Paintearth Wind Project

Paintearth Wind Project

The Alberta Utilities Commission has approved applications for the Paintearth Wind Project


The Alberta Utilities Commission has approved applications submitted to construct and operate the Paintearth Wind Project approximately 40 kilometres southeast of Stettler, Alberta. The application was originally submitted on June 6, 2017, and an amendment was filed on May 31, 2018. 

Paintearth Wind Project Ltd. requested that further consideration of its applications be suspended in December 2018 and that the proceeding be held in abeyance to undertake additional consultation to address stakeholder concerns. The AUC granted a request for abeyance to suspend the application. Please log in to the eFiling System for more information.

​Original application​Amended application
​Number of turbines​44​42
​Turbine capacity​3.4 megawatts​3.6 megawatts
​Total capacity​149.6 megawatts​151.2 megawatts
​Height of turbines​140 metres​140 meters


The AUC issued a notice of amendment for the Paintearth Power Project on July 5, 2018. The notice contains further details and an updated map with the proposed turbine locations. 


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Application status: completed

Decision: 22726-D01-2020, issued January 22, 2020 


 AUC contact: Conrad Dalsin

403-592-3281 or


 Paintearth Wind Project contact: Hemanth Shankar 416-814-4419 or


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