Kaybob South No. 3 Sour Gas Processing Facility cogeneration plant expansion

​Kaybob South No. 3 Sour Gas Processing Facility cogeneration plant expansion

The AUC is considering applications for a cogeneration plant expansion south of Fox Creek



The Alberta Utilities Commission has approved an application from TransAlta and SemCAMS Midstream ULC (“SemCAMS”)  to develop, construct and operate a new cogeneration facility at the SemCAMS Kaybob South No. 3 sour gas processing plant. The project would be jointly owned, operated and maintained with SemCAMS. The AUC issued a notice of application for this proceeding on December 19, 2019.

TransAlta and SemCAMS applied to construct and operate a new 33-megawatt cogeneration power plant, a substation and a 9.75-megawatt reciprocating internal combustion engine generator within the existing fenceline of SemCAMS's existing Kaybob South No. 3 Sour Gas Processing Facility. TransAlta Kaybob was denied its application to designate the existing power plant, the cogeneration power plant and the connecting 138-kilovolt electric distribution line as an industrial system.​

The cogeneration power plant would be located in Legal Subdivision 3 of Section 15, Township 59, Range 18, west of the Fifth Meridian.

A written hearing for this proceeding was concluded on July 20, 2020, and a decision is forthcoming. A hearing was originally scheduled for this proceeding on June 1, 2020, in Calgary but was deferred due to the COV​ID-19 pandemic.​

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Application status: complete

Written hearing: Completed July 29, 2020 

 Decision 25117-D01-2020 issued September 25, 2020

AUC contact​: 

Laura Fukuda 403-592-4388 or laura.fukuda@auc.ab.ca


 TransAlta Kaybob 3 Generation Facility Inc. contact: 

Chad Macy  403-267-3816 or chad_macy@transalta.com


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