AUC introduces pilot programs to provide notice and information to residents

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AUC introduces pilot programs to provide notice and information to residents

October 16, 2020


The AUC is continuously looking for effective and efficient ways to improve our processes and provide opportunities to have a say about utility development in Alberta.

The AUC recently introduced a pilot program for issuing notices in postcard form and providing a project web page with more detailed information about opportunities for having a say about the project. The simplified notice will provide more than 84,000 east and central Albertans with information about the tice of hearing Central ​East Transfer-out Transmission Development Project (CETO).

The ways that Albertans get their information is constantly changing. The AUC recognizes that simple and efficient ways of delivering information can save time and money, while communicating important information. The postcards will help provide more specific and targeted delivery of AUC notices and help provide Albertans with the tools they need to find additional information and get involved with its proceedings. The AUC will also be introducing a new business process that includes requesting applicants to share AUC facility project notices on their digital media feeds and distribute the notices through any project-related email distribution list. This practice will be used for facilities projects in the near future.

In addition to implementing a new alternative for providing notice, the AUC is also introducing a new method for hosting information sessions which will be piloted with the CETO proceeding.

Rather than holding a traditional information session, the AUC will be posting a short video on our external website and holding virtual question and answer sessions from the William Andrew Grieve Hearing Room in Calgary on October 27 and 28, 2020 to answer questions from interested participants who have pre-registered. The AUC typically holds in-person information sessions whenever an oral hearing is scheduled to provide information about how participants can get involved in the proceeding and funding that may be available for legal representation and expert witnesses. The AUC will also be available to answer questions over the phone for those who are unable to attend the Q and A session.

As the organization continues working remotely, virtual information sessions are one of the ways the AUC has continued to develop innovative and efficient regulatory solutions while navigating through the COVID-19 crisis.​​

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