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Service quality and reliability plans (SQRP)
AUC Rule 002 sets out the standards by which the wire owner’s performance is measured and Rule 003 sets out the standards by which the regulated service provider quality and reliability plans are measured. The SQRP for wire owners provide the comprehensive reporting of meter reading and work completion and measures the actual performance against industry standards. The SQRP for regulated service providers provide quantifiable metrics on customer service, billing performance, billing accuracy and timelines against benchmarks and minimum standards set by the AUC.

Finances and operations
Rule 005 sets out the requirements and format for the annual submission of financial and operational results required of regulated utilities and service providers in Alberta. Finances and operations reports are submitted each spring following the fiscal year end of December 31. These reports were developed to ensure uniform, timely and consistent reporting.

Codes of conduct
Each regulated utility in accordance with the Gas Code of Conduct Regulation and/or the Inter-Affiliate Code of Conduct, files quarterly and annual compliance reports with the Commission. The contents of these reports are dictated by the respective code and include a description of any non-compliance.

The Commission believes that independent, objective, publicly reported third-party reviews of utility finances and operations, provide the Commission and other stakeholders greater confidence of reported utility results. Rule 006 outlines the AUC authority and process used to conduct audits and publish the audit reports.