Emergency response

Compliance and enforcement

Ensuring regulated utilities comply with AUC decisions, orders, rules and relevant legislation

​The A​lberta Utilities Commission regulates the construction and operation of power plants, including hydro developments, and wind and solar projects, electric transmission facilities and gas utility pipelines (AUC facilities). AUC personnel will generally have no direct role in on-site emergency response and should refrain from endeavouring to undertake such role.

With this in mind, the objective of the emergency protocol procedures is to define the AUC organizational response to incidents and emergencies at AUC facilities in accordance with its legislated responsibilities.​

The priorities of the AUC responses include protecting human life, protecting the environment, protecting property, protecting the AUC reputation and facilitating recovery after an incident.

Environment, wildlife and noise

The AUC ensures its environmental and wildlife protection requirements and related conditions and orders are followed.​

The construction, operation and maintenance of Alberta electricity and natural gas utility infrastructure are subject to Alberta’s environmental laws and regulations and generally subject to specific guidance from Alberta Environment and Parks and from the Alberta Utilities Commission.

The AUC considers environmental matters in every facility project decision. As part of the AUC mandate, it protects social, economic and environmental interests of Alberta where competitive forces do not.​


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