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Compliance and enforcement

Ensuring regulated utilities comply with AUC decisions, orders, rules and relevant legislation

The Alberta Utilities Commission has recently resolved the following compliance and enforcement matters.

The AUC's enforcement staff conduct a preliminary examination of all complaints that appear to involve a contravention of Alberta’s utility laws, and AUC orders, decisions and rules. Many of those complaints are resolved without the need for further investigation or enforcement action.

If it appears that a violation of law or rule can be proven and the information is sufficient to warrant further action, then a designated enforcement AUC member (a member of the regulatory tribunal) is assigned to the file and decides whether further investigation is warranted.

The following matters were resolved as a result of AUC​ investigations.

Enforcement resolutions

2021-11-18-VillageOfDeliaWater ratesRates
2021-10-21-EncorGas chargesRates
2021-10-21-FortisAlbertaProperty damageLandowner issues
2021-10-21-FortisAlberta2Vegetation controlLandowner issues
2021-10-07-ElementalEnergyVegetation ControlLandowner issues
2021-08-17-BigLakesCountyWater ratesRates
2021-08-12-FortisAlbertaRate classificationRates
2021-07-15-NorthernBearWater ratesRates
2021-05-17-FortisAlbertaProperty damageLandowner issues
2021-06-28-ATCOElectricFires on transmission lines 9L59 and 6L03Landowner issues
2021-06-28-TransAltaConstruction during restricted periodLandowner issues
2021-04-12-ATCOElectricCapitalized costsRates
2021-03-29-VillageofEdgertonRate appealRates
2021-03-26-ElementalEnergyVegetation controlLandowner issues
2021-02-04-FortisAlbertaCharges applied to condominium buildingRates
2021-01-11-ENMAXProject costsRates
2020-12-09-ENMAXNoiseLandowner issues
2020-12-09-OK Hutterian BrethrenMetering requirementsLandowner issues
2020-11-12-FortisAlbertaRate classificationRates
2020-11-10-ATCOEnergyDe-energize requestRates
2020-11-05-ATCOElectricCompaction and soil erosionLandowner issues
2020-11-04-FortisAlbertaProperty damageLandowner issues
2020-10-30-ATCOElectricFees for underground conversionRates
2020-10-29-JustEnergyDe-enrolment disputeRates
2020-10-27-AltaGas2Disconnection disputeRates
2020-10-27-AltaGasCustomer contribution for gas serviceRates
2020-10-23-CapitalPowerCommitments made in a proceedingLandowner issues
2020-09-25-ENMAXProperty damageLandowner issues
2020-08-07-DERSErroneous enrollment and billingMarket oversight
2020-08-07-ATCOGasInstallation feesRates
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