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The Alberta Utilities Commission regulates investor-owned natural gas, electric and water utilities, certain municipally owned electric utilities and regulated retailers, setting their terms and conditions of service, as well as their rates. In establishing rates, the mandate of the AUC is to balance the interests of both customers and the utility companies. It is the AUC’s responsibility to ensure that customers receive safe and reliable service at just and reasonable rates. In setting rates through a rate application, the AUC must allow a utility to recover its reasonable costs of providing the service, including a fair return on its investment, so that it will be financially viable and able to provide customers with adequate service now and in the future.

Albertans may choose to receive their electricity and natural gas from a retailer that is regulated by the AUC, or they may choose to obtain their energy from a competitive retailer of their choice. The AUC only reviews the rates charged by regulated retailers and does not regulate the rates or services provided by competitive retailers.

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