AUC releases 2020-2021 Operational Plan

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AUC releases 2020-2021 Operational Plan

June 5, 2020

LinkedIn_OperationalPlan.jpgThe AUC takes a very strategic approach to accomplishing its mandate, an approach supported by active stakeholder consultation and input, regular scans of the evolving operational and regulatory environment, the identification of key priorities – and flexibility.

The AUC 2020-2021 Operational Plan sets out the organization’s work objectives for the fiscal year around four key themes established by our AUC Strategic Plan: efficiency and limiting regulatory burden, competition and markets, infrastructure and people. The operational plan frames the work we intend to do in a straightforward way and includes detailed performance measures against which we will measure our work and achievements, and hold ourselves accountable. Supporting our strategic plan and this operational plan, as a foundation, are the core baseload responsibilities of our work as a regulator. While we target the commitments in this operational plan, we remain committed to delivering innovative and efficient regulatory solutions in all of our work.

The four themes seen in the AUC’s 2020-2021 Operational Plan and strategic plan were informed and validated by stakeholder input from industry and others. Additionally, we have identified other initiatives that are either new or build on existing priorities established in previous planning cycles. Those initiatives are included in the Additional Initiatives section of our operational plan.

This plan is currently the best representation of our intended projects. We have re-evaluated our work due to the impact of COVID-19, and a top priority during the crisis is to work with government, industry and consumers to implement the province’s Utility Payment Deferral Program to provide support to Albertans. The AUC has also taken a hard look at what its priorities should be throughout this pandemic. We have adopted a flexible and pragmatic approach to regulation, and we have suspended or relaxed some activities so that resources can be most efficiently allocated, both for the AUC and our utility sector. 

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