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For members of rural electrification associations please contact your association directly for distribution charges and the terms and conditions of your service.

There are two main components to electric utility rates: the retailer’s charges and the distribution/wire owners charges:

Retailer charges

A retailer provides retail services, such as billing and customer service, to consumers. Retailers also obtain electricity to meet the needs of their customers through the Power Pool of Alberta, a market for the exchange of electricity.

Since 2001, Albertans may choose to receive their electricity from a retailer that is regulated by the AUC, called the regulated rate option (RRO) provider, or they may choose to obtain their energy from a competitive retailer, where they sign a contract agreeing to a set price structure for the electric commodity. EPCOR Energy Services in the city of Edmonton and the FortisAlberta service territory, ENMAX Energy in the city of Calgary and Direct Energy Regulated Services are RRO providers in Alberta. When a customer chooses a competitive retailer, they may be required to sign a contract agreeing to a set price per kilowatt hour of electricity for a set amount of time. It is the AUC’s responsibility to review the RRO provider’s energy charges to make sure that they are being passed along accurately to customers. The AUC does not regulate the rates or the service of competitive retailers. The proportion of the supply that can be acquired through long term hedges changes yearly (on July 1st) for the RRO and is set by legislation.

Retailer charges include the energy commodity charges, calculated by multiplying the amount of electricity used in the billing period by the applicable rate per kilowatt hour, and non-energy rates. Non-energy rates are charges that recover the retailer’s costs of billing consumers for electricity and providing customer service. 

Distribution charges

Distributors or wire owners such as FortisAlberta Inc., ATCO Electric Ltd. and rural electrification associations own the electric distribution systems that deliver electricity directly to customer homes within designated service areas. They are responsible for things such as connecting and disconnecting customers, building new services, operating and maintaining the distribution systems and information systems, and providing meter reading services.

The costs incurred by the wire owner to provide these services are recovered through a distribution tariff, which is billed by the retailer on customer bills. Distribution tariff charges for electric utilities remain fully regulated by the AUC through performance-based regulation. Distribution tariff charges for rural electrification associations are regulated by the REA's board of directors and are filed with the AUC for information purposes.

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Terms and conditions of service

Terms and conditions of service (T&Cs) for regulated distribution providers are approved by the AUC in rate applications. T&Cs provide guidelines, regulations, and rules for the distribution company, the retailer and the customer to adhere to respecting the non-rate aspects of service. Customers agree to abide by the T&Cs by accepting electricity service. The purpose of the terms and conditions of service is to bring guidance and standardization in quality of service and clarity on potentially contentious issues. Only provincial and federal legislation would supersede any or all portions of the terms and conditions of service.