170747744 B.C. Ltd.Water Rates Approval Application for the Lakes of Muirfield Residential Development3131Investor-owned water utility matters
2014-130Rocky View CountyDecision on Preliminary Phase of Request for Review and Variance of AUC Decision 2013-4243033Franchise agreements
2014-03-05_0015Lakeview Developments Ltd.Stony Plain Water Complaint1780Municipal water customer rate appeals
2014-017North East Water Systems Ltd.; Michael DockmanEnforcement Order for Failure to Furnish Safe, Adequate and Proper Water Service to Customers of the East Airdrie Water System Service Area 3041Enforcement of safe and adequate water supply
2014-005North East Water Systems Ltd.Interim Order Compelling Water Service3013Enforcement of safe and adequate water supply
2013-424Rocky View CountyWater and Wastewater Franchise Agreement with Harmony Advanced Water Systems Corporation2595Franchise agreements
2013-295K. David CampbellAppeal on EPCOR Water Services Inc. Water Rates for 2012-2017Municipal water customer rate appeals
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